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Froggy Frogs

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This is still not so serious, but more so than the other one.


Monsters: 21

[3]Des Frog

[2]Cyber Dragon


[3]Nimble Momonga


[3]Shift Frog

[2]Considerate Frog

[2]Poison Draw Frog

[2]Beezle Frog

[1]Treeborn Frog


Spells: 14

[2]Messenger of Peace

[2]Foolish Burial

[2]Des Croaking

[1]Monster Reborn

[1]Premature Burial

[1]Brain Control

[1]Smashing Ground

[1]Heavy Storm

[1]Mystical Space Typhoon

[1]Giant Trunade

[1]Lightning Vortex


Traps: 5

[3]Frog Barrier

[1]Mirror Force

[1]Torrential Tribute

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