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A drawing. (kinda looks like a Genex Ally...)

Alice Moonflowyr

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[quote name='Daemon' timestamp='1322605763' post='5674796']
Work on your coloring, they are a little bland. Look at some perspective tutorials, shading and 3-D looks. This is extremely flat and easy.
[/quote]They are friggin colered pencils. I cant exatly get them darker or whatever you mean. Perspective? I will take a look. 3-D? Hmmm......dunno.....
[quote name='sgrug4' timestamp='1322605379' post='5674769']
To be straight, it doesn't look too hard to draw. I suggest using your ruler. His arms look really cartoony and curvy
[/quote] I suck at arms+hands. But yeah, a ruler would help......

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Well the arms look shriveled almost human compared to the mech-like genex.
If you work hard nuff, it can turn out well
Here are some tips:
- make it symmetrical (the wings r dis-proportioned)
- have more joints and limbs (you dont want every body part looking like rubber, do you?)
- give it a perspective (for ex. I might be looking at it from my right side.
- details (scratch marks, shine marks, stamps, glares, flash, etc)

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