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Endless Jam


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[color=#ff8c00][b]Monsters: 13[/b][/color]
3: Des Lacooda
3: Lava Golem
1: Morphing Jar
3: Stealth Bird
3: Worm Linx

[color=#00ff00][b]Spells: 11[/b][/color]
1: Dark Hole
1: Foolish Burial
1: Level Limit - Area B
1: Monster Reborn
2: Mystical Space Typhoon
3: Pot of Duality
2: The Shallow Grave

[color=#800080][b]Traps: 16[/b][/color]
2: Meteor Flare
3: Reckless Greed
3: Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
1: Solemn Judgment
2: Solemn Warning
3: Threatening Roar
1: Torrential Tribute
1: Trap Dustshoot

It's actually old build, can't be bothered to fix up.

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[quote name='Evil Tristan' timestamp='1321103000' post='5634539']
I still don't get why you're running Meteor Flare over something that could be Tremendous Fire, Secret Barrel or Wave-Motion Connon...
Well, I guess...erm, dunno really ._.

-3 Flares
+3 Wave-Motion

Or something

Plus, as I said, it's still the old build, so yeah, couldn't be bothered to fix it at 6AM.

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Gotta say, I love these kinds of decks.
Put yer opponent in a tight little corner where they're being annoyed by your constant Stealth Bird and LG burning, and usually, you have the tools to fend off most that comes back at you.
Yet, when I tested this, the meteors weren't all that convenient at times.
Like above, put in the cannons, take out the meteors, and yer golden.

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