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pyramid normal beatdown deck

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hi im pyramid, im new, and this is my current tourny deck. its ok, but sometimes it get pwned by monarch decks badly... any tips or advice how to improve this deck.


3| Cybernetic Magician

2| Cyber Dragon


3| Hunter Dragon

3| Dragon Zombie

3| Giant Soldier Of Stone

3| Ojama Black

3| Ojama Green

3| Ojama Yellow

1| Snipe Hunter


2| Ojamagic

3| Enchanting Fitting Room

2| Card Of Safe Return

1| Monster Reborn

1| heavy storm

1| Mystical Space Tyhpoon

2| Lightning Vortex


1| Torrenital Tributute

2| Common Charity

1| Gravit Bind

1| The Transmigration Prophecy

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How is this a beatdown deck?

Giant Soldier stone are okay for Defense' date=' I got 2 of them in my own beatdown deck.


And level 4 1900 ATK monsters. Also Gene-Warped Warwolf x3. And Frostosaurus x2/3. Don't forget Exiled Force x2



do u know how to play this deck??????????????? firstly the reason the rubish 3 star and lower normal monsters are in their is to abuse the effect of enchantting fitting room to swarm then boost their attack with cybernetic magican. exiled has been noted tho................

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