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Best Double Entendre...


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I was just listening to... stuff and I thought I'd ask this!
So... what's your favourite Double Entendre

So... basically, I was watching some Blazblue playthrough(Ragna's Storyline) and you should've seen the part where Nu... talks all slutty. It. Was. Hillarious.

"You know it hurt so much last time! When you lashed out at me, I thought I was a goner! But Ragna... didn't it feel wonderful?"
"You slashed me, pierced me all over, when I was completely defenseless..."
"But today's going to be different! I even have a new body, and I can talk!"

Nyeh, must be my sick mind.
If you have one too, you'll be able to find some of these.
Let the fun begin.

Also inb4mlpfim.
Because I know you're all gonna mention Rarity.

and inb4awesomepickuplines
They are most of the entendre.

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