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Zeal Ascendant

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This deck is in its alpha stages and horribly bad, so please ycm, fix away! I am really tight for space in here, so try and neg a lot of cards.

Monsters - 28

Card Trooper
Chaos Sorc x2
Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands x3
Tour Guide x3

Demise, King of Armageddon x2
Ruin, Queen of Oblivion x2 (I know these rituals are pretty bad, I use them because you only need 1 ritual spell for both monsters. Please replace these with something better for this deck, I am kind of a ritual n00b.)

Disserere x2
Presider x2
Prognsticator x2
Releaser x3

Jain x2
Lyla x2
Ryko x3

Spells - 8

End of the World x3
Monster Reincarnation x2

Traps - 4

Mirror Force
Warning x2

I'm quite obviously doing this very wrong. Fix it pl0x!

One last thing: a little pet peeve of mine is when people post a whole other decklist in reply. Please, just put fixes, no matter how much. Thanks.

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Card Trooper at 1 feels weird with any sort of mill-based deck.

Mill with Rituals is also extremely risky because you have 4 Ritual monsters, 3 Ritual Spells, and lots of monsters. I can't help thinking you'll end up milling the Ritual Spells and completely screw the deck over, forcing you to instead rely on getting Chaos Sorcerer or BLS.

I think you have too many things going on here that dont really match the intended deck theme. With no JD, using so many Lightsworn seems wasteful of Deck space, because you only really want to mill the Djinns, considering you're not using any other cards that benefit from mills.

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