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Nordics. Made last format but edited......

Mecha Love

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1 BLS - EotB
1 Glow-Up
3 Guldfaxe
2 Ryko
3 Mega Hamsters
2 TG Warwolf
3 Black Goat
3 White Goat
2 Vanadis of Nordic A.

1 Dark H.
1 Heavy S.
1 Mind Control
1 Reborn
1 Avarice

2 Call
3 Gleipnir
3 Horn
1 Solemn J.
2 Solemn W.
1 Torrential

Fixes por favor :3


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How the hell did I forget? Dunno about negging White Goat.... saved me countless times when the deck decides to give me bad draws.....
Any other possible card to neg for BLS?

Well thats answered the question :P
- Vanadis
+ BLS?

Ok Fixes:

-1 Vandis / + 1 BLS
- Valkyrie / + Mega Hamster

Need space for Dustshoot.

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[quote name='Thunder End Dragon' timestamp='1321201618' post='5637514']
Done..... What about dustshoot?
- 1 guldfaxe?
more xyz means less synchro which means less need for its special summon eff.

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