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Killer Frilled Shark

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Card is terrible. Necro Gardna itself is better than this.

Here's why it's terrible:

1) It only works while it's in the Graveyard and when a Fish/Sea Serpent/Aqua-Type is attacked. It can't be used to negate direct attacks and it can't protect non-those Types.

2) Banishing from the Graveyard in no way helps the Deck, as Wingtortoise needs the monster to have been banished from the Field.

3) Even though it permanently weakens by 500, it's only 500 and Banisharks lack ATK power already, so that probably wont do enough.

4) Only one can activate a Turn. This wouldn't really matter in most cases, but the fact that condition exists weakens the card's playability.

The only real plus this has is that it Sets up Oh F!sh!, and its a Level 3 Water for Black Ray Lancer. But most of the Banisharks are Wind and have this tendency to return to the Field. There aren't many Special Summon options in the Deck outside of Diva and maybe Shark Sucker, so playing it for Black Ray Lancer isn't worth it, either.

Rather than bother with this, you can run ACTUAL Necro Gardna, which, lo and behold, is a Level 3 that can use the same Leviair plays as this, without any of the ridiculous restrictions on when it can be activated and how often. Sure, you wont weaken by 500, but it's more flexible and just better outside of Oh F!sh! (which I didnt even run in my Banishark deck's later build) and Black Ray Lancer.

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[quote name='Welche' timestamp='1321509546' post='5648146']
This works with Leviair to set up more overlays and adds so much flow to the deck. (Don't have the patience to post a pro thing like that XD)

So does Necro Gardna. That's my whole point. The only thing this has over Necro Gardna is it's a WATER Fish, which is good for Oh F!sh! (which I don't run), Mother Grizzly (which isnt run), Shark Sucker (which is more of a tech), and Black Ray Lancer (which you shouldn't Summon outside of being epic).

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That still amounts to you using your Normal Summon on this, when it can't negate attacks to non-Aqua/Fish/Sea Serpent monsters or direct attacks. Depth Charge is kind of cool, except most Banisharks aren't actually Fish.

Airorca, Lost Blue Breaker, Skystarray, and Deep Sea Diva are Sea Serpent. Wingtortoise is Aqua.

The only Banisharks that are Fish are Piercing Moray, Shark Sucker, this, and Big Jaws.

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