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Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite


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FuFu -> Escuridao -> Zephyros + Sparkman
Bounce Fufu -> SS Zephryus opponent get's token
Fufu -> The Shining-> Sacred Crane + Sparkman
Swallow Nest Zephyrus for Crane -> Draw 1
Activate Black Garden
Summon Monk and go into Crane -> Draw 1, Opp gets 2 Tokens
BG into Crane -> Draw 1, You have 4 Monsters now (3 Cranes, 1 Monk)
Crane + Monk = Emeral, Detach Monk for Sparkman
2 Cranes + Sparkman = Conqueror of Color
Detach 1 for locking Spell or Something
You still have 4 cards in hand
Set Backrow


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[quote name='RobotBowtieOfDestruction' timestamp='1321733322' post='5653241']
Why does DN still have its name wrong?

It has two names. If I remember correctly, in America it's Zephyros and in Europe it's Zephyrus. The Japanese name is Zephyros though, so I take Zephyros as it's actual name.

Random Trivia: It's other name: Zephyrus is named after the Greek god of west wind.

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