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Synchro Return (I haven't made a card in a while, so...)


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[center][b]Select 1 Synchro Monster in your Graveyard; banish 1 Tuner and 1 non-Tuner monsters from your Graveyard whose total Levels are equal to the selected monster. Special Summon that monster. When its removed from the field it is banished.[/b][/center]

[left]I just wanted to do another card, but I had no idea in mind, so this is it ):[/left]

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well it's certainly another way to get the synchro onto the field and all that

it's a lot easier though since you can use ANY tuner and ANY non-tuner to pull it off, all you need to do is match the level requirement, nothing in terms of attribute or type or anything like that

for the 3rd sentence though, you mean when the SYNCHRO is removed from the field it gets banished

which is a neat drawback, but even so I believe you may need to be more specific on the synchro

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