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Awkward Deck is Awkward


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Yet it's amazingly hilarious. Not my idea, just one I liked.

Monsters x34
x3 Master Hyperion
x3 Caius
x3 Reborn Tengu
x3 Agent of Creation - Venus
x3 Mystic Shine Ball
x3 Treeborn Frog
x3 Battle Fader
x2 Raiza
x2 Genex Ally Birdman
x2 Agent of Mystery - Earth
x2 Dupe Frog
x2 Swap Frog
x1 Obelisk the Tormentor
x1 Sangan
x1 Glow-Up Bulb

Spells x6
x3 Enemy Controller
x1 Foolish
x1 One for One
x1 Pot of Avarice

Extra 15
Armory Arm
Black Rose Dragon
Formula Synchron
x2 Locomotion R-Genex
Orient Dragon
Scrap Dragon
T.G. Hyper Librarian
x2 Gachi Gachi
x3 Sacred Ptolemys M7

x3 Effect Veiler
x2 MST
x1 Heavy Storm

Need help with side. I'm not any good with those.

So yeah, basic idea is use Agents as Synchro / Birdman / Gachi fodder, Mystic can be used for Monarch. Treeborn and Monarchs work like Frognarchs. Deck is really interesting to use.

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[quote name='Dante v. Nero' timestamp='1322018316' post='5660521']
Torrential, Solemn Twins, dat Cockroach, D-Prison., MST, Heavy Storm.....

Anything along those lines.

Can't run Traps, Frogs. Heavy and MST, sure. No level fours so no rank fours.

[quote name='Solar Chaos' timestamp='1322018420' post='5660526']
With a ratio like that, the spells might not want to be in there at all. Unless it is godly consistent and fast.

Need E-Controller and Foolish. Pot is a luxury that saves me from decking out. One for One speeds up Treeborn.

The deck isn't insanely fast, but it's oddly consistent so far.

Two MST and Heavy added to side deck.

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[quote name='Welche' timestamp='1322172840' post='5663169']
Only 2 Earth? No full Plant Engine?

It was a choice between 2 Earth or 2 Venus. I know Earth searches Venus out, but I kinda like 2 Earth and 3 Venus more with this build.

Don't need it, it's a luxury. Space was tight enough, so I left it out.

Not saying I'm not willing to try it, but I kinda want to keep the focus on Agent Monarchs.

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