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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Cards

Twilights Sparkle

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1. don't use Thumbnails
2. Unicorn is not a type, perhaps try Beast instead
3. OCG errors
OCG Fix:
"When this card is targeted by an attack: this card gains 1000 DEF and the attacking monster loses 500 ATK."

well i guess the card ios balanced given its level and effect, if it 'gain 1000 ATk' and not 'gain 1000 DEF' then yea i would undertand it being level 5.


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[email protected] Me too but then I realized it was not.
Twilights [email protected] The effect is a liitle bit oped as if a blue eyes white dragon attacked this card its atk would drop from 3000to 2500 and Twilight Sparkles Def would 2600. This makes it so you would need a monster with 3000+ to be able to destroy Twilight Sparkle in Defense Mode. Change it to something like when this monster is attacked its defense increase by 500 points instead. But if you want to keep the same effect add a requirement like you have to pay life points to activate the effect.

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