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Which ones?

Basically, make a really consistent deck for Rank 3 shenanigans.
> 2 lvl 3's and Wind-Up Magician is a FTK
> 4 lvl 3's is a FTK

Just as well
> Tour Guide
> Foolish + Rat
> Normal Summoning Hunter + Instant Fusion

all become FTK's with Warwolf and the other way around.

Marauding, Junk, and Spell Striker all moreso help to get the lvl 3's you need while being consistently searchable by Rota.

Also, you can afford to run triple upstart to fuel striker, go first and FTK, and beat down your opponent's empty hand with you're rank 3 Leviathans.

- Kristya, Veiler, Laggia/Dolka, Rai-Oh Maxx C (although you can make them deck out if you have avarice and they are low enough).

Fun Fact:
- This deck laughs at D-Fissure
- Backrow isn't really a problem, since 3 MST and Heavy can clear up alot of stuff. Plus you have resources each turn for bait out solemns.
- Once their hand is gone, its easy to control the rest of the game.

*** Deck help made possible by Byak, Dueling Days, and TCG Tour Guide. ***

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