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[MTG] Maelstrom Wanderer

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[quote name='Niv-Mizzet' timestamp='1322103035' post='5662582']
Cascade, cascade? Do want. The only thing I don't like is the expansion symbol.

Same thingy was said of Graveborn's Symbo but who the hell care...that thing got some wicked stuff...XD

Also as an Extra


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Really happy Planechase is coming back, but I was the only one of my MtG group interested in playing it the last time :(

Hopefully I can convince them to grab one of these sets. I have a friend who thought the commander deck was a waste of money because he didn't hear me the 50+ times I said "It's for fun, you can't run this deck in tournaments, and you can't run most of these cards in tournaments"

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