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[quote]During your Main Phase, you can banish this card from your Graveyard to select 1 face-up Level 4 or lower LIGHT Fairy-Type monster you control. That monster is treated as a Tuner monster while it is face-up on the field.[/quote]


Personally I think this could be really good in Agents... Simply because Venus becomes any non-generic synchro between Armory Arm and Trish, or a Gachi Gachi with a level 5 Synchro.

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Lol, One for One, Dump something, then Summon this, Summon Venus, get 3 Balls, Make Hyper Librarian, use effect in Grave, make Venus or Shine Ball a Tuner, make Catastor, Draw 1.
-2 for One for One, then +1 Summon
Venus Summoning Shine Balls, +3
Making Librarian with Piggy and 2 Balls makes a -3 for a +1
Then making Catastor from Venus and Shine Ball -2 for a +1
Then Librarian's +1 draw.

Too lazy to see what sort of ad/disadvantage you would be if you use that combo.

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