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I really don't know.

Simping For Hina

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[quote name='Cursed Reaction' timestamp='1321141634' post='5635947']
Love this style you've got on here, sweets <3

I need to have this .psd for abuse. Best I've seen from you actually.

Way too messy at the moment, so cut down on unnecessary effects but amazing either way. Try a little more accurate lighting too.
[/quote]I was never good with lighting D:
And I could clean it up![quote name='Twenty-five Zero Oh-oh' timestamp='1321142799' post='5636017']
Like cr said, awesome style. Parts look incredible, but it's not very well composed.
More stuff like this in an orderly fashion plz. :)
[/quote]Thank you ^^ I shall fix it and clean it up.

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