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Vanilla Support


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[quote]Equip only to a Level 1 Normal Monster. During each of your End Phases: inflict 700 Effect Damage to your opponent or Destroy 1 Special Summoned monster on the field. If this face-up card or the equipped monster is targeted by an opponent's card effect: You can send this card to the Graveyard; Negate the opponent's card effect and draw 1 card.[/quote]

the first among many cards I will introduce that revolve around a Level 1 Vanilla Deck.

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From experience, Vanilla monsters STRONGLY depend on the many powerful support cards they have. Level 1 need even MORE powerful support cards if they want to become competitive, so personally its a decent card, but for a level 1 vanilla its underpowered.

Firstly, a level 1 vanilla is easily killed in battle, so your opponent won't waste his/her time using an effect on it, so the last effect won't ever see any use.
Now the burn effect is nice, but its a little too low, you're better off using Ookazi which deals 100 more damage and you don't need to wait for the end phase.

Finally, the special summon destruction. Excellent effect; most meta today rely on special summoning and quickly overwhelm you. Vanillas can't do that and one of the things Vanillas will be aiming for will be synchros and XYZ (Using Faustian Bargain) since they easily overpower them.

Pic is nice.

Its a good card, but is nothing amazing, nor possibly competitive since a level 1 normal monster will barely last 1 turn on the field, unless the deck is based around stalling. The last effect needs to be changed to better suit the main problem level 1 monsters face.

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the reason why it causes a draw is because of how i imagine it.

The theme was it is a powerful scepter but it only works on those who need it the most (lvl 1 vanilla). It can destroy anything satiated with magic (Special summoned) or it could create powerful fireballs (burn damage). It could also absorb magic from an enemy (negate card effect) and use it for himself (draw 1 card).

I will post the other cards when i find suitable pictures.

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