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So apparently Dark Smog is evil


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2 Beiige
3 Broww
2 Fabled Raven
3 Grapha
1 Scarr
3 Snoww

1 Dark Hole
3 Dragged Down
1 Foolish
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
3 Duality
3 The Gates of DW

2 Dark Smog
2 Mind Crush
2 Skill Drain
1 Solemn J
2 Solemn W
1 TT
1 Dustshoot

I hear conflicting opinions on Dragged Down

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[quote name='Darkplant - FEAR' timestamp='1321107630' post='5634624']
Dragged Down is GOD.

OT: I'd always run 2 Raven. And I don't think DWs need Skill Drain in the main. If this isn't IRL, or you have money, +2 PoD too.
Skill Drain in main is too good
I think
I'd add Duality + Raven but dat space

I was thinking of Card Destruction to remove
I'm not sure on 3 Skill Drain in the main, though. i was thinking of removing one.
-1 Skill Drain
-1 Card Dest
+1 Raven
+1 Duality
I'll think of something else to neg for another Duality later.

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