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LOL...I made some cards even when it was down (YCM)...


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??? and the point of this is to rate your cards??? well your cards deserve a 7/10 for begging new!!! ^__^


I have done card's before...


Isn't the first one that Joker Fusion Monster? (Jack's Knight + Queen's Knight + King's Knight) Nice Pictures overall and pretty good OCG! 8/10


Yeah...and I like its pic...so I wanted to use it.

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You harshly rated my card, now it's MY turn...


The ruler - TYKANIS-...

What the hell is this? remove from play 2 cards in your grave to destroy all opponents monster zones or spell and trap zones????!!!

What so you destroy the zones but not the cards in them... Seriously bad OCG m8

If you mean destroy all CARDS in the zones then this card is seriously overpowered!

And on top of that you used a pic from a real yu-gi-oh card... What the hell man?!?


And the general- TYKANIS...


Two actually... And crappy OCG

"You can special summon this card from your hand. If you special summon this card in this way, increase your opponents life points by 2000."

So that sucks too!


The Knight - HADON...


If skill drain was used you get a 1 tribute 3000 ATK and DEF monster!

But, i have to hand it to you, you managed good OCG on this one!


The sorceror - Wekin...

Ok, so the name and picture are almost OFFENSIVE

but this card is ok...



Hmmm... it's a tough one... Should I give you a 1 or a 2 out of 10?

I'll go for a 1.5/10!


NExt time don't be so damn harsh on my cards!

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