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Choose-Your-Own Contest [[ Finished ]]

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Welcome to a brand new card contest sponsored by none other than I, Slayer_Supreme! I have been thinking about what type of contest to make this, and I haven't been able to decide for myself so I'm letting YOU choose what this contest is about!


All you have to do is select 2 of the things below(even two of the same one) and do what it says.


-[1] Make a card based off of Kenpachi from the Bleach series.

-[2] Make an Ancient Gear card/support card.

-[3] Make a card with the theme "chicken".

-[4] Create a card of any character from any Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

-[5] Make a card of a Millenium Item from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.



How cards will be graded:

Picture- 10/10

Newness- 10/10

Creativity- 25/25

Effect- 25/25

OCG- 25/25



Due Date

March 1st, roughly 3-5PM Eastern Standard Time




First: 3 Reps

Second: 2 Reps

Third: 1 Rep and 5 points

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Entry Reserved.


Edit: here are my cards.


this cards picture is made possible by mutantwombat


It's effect:

This card is unafected by the effect of equip spell cards. When this card is attacked by a water type monster this cards attack and defence are decreased by 700 points. Once per turn you can remove one ancient gear card from your graveyard from play to place counters on this card equal to the level of the removed from play card. You can special summon one ancient gear monster from your hand by removing counters on this card equal to the level of the monster x2.

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