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Nightmare Wheel VS Shadow Spell

Whats better?  

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  1. 1. Whats better?

    • Nightmare Wheel
    • Shadow Spell

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Nightmare Wheel. I run it in RL. It restricts ATK plus it deduces life points. If you used Shadow Spell, you would have to destroy the monster which would really be a waste of a trap card. Plus if you use cards like Dark Room Of Nightmare (I think that's it), you'll do even more damage with Nightmare Wheel.

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I like nightmare wheel simply because it reduces your opponent's lifepoints and prevents their monster from attacking. I never use it, but I like it better than Shadow Spell. Yes it reduces their attack by 700, but what's the point if you STILL can't destroy it? Yeah, it stops them from attacking you and doing some horrific damage, but you can't get to their lifepoints. The sooner you get those down, the better. I've actually won when my buddy had the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon on the field, and I had nothing, but I nightmare wheeled him and he couldn't destroy it. After about 5 turns, his 2300 lifepoints was reduced to 0 and I won the duel :D

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Both are bad cards. >_>


Nightmare Wheel is clearlt better.


-1 Lose a card.

+1 Your opponent cannot use a monster.

+1 Reduce your opponents Life Points each turn.

+1 Destroy your opponent's monster.

=+2 Good card.


Congratulations on having no understanding of advantage notation. Read the sticky.

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Both are bad cards, but of the two, I actually prefer Shadow Spell. Nightmare Wheel does some token burn damage, but not enough to be worth it. Shadow Spell makes their monster more vulnerable, which is something. Though really, it depends on the deck you use. Wheel for Burn, Spell for others.


That doesn't, however, mean that you'd ever even consider using either of them. Your opponent can just tribute the monster, and you just lost a card.


And yes, oplo, read the guide on calculating card advantage.

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