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Venezuelan/Colombian War.


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yeah but that is against human nature. once you have what you need' date=' you want more.



That is genetic flaw that has evolved from lifetimes lived devout to lethargy and complacency, largely caused by religion and oppressive government.


Human nature is merely the instinct of animals that lives on in us so that we feel required to act a certain way, so that reproduction occurs. However, if human beings could keep their ears open and understand that they are not their mind, they could perhaps learn how to live life in a way for the betterment of themselves that also creates benefit for everyone. You are not your mind, your mind merely manifests you with emotion, desires, wants, lust, pride, hope, and faith.


These things have degraded society as a whole, they have allowed people to fall into them, and create this "sinful" nature if you will, that makes them feel like they are the center of everything. I know this feeling, and I know it is a mere facade the mind plays on you. You can choose to not desire things, to give up pride, and to accept that people actually aren't bad natured, but that these horrible things we let them live with and promote destroy them. It is not my place to judge another, but I know that these things are irrelevant in reality.


Avarice can be overcome, but people have been bred and had that monetary sort of thought pushed onto them, they cannot understand why they should because they are already too absorbed with the self to seek change.









Venezuela and Ecuador have already cut diplomatic ties with Colombia, and now Nicaragua has as well.

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