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X-Saber Power Up

Lunar Origins

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XX-Saber Suujamma
EARTH / Level 3
Warrior / Tuner
When this card is Summoned: Send 1 "X-Saber" monster from your Deck to your Graveyard. When this card is removed from the field: Add 1 "X-Saber" monster from your Graveyard to your hand.
ATK: 1200 | DEF: 1800

XX-Saber Skooma
EARTH / Level 2
Warrior / Tuner
You can Tribute 1 X-Saber monster you control: Special Summon this card (from your Graveyard). You can discard 1 card; Special Summon 1 "X-Saber" monster from your hand. If that monster is a Tuner monster: It is not treated as a Tuner monster as long as this card remains face-up on your side of the field.
ATK: 1000 | DEF: 1000

XXX-Saber Aldua
EARTH / Level 8
Warrior / Effect / Synchro
1 Warrior-type Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner EARTH monsters
Cannot be banished. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent: You can destroy 1 card on the field.
ATK: 2800 | DEF: 1000

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[quote name='Lunæ' timestamp='1321653953' post='5651230']

merry christmas
[/quote]Not fast enough still. Needs moar speed. Now all it has is Power and Control.

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Don't get Saber players addicted to Skooma. Then they'll end up like Unlucky what's-his-name in the mining prison in Markarth. He got shiv'd. DO WE WANT THAT?!

Seriously, give Skooma a once per turn on the Special Summon clause. I feel like it's almost too fast.

Other than that, the first one is fine and the (Triple?) X saber is ok, if only because it's a 3000 Level 8 target, which is handy. But what are its materials?

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