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Illuminatia Mech


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[i]Illuminatia Mech[/i]
[i]Rank 4 / LIGHT[/i]
[i]Machine / Xyz / Effect[/i]
[i]2 Level 4 monsters[/i]
[i]Detach 1 Xyz Material from this card: Target up to 2 cards from the Graveyard(s); Banish the targeted cards[/i][i]. If this card has no Xyz Material, the effects of Effect Monsters this card destroys by battle are negated.[/i]
[i]2450 / 0[/i]

AC rule and whatnot, so yeah. Obey it.

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Pretty sure this is just going to completely replace every other Rank 4 apart from Lavalval Chain and Gemknight Emeral :S

Kycoo + 3050 ATK beater most of the time + mess up every T.G. deck and Sangan you see.

Naaah. Of all things, the best way to balance this and make it playable without immediate staple status is just removing the last sentence. Either that, or keep the sentence while adding something like "If this card has no Xyz Materials, its ATK becomes 1800." Something like that, doesn't have to be exactly 1800, but something so it doesn't just dominate the game after it has no Xyz Materials.

This + Oilman and/or Safe Zone is pretty much game.

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