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Chaos Gagaga.dek


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[b]Monster - 23[/b]
Black Luster
Chaos Sorcerer x3
Gagaga Girl x2
Gagaga Magician x3
Birdman x2
Lyla x3
Tomato x3
Ryko x3
Monk x2

[b]Spell - 14[/b]
Charge of the Light Brigade
Creeping Darkness
Dark Hole
Gagaga Bolt x3
Heavy Storm
Ming Control
Space Typhoon x2
Wonder Wand x2

[b]Spell - 4[/b]
Xyz Reborn x2

[b]Extra - 15[/b]
Locomotion R-Genex x2
Magi Magi Magician Girl x2
Filler x11

[b]Total - 41[/b]

Yes, I run 41.

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[quote name='TheTurtleOnceCalledGod' timestamp='1321743868' post='5653663']
Add a Trap Dustshoot to have the deck be the answer to life, the universe, and everything?

Also if you focus on banish, run at least 2 Leviair. Brings back both Gagagas, Lyla, Tomato, Sangan, etc.

EDIT: I tried using Xyz Burst. Nice card when Mirror Force and D-Prison are everywhere. It's simply MagiMagi - Anti-Reverse.

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[quote name='Passion Pit' timestamp='1321744593' post='5653706']
Note: I beat this with Phantom Beasts
Other way around.

[quote name='ケニヨン • ボリンガー' timestamp='1321744633' post='5653711']
Also if you focus on banish, run at least 2 Leviair.[/quote]
-Whole deck
+Typical netdeck.
Makes perfect sense,

The deck's focus isn't Banishing. Its about being able to utilize Gagaga Magician + Girl, and spam Magi Magi at the same time.

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