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Beat me, get the Hive Badge, and move on to Goldenrod.

Master of Sabers

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[i]"I'm Bugsy! I never lose when it comes to bug Pokémon. My research is going to make me the authority on bug Pokémon! Let me demonstrate what I've learned from my studies."[/i]


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[center]I'm loving Heart of Clear Water. Essentially a free search/summon.[/center]
[center]Just broke the 1000 mark on DN! :)[/center]

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Weevil isn't for defense. I use him as easy lvl 6 xyz fodder for M7. Notice he can special summon himself, while Mantis can't?

Heart of clear water is amazing. It's an enabler, kind of like Test Tiger for Glads. Equip it to Centibeet, instantly get a search, as heart destroys itself. Equip to a damsel who has a hornet attached. Heart destroys itself, get a special summon. It adds so much consistency.

Taking out D-Fissure. It's so good here, cause you are neigh immune to it. Adding a third Heart of Clear Water. Exeed decks are becoming popular on DN, and they aren't affected by it much. I side 'em.

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I could. I took out Birdman because he was a win more card for me. He made it easier to win, but didn't help when I was behind (on the rare occasion that I am, haha)

My biggest concern is getting Hornet in the grave ASAP, and a way to abuse him. I'm trying to maximize consistency.

The deck has gone undefeated for the past 2 days, and over 30 duels. Go right ahead and try it out.

A fun little combo I just did -

Nothing on the field, Reborn, Gigaweevil, Heart of clear water, Allure of Darkenss in hand.

Reborn Damsel, equip hornet. Equip weevil. Equip heart of clear water, special summon Mantis. Hornet blows up weevil. Special summon 2 centibeets and weevil. Overlay for Ptolemy. Overlay for leviar with the centibeets. Ptolemy bounces Damsel, which I allure. I draw another damsel, and solemn judgement. Leviar summons damsel, equip with mantis in grave. Opponent ragequits.

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