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Hi! A foreign here :P


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Hi, people of Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker. I'm from Brazil, so I don't speak english all correctly, but I will write here with my own mind and knowledge, because I really HATE Google Tradutor and others.


On the other hand, it's a new way to practice how I'm speaking... Yeah, I wish to learn new words

and things with everybody here :P


So, talking about the Card Maker now, and another things. My internet is by Fax-Modem (In other words, it's soooooooooooooo slow), and use the program 1.0 to make my cards, instead of the site. I think that it's can't cause problems here...


On the Card Game, I'm a newbie by playing it, but I staied a year only collecting. Now I'm playing it, and I (momentanly) use a Agent Deck, but only until I complte my Macro Monarch, because I hate Agents, too. I only play with then because it's my only deck :P


Talking a little about me, now. I'm 14 years old, and how you can view, I'm trying to learn English, because it's a thing that everybody on other countries basically must do. It's a Californication, yeah. I'm 2 years on Photoshop, how can you see on my signature, and I joined to various foruns and sites about design and equals. In music, I really like Metal and Rock at all (I'm listening to Metallica now :D ), but I can listen to another genres too.


Uh... Is only it. Sorry by my bad english, but I will learn with the time, I think.


Bye byes.

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Your English is quite good, better than most new comers in fact! :P


Welcome to the forums, I returned to this site after a few months just 2 days ago, so I may not be much help in some areas, but I can help you with the basics.


These are teh rules: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/213935-the-rules-of-ycm/


There are a bunch of places to go to for different people. There are sections for card making, rping, clubs, games, discussions on books and TV shows and a lot more.


If you need any help, please feel free to PM, I will more than happy to help you.


Enjoy your stay at YCM, I hope to see you round the forums. :D

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster




Welcome to the forum. ^_^ I've seen Swedish folks about this place; you're not the only non-English-speaker. So long as you obey the rules, I'm sure you'll get along fine.

Your English is quite good, better than most new comers in fact! :P

Amen to that. >_> You're trying, which is better than most experienced roleplayers on this forum can attest to. Welcome aboard. Prepare for a torture the likes of which you cannot possibly imagine Enjoy your stay. ^_^
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You seem pretty chill. Welcome to YCM. And, as a matter of fact, you are not alone in being a Brazilian here at YCM. All of the cool kids are Brazilian. And American. AMERICA! HELL YEAH! WOOOOO!


...Sorry for my patriotic outburst.


Anyways, read the rules, avoid TCG, and don't use the status bar. You'll probably do well here.


P.S.: Your engrish is far better than the English of most other members >_>

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