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[Finished]Elimanation Contest!Now Started!


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this contest could take a while but defiantly pay off

ok the rules are standard ycm rules i will take be taking contestants for about a week if have over 10 contestants by then and if not i will wait until we do i also need 2 more judges the entery fee is 10 points free for level 2 and under

ok so every week i will post a topic such as feind type monsters and all the contestants will make a card that matches the standards if a card is enteered that the judges dont think matches the standards the owner of the card is autamatically elmated and the cards with lowest overall score is elimanated but here is where it gets exiting if you were elimanated you can pay 50 points to get back in the contest when we are down to 3 contestants they must remake an old card make a freestyle card and a card depending what the theme af the final round is and prizes will be delivered depending on your overall score

the judges will score on a ?/10 scale and you will be judged on your overall score

1st 260 points and 2 reps and an digital trophy and gold medal
2nd 150 points and a rep digatal silver medal
3rd 100 points digital bronze medal
5 point consolation prize

1.n8thegr8(points sent)
2.abc123def456ghi789(free pass)
3.4swordlegend(points sent)
4.Zinome(Free Pass)
5.Knic The Merciless Overlord(Free Pass)
6.Spellcaster2000(free pass)
7.Wolfan16(Points Sent)
8.Blue-eyes493(points sent)
9.tymur shayke(Free pass)
10.Shadow of Alpha(points sent)

Angloid Beta
[spoiler=requirments round 2][spoiler=round 1]Make a Make a Fiend that is a fire
End date:7th of january
elimanated:Tymur Shayke
still in:
Shadow of Alpha
[/spoiler][spoiler=round 2]Make a Beast type Warrior monster card that destroys itself:)end fate:this wednesday aka the 18th[/spoiler]remember if you were elimanated you may pay 50 points to redeem yourself and get back in the competion!Once again thanks to the judges.[/spoiler]

have fun

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