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Evols.....done worng (need help)

~British Soul~

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hi... this is my first attempt at an Evols deck, i probably done it wrong, i think i have


3 x Cerato
2 x Diplo
2 x Vulcano
2 x Terias
2 x Elias
3 x Westlo
2 x Odonto

3 x Forced Evolution
2 x Duality
2 x Sarc
2 x MST
2 x Fossil Dig
1 x Reborn
1x Dark Hole
1 x Heavy

3 x Skill Drain
2 x COTH
2 x Warning
1 x Judgment
1 x Torrential
1 x Dustshoot
1 x Xyz Reborn

needs fixes so help me

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