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[align=center]*Here is an aplication thread for my new story*

*Oviously, there can be no story if there are no characters*[/align]


Character's Name :

Age :

Deck :

History :

Good or Bad :


Use this sheet to make your character, IF YOU DON'T USE THE SHEET YOUR CHARACTER WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!!!!





NOTE: If a user's name is next to the character, it has been taken!!!!



Major Villian = (yugioh maker)

Major Villian's Assistant = (Dodgibishi2)

School Bullie =

School Principal = (yugioh master1993)

School's best duelist = (basariosvolcanis)

Random Duelist = (Jesusofchaos)

Random Duelist =

Random Duelist =

Random Duelist =

Test Exam Duelist =

Test Exam Duelist =

Test Exam Duelist =

School Teacher 1 = (Elsandero)

School Teacher 2 =



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Ill go :D


Character's Name : Kevin Truelove

Age : 13

Deck : Powerful Dragons Deck

History : He is a very powerful duelist. His deck includes in 3 BEWD and BEUD and a lot powerful cards. Since he was born he saw Duel spirits and his Spirit is Baby Dragon. When he was 4 he started dueling and he dueled every single Human in his street but no one even gotted to hit his LP Directly !

Good or Bad : Good

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Name: Legre Skrinsver

Age: 31

Deck: Black Elementals & Archfiend

History: been chosen as the principal as the acedemy, he has grown great potencual power to make their teachers and students work under one of the most powerful beings ever made, also known as (yugioh master).

good or bad: Pretends to be a good guy but secretly is a bad guy.

Principal/Main bad guys Assistant


Yugioh Maker can i also be the first type of bad guy and you like the main bad guy

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Jay Novas

Age: 20

Deck: Machine (namely Jinzo, VWXYZ, Cyber Dragons)

History: Jay is attempting to narrow down what type of deck he should use. For him dueling is the best way to better his deck. He is a new transfer.

Random duelist

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