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First to post enters.
3 stars or higher.
First to 3 votes wins.
Voters get 5 points each (must have a good reason for voting).
Winner gets 1 like.
Requirement: Make a Fairy-type Numbers Xyz Monster.
My card:
Opponent's card:

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I'd say that Dante V. Nero's is more useable to actual gameplay if it was real. It's also more balanced in my opnion, whereas Herald of Judgement needs 8 fairy-type monsters? That isn't possible, alongside the fact that its effect is worded somewhat strangely. So I vote for Dante.

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I'd have to say Dante vs. Nero.
Reasons: For one, the wording on Clear Vice Dragon's doesn't look right, I understand what it does but it looks weird. Also, Dante's is more useable IMO and it won't go away as quickly.

I do wonder if the other guys vote would be different if he realized it didn't say 8 fairy types.

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It seriously says 8. Like, either the font is just jacky, you mistyped, or what, but there's no way I can possibly make that out as 3.

However, I will treat it as requiring 3 materials for this review.

#90: This is just Shine Ball Shenanigans waiting to happen. You just gave Agents a 3000 ATK beater upon summon. I agree with the above posters in that it was worded extremely weird. A "once per turn" clause on a card effect thats supposed to negate something is just awkward. And, it being an Xyz monster, the card has barely any reliance on its materials at all. They're supposed to detach their materials for effects. The materials on this card are just a ticking time bomb, hardly making it worth the materials required to summon it, especially when the alternatives are either a Gachi Gachi or a Trishula. On top of that, its just a retrained (partially) version of Herald of Perfection.

#27: This card is seriously broken. It gives your fairies complete immunity to everything, both battle and destruction. How are you supposed to get rid of them then? And it has 2800 ATK, which is like Kristya's sister on steroids. And there's no incentive to detach one of your precious materials. All it'll get you is a Shining Angel or a Marshmallon. Nothing worth giving up an impenetrable wall of Fairies.

As a whole, I would have to cast my vote for Number 27: Valkyrie, Descendant of Light.

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CVD's card is oddly worded indeed. So a discarded Dandylion doesn't activate, or what? Either way, its effect resembles Arcana Knight Joker more than Herald of Perfection. You can make it with 3 Shine Balls, but it's kind of risky because it has only 2000 ATK after your turn and 1000 ATK on the next.

DvN's card is very, very hard to kill and loops Honest. However, it's also rather hard to Summon. 2 Souls of Purity and Light, maybe? Most Decks can get rid of it, but it would be quite difficult.

~ ^ ~ Clear Vice Dragon, on flavor.

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