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Greiga makes another deck look bad [Gem Knights]


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3 Garnet
3 Sapphire
3 Gem Armadillo
3 Alexandrite
1 Amber
2 Obsidian
3 Sanyx

1 Dark Hole
1 Fufu
2 GK Fusion
2 Gemini Spark
1 Reborn
2 Duality
2 Particle Fusion

2 D-Prison
1 Mirror Force
2 Pyroxene Fusion
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Warning
1 Dustshoot

1 GK Amethys
2 GK Aquamarine
1 GK Citrine
1 GK Prism Auta
2 GK Ruby
2 GK Zirconia
1 CNo 39 Utopia Ray
1 GK Pearl
1 No 11 Big Eye
1 No 39 Utopia
1 Verz Ouroboros
1 Messier 7

[spoiler=side]2 Crow
2 Veiler
2 Maxx C
1 Heavy Storm
2 Prohibition
2 Bottomless
2 Doublet Fusion
1 Mind Crush
1 Vylon Disigma[/spoiler]

Fix please. Should I switch Pyroxene with Doublet, and how does Extra/Monster lineup look? Idcare about side, that was thrown together in like 2 minutes.

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Cause you asked, here's mah decklist. Kind of unorganized because I just copied this from DN.

Garnet x3
Saphire x3
Tourmaline x3
Armadillo x3
Alexandrite x3
Obsidian x2
Summoner Monk x2

Dark Hole
GK Fusion x2
Gold Sarc x2
Particle fusion
Silent doom x2
Swing of Memories x3
White Elephant's Gift x2

Gem Enhancement x2
Tablet Fusion

Prism Aura x2
Ruby x2
Topaz x2
Zirconia x3
Random rnk4 xyz filler x3 (I just have 3 GK Pearls, lolwut. I need to edit this...)

Yours is probably way better. Haven't touched this is a while... actually, this is frickin' terrible :P

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So we have 3 options:

Disigma: LIGHT, equips monsters, becomes mini castor, solid 2500
Shock Ruler: LIGHT, can freeze spells/traps/monster effects until your next turn, rather weak at 2300
Ouroboros: DARK, can get rid of stuff and randomly pick stuff off, slower than Trishula but is more...adjustable. Strongest at 2750

Main 1 Side 1. I'm leaning towards Ouroboros/Disigma, but what are other opinions?

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