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Chuck Norris - The video game


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[center]Soon enough I will be studying video game development at college and I want to make a video game beforehand to get a rough feel for it. I have made a video game before and it worked, but back then I was just too lazy to see it through. I thought it might be a fun project to involve YCM in and let some of their ideas come to life through a video game.[/center]

[center]The video game will be about Chuck Norris and it will be a basic fighting game, much alike Tekken, just with a stronger plot line. The main fighting style you use will be Chun Kuk Do (Chuck Norris's own martial art). Some of Chuck Norris's exaggerations will be used as a power (let's say like a Kamehameha but with lightning) just for a bit of fun within the game.[/center]

[center]What I want is a team, the team is the forum and you can put in input whenever you want, you don't have to be heavily dedicated (although it wouldn't hurt)[/center]

[center]So, I want:[/center]

[center]Name of the video game:[/center]


[center]Location: (Fantasy or real)[/center]

[center]Rival: (Please don't say Bruce Lee, everyone except Norris will be fictional)#[/center]

[center]Description of rival:[/center]

[center][i]Should there be an EXP system like in Pokemon? When you level up you acquire a new move?[/i][/center]
Anything else:[/center]

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[quote name='Shard' timestamp='1323091939' post='5688228']
Reference other fighting games, please.
. Dragon Ball - Budokai series
. Street Fighter
. Mortal Kombat

- If you're asking me to reference some of my video games, don't. Lol, I only involved YCM in this project because I thought it might be a fun and constructive thing for some members to do in their free time.

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