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7 sins monsters


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Eh, changing it up. the malefic archetype..the 7 sins monsters. included with special monsters (opinions and criticism is always welcomed! )


[b]Card text[/b]
2 Level 7 [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monsters[/url]
When this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is successfully summoned, you may use one of two [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effects[/url]: *Detach one [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Xyz"]Xyz[/url] material to destroy one card on the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?ssp=Field"]field[/url]. if this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effect[/url] is used, control of this card goes to your opponent and it gains 2000 atk
*Detach both [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Xyz"]Xyz[/url] material to have this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] gain atk equal to the original atk of the two[url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monsters[/url] used. However this card cannot attack directly if this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effect[/url] is used.


[b]Card text[/b]
This [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] cannot be [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?str=Normal"]normal[/url] summoned or set. This [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] can only be special summoned from your hand by the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effect[/url] of "Lustful Desire". When successfully summoned, once per turn you can place one sin [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?str=Counter"]counter[/url] on this card. (max 3.) Depending on the number of [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?str=Counter"]counters[/url] on this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] it gains the following [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effects[/url]: +1- This [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url]cannot be destroyed in battle. (damage calculation is applied normally) +2- By removing one sin [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?str=Counter"]counter[/url], you may remove from play one [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] on your side of the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?ssp=Field"]field[/url] to return all [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=s"]spell[/url] and [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=t"]trap[/url] cards to the owner's respective hands +3- You may remove all three [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?str=Counter"]counters[/url] from this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] to special summon "Punisher of the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sat=Light"]Light[/url]" from your hand, deck, or graveyard



[b]Card text[/b]
Punisher of the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sat=Dark"]Dark[/url] + 1 non-[url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Tuner"]tuner[/url] "Malefic"[url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] + 1 [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Tuner"]Tuner[/url]
When this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is successfully [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Synchro"]synchro[/url] summoned, destroy all other cards on your side of the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?ssp=Field"]field[/url] and remove them from play. This card gains 500 atk for each card destroyed by this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effect[/url]. In addition, once per turn you may special summon up to 2 "malefic" [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monsters[/url] in your graveyard in face up attack position for one turn with [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effects[/url] nullified. destroy the summoned [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] at the end phase and take 600 points of direct damage for each [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] destroyed.


[b]Card text[/b]
While this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is in face up defense position, [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sat=Dark"]Dark[/url] [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monsters[/url] of lvl 3 or under can attack directly.


[b]Card text[/b]
2 level 6 [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monsters[/url]
When this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is successfully summoned, you may banish one of the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Xyz"]Xyz[/url] material used in its summoning to gain its name, [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effect[/url], and original atk and def. Once there are no material on this card, destroy this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url].


[b]Card text[/b]
This [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] cannot be special summoned. When successfully [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?str=Normal"]normal[/url] summoned, the defense of this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] increases by 500.
you may also resummon this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] to gain this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effect[/url]: While this[url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is in face up defense position, once per turn you may draw one card from your hand to have your opponent discard one random card from their hand.


[b]Card text[/b]
When this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is summoned successfully, summon "Mystic Sleep" ([url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st2=Spellcaster"]Spellcaster[/url]- [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sat=Water"]water[/url] level 4 atk 200/def 2000) [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Token"]tokens[/url] until your [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?ssp=Field"]field[/url] is full. When this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] returns to your hand, you may tribute one [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Token"]token[/url] to use one of the following [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effects[/url]:
*Your opponent skips their next battle phase
*Negate the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effects[/url] of [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=s"]spell[/url] and [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=t"]trap[/url] cards used by your opponent this turn


[b]Card text[/b]
Malefic sandman, Tila the Lethargic + 2 [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Tuner"]tuners[/url]
When this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is successfully [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?smt=Synchro"]synchro[/url] summoned, it gains the following [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effects[/url]:
*Once per turn, you may remove from play one card in your hand to have your opponent take the top card from your opponent's deck and send it to the graveyard
* When your opponent declares an attack on this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url], your opponent chooses a card at random in your hand and calls [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url], [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=s"]spell[/url], or [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=t"]trap[/url]. call it right, and the attack is successful, call it wrong, and destroy the attacking [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url]


[b]Card text[/b]
This [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] cannot be [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?str=Normal"]normal[/url] summoned or set. This [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] can only be special summoned by the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effect[/url] of "Malefic Damsel, Lisel the Lustful". When this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is successfully summoned, once per turn, you may remove from play one [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] in your graveyard to look at the top card in your opponent's deck. if it is able to be special summoned, summon it to your side of the [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?ssp=Field"]field[/url] in either attack or defense position.




[b]Card text[/b]
This [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]Monster[/url] cannot be [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?str=Normal"]Normal[/url] Summoned or set. This card can only be special summoned by banishing Unholy Seal, Roar of Tartaros, and [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sat=Divine"]Divine[/url] Seal, Breath of Life from your [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?ssp=Field"]field[/url] and cannot be special summoned in other ways. When summoned successfully,This [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] cannot be destroyed by [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=s"]spells[/url],[url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=t"]traps[/url], or card [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?st1=Effect"]effects[/url]. you take no battle damage from attacks involving this card. Once per turn, you may special summon if able, one [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] either removed from play or in your graveyard, ignoring summoning conditions for 3 turns, then shuffle the chosen [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] back into your deck.

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Wrath: The first effect has way to much of a down side to destroy 1 card since they are still getting a creatures that kills in 2 swings meaning you're still going to need something to deal with it. Making it loss 2000 would be better. The second might be to good since depending on what gets used he can easily kill the opponent in one attack if he hits a creature. Maybe make it so damage he deals to a player is halfed.

Lust cards: The trap is fine. The +2 on Lust herself doesn't seem that good since normally when you bounce Spell/Traps it's when you want to kill and giving up a creature for it seems counter productive. Punisher is ok, just odds are it will miss more then hit meaning, again, it isn't really worth it. Also the "When this [url="http://yugico.com/yugioh-cards/search?sst=m"]monster[/url] is successfully summoned" clause doesn't seem like it is needed.

Pride: Nice that you made it so he destorys other cards. Still you loss to much summoning him imo to make a creature that dies so easily. I would give you a different effect to work with, but I like it to much to shair. Sorry. Still your on the right track with this.

Punisher is fine just and increase his attack to 2400.

Greed: I think you mean discard. If not it should read something like "Once per turn, if this creature is in defense mode you can draw one card and have your opponent discard one card." Also making him gain 500 DEF when he is normal summoned is pointless since you can't special summon it. Just make it an even 3000. Also to normal summon him you need to play him in face-up attack mode. Yea, not smart with 0 ATK.

Sloth: The second effect seems hard to use since they you only get the effect end of turn and at that point you won't have effects to negate. Also when you summon her you have a soft lock since you can keep sacing the tokens every turn and keeping them from attacking. Might want to fix that.

Gluttony: Needing Sloth to summon it doesn't really fit. Milling the opponent for 1 will help them 99% of the time. And making it so attacking him might cost them a guy just makes it so the opponent won't risk attacking him.

The 2nd seal seems pointless since it just seems to be the 1st one made worse. Make it do something different.

Lord: Being able to summon anything is just to good. Even if your working to summon him, the challenge is no where near what it would need to be to make him not busted.

Still over all nice start.

One last note is that you should connect the cards flavor to what they do. Like have the Breath of Life create life and have Tartaros destory (as a trivia note Tartaros is the Greek version of hell so you should have it reflect that with the effect). Also why you have that with Christian based cards (7 Deadly Sins after all) I don't get, but that is something else.

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Dispate the effs of all cards i like the idea and the images, i also made a deck involving seasl please chek it [url="http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/270654-demoniac-seal-meta-deck-set-15/"]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/270654-demoniac-seal-meta-deck-set-15/[/url]
i was thinking to make a brother set deck (like fabled and dark world) of the 7 sins XD ill work on it and ill let you know so you can make an opinion aobut it jijiji
good luck

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