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Caius the Shadow Monarch [And Monarchs in General]

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My ranking of the 8 Kings

1) Caius banishes whatever
2) Mobius pops 2 backrow
3) Raiza spins cards and doesn't afraid of anything
4) Kuraz gives you free draws and stuff
5) Thestalos because dat burn
6) Zaborg by default
7) Granmarg by default
8) Delg sucks monkey f***

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[quote name='Alexander Abernathy' timestamp='1321930460' post='5658435']
All are targets for Witch of the Black Forest--*dogdes a bullet*

Also, it'll inflict damage whether it's your opponent's DARK or yours.[/captobv]

You realize it the most when Yusei summons this and burns you for game...

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[quote name='Evil Tristan' timestamp='1322003400' post='5659963']
I still say it and Raiza are equal. Especially now with banished becoming the new toolbox...
[/quote]Very true. I really wanna make Frognarchs now.

Caius is still awesome against boss monsters like kristya, Grapha, BLS etc

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