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Legend Of Zelda Cards! ~Info~

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Well I've been working on some legit LoZ Cards that are based of of Bosses enemies and characters from all Zelda games, even items ans weapons! I don't want to spoil to much about it, but since i'm a bit new here, what do you guys think? Oh yesh, let me post some here to get a breif spoiler! Btw, i'm starting with Phantom Hourglass.
Phantom Sword!
I'll be making a lot more soon, cheers!

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Interesting cards. Don't worry about making effect monsters just because "people hate them". Screw that, make what you want. Images aren't that important either in my book. If you can't find a better picture, what can you do, you know? In either case, these are good cards, I like them ^^ I made an entire Zelda set a while back called Forces of Light (also Forces of Darkness, but I didn't finish it). Not gonna link it unless you want, but I would recommend checking it out, could give you some ideas ^^ It might be in my signature, but I don't remember anymore ^^" In either case, good cards, but this should have been in Pop Culture lol I think you can get it moved if you report it and ask a mod to move it, but I dunno for sure.

I also wouldn't worry about fake types unless it doesn't make sense (like, Link can be a Warrior card for example, dunno about Linebeck). I would recommend, though, that if you do do fake types, you make them prominent in the set (like, if you have a "Ghost" type, you should have multiple "Ghost" monsters, not just have it for one card).

EDIT: Nope, my set's not in my signature...oh well ^^"

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