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Turbo Warrior

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"Turbo Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
When this card attacks a Level 6 or higher Synchro Monster, halve the monster's ATK until the end of the Damage Step. This card cannot be targeted by the effects of Level 6 or lower monsters.

>2500 ATK bypasses Monarchs
>Immune to plenty of monster effects, including Monarchs
>Runs over all but 8 high level synchro monsters (The Majestics, the good Aesirs, RND, The Malefic and the Delta Accell duo)

I like it.

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..actually really makes you wonder why he didn't use this against the Meklords...considering how much he supposedly thought about thinking of new ways of fightning the Meklords..
maybe its anime effect is kinda different?

Anyways, always liked this card.

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