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Chaos Neos


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Get it?


2x E-HERO Neos
2x Armageddon Knight
1x BLS
2x Chaos Sorc
2x Cross Porter
3x Neos Alius
1x Ocean
1x Prisma
1x Stratos
3x Panther
3x Glow Moss

3x Convert Contact
1x Dark Hole
2x E-Emergency Call
1x Heavy
2x Miracle
1x Reborn
2x MST
2x Super Poly

1x Hero Blast
1x Judgment
2x Warning

1x Ab-0
[b]1[/b]x Chaos Neos
1x Dark Neos
1x Divine Neos
2x Escuridão
[b]1x Gaia[/b]
1x Glow Neos
1x Great Tornado
1x The Earth
2x The Shining
1x Stardust

Changes made:
-1 Starlight
The extra is bad, and I see a bunch of changes that need to be made, but I'm too lazy to make another screen, so spot the changes, YCM.

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