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Yu-Gi-Oh! 7FG (Season 1/Episode 2 Up)


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This is a fan-manga me and my friends are making and 7FG stands for "7 Forbidden Gates". They will alos buy booster packs (some real some fake :):D) but here is a little storyline




This takes place several years after GX and a young 17 year old duelist by the name of Ushiro Yokine has just graduated from the newest Duel Academy. But dark evil is rising and it is up to Ushiro and his friends to defeat it. But Ushiro's archrival, Jeff Daniels, is also in their way. Now can they defeat Jeff and destroy the evil?




Name: Ushiro Yokine

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has red and black (spiked) hair, also wears a red and blue jacket, and blue pants, also has a scar about 3 inches on his chin. (pic coming soon)

Deck Theme: Unknown

Favorite Card: Unknown


Name: Jeff Daniels

Age: 17-18

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has white hair, wears a black and white shirt with green pants, alos wears a hat from time to time. (pic coming soon)

Deck Theme: DARK

Favorite Card: Phantom of Chaos and Dark Red Enchanter


Name: Kristy Drake

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Has pink (spiked) hair, and wears a yellow jacket with blue and white pants. Also has red gloves that she wears from time to time. (pic coming soon)

Deck Theme: LIGHT

Favorite Card: Unknown


Name: Mr. Benson

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Appearance: Has white hair, and wears a blue shirt with red and white pants. Also has 2 scars one on his cheek about 2 inches and one on his hand about 5 inches. (pic coming soon)

Deck Theme: Spellcasters

Favorite Card: Cybernetic Magician


Name: Duelist Emperor Raska (Yuki Tyu)

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Appearance: He was wearing a dark blue outfit, had green colored hair, and gold pants. (pic coming soon)

Deck Thme: Royal

Favorite Card: Unknown


Name: Alexis Yudo

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has pink and blue hair, also wears a pink and yellow jacket, and green pants. (pic coming soon)

Deck Theme: Fairy

Favorite Card: All


Name: Dawn Shaymin

Age: 18

Appearance: Has blue (spiked) hair, also wears a red and black shirt with yellow pants. (pic coming soon)

Deck Theme: Dragon

Faorite Card: Unknown


[spoiler=Character's Decks]

Ushiro's Deck

Coming Soon


Jeff's Deck

Coming Soon


Kristy's Deck

Coming Soon


Mr. Benson's Deck

Coming Soon


Duelist Emperor Raska

Coming Soon


Alexis's Deck

Coming Soon


Dawn's Deck

Coming Soon




Booster Packs (that they will buy during the fan-fic)

Ultimate Surroundings (fake)

Strike of Neos (real)

Tactical Evolution (real)

Silent Destruction (fake)

Foul Evil (fake)

Force of the Breaker (real)

Gladiator's Assault (real)

Ground Sake (fake)

Begining of the End (fake)

Phantom Darkness (real)

The Lost Millennium (real)

Rise of the Forbidden (fake)

Flaming Eternity (real)

End of Energy (fake)

Elemental Energy (real)

Legendary Start (fake)


[spoiler=Booster Pack's Cards]

Ultimate Surroundings

Coming Soon


Strike of Neos

Coming Soon


Tactical Evolution

Coming Soon


Silent Destruction

Coming Soon


Foul Evil

Coming Soon


Force of the Breaker

Coming Soon


Gladiator's Assault

Coming Soon


Ground Sake

Coming Soon


Begining of the End

Coming Soon


Phantom Darkness

Coming Soon


The Lost Millennium

Coming Soon


Rise of the Forbidden

Coming Soon


Flaming Eternity

Coming Soon


End of Energy

Coming Soon


Elemental Energy

Coming Soon


Legendary Start

Coming Soon



Episode 01 - Darkness Rising

Episode 01 - Darkness Rising


???: You are such an idiot.


Ushiro Yokine fell to the ground after being defeated by Jeff Daniels his archrival.


Ushiro: I'm not an idiot you are.


Jeff didn't seem to hear as he just started walking down the path and vanishing from sight. Ushiro got up and heard his stomach rumble.


Ushiro: I need to get some food.


He walked out of the forest and found a bar. He went in and sat down at the bar. After a few minutes a guy in his high 30s or low 40s came in and sat down beside Ushiro. He was wearing a jacket and black and white pants. He had brown colored hair.


???: Oh is this seat taking?!


Ushiro: No sir.


???: So are you a duelist.


Ushiro: Yeah I even went to Duel Academy graduated about a month ago.


???: So what is you name?


Ushiro: Ushiro Yokine sir. What's yours?


There was a long pause of silence.


???: Doesn't matter. Here have these they are no use to me.


Ushiro took two cards from the guy's hand. One was a powerful monster and the other was a fusion monster that needed four monsters to summon. He looked at the fusion material monsters. He oddly had all four of them.


Ushiro: Tha-


When he turned around the man was gone. He just ordered some food and ate. He went outside after he finished eating and saw his friend, Kristy Drake, came up.


Kristy: Hi Ushiro.


Ushiro: Hi. I was about to go on a walk. Wanna come?


Kristy: *nods* Sure.


They started walking down the street. They lived in the city of Kuwait, capital of the island, Raska. Raska was a big island with six major cities: Nike, Bres, Vul, Xase, Raska City, and of course Kuwait. Kuwait is where the leader, called Duelist Emperor Raska, lived. He lived on a big mountain overlooking the city. The current Duelist Emperor Raska real name was, Yuki Tyu. Ushiro has always dreamed of becoming a Duelist Emperor Raska.


Ushiro: Kristy?


Kristy: Yes?


Ushiro: Have you ever wondered if there would be big dreams for us in the future?


Kristy: Not really. Why?


Ushioro looked down at the ground.


Ushiro: No reason. Just wondering.


Kristy: Oh okay. Hey the Card Shop is open. Come on.


They went into the card shop and saw their good friend and owner of the Card Shop, Mr. Benson.


Ushiro: Hi Mr. Benson.


Mr. Benson: Ushiro, Kristy. Can I do anything for you.


The Card Shop was a place where duelists in Kuwait could buy either single cards or booster packs and special thing about the Card Shop everything is free. Ushiro looked at the ailes while Mr. Benson and Kristy talked. He always buy alot since everything was free. He picked up a few booster packs and walked up to Mr. Benson.


Ushiro: Mr. Benson, I would like these.


Mr. Benson took the packs and scanned them.


Mr. Benson: Here you go, Ushiro.


Ushiro: Any charge?


Kristy chuckled and Mr. Benson laughed.


Mr. Benson: Ushiro, you always ask that and the Card Shop is, and will always be free.


Ushiro: I know. Just messing around.


Then they heard people scream outside.


Mr. Benson: What the hell going on?


They went oustside and saw people running away from a dark cloud. The cloud was already covered half of the city and it kept going. A man came running across and Mr. Benson stopped him.


Mr. Benson: What's going on!


Man: Don't you see that cloud it is said to takeover the world in stories and stuff. But I didn't think it was real.


The man then kept running. Mr. Benson went the opposite direction. Kristy and Ushiro went with him. As they got deeper and deeper into the cloud they saw a giant castle like thing. It had a gate at the front and was dark and cloudy colored.


Ushiro: Now the question is. What's that?


Mr. Benson: I don't know we should go back and wait in the Card Shop.


They ran toward the Card Shop and waited there. About 3 hours later they went out and saw the dark cloud covered the city. Then they saw people running toward the mountain the Duelist Emperor Raska lived on. They followed them. When they got to the bottom of the mountain thy saw the Duelist Emperor Raska on the balcony of his castle. He was wearing a dark blue outfit and had green colored hair.


Duelist Emperor Raska: Now now people of Kuwait, please do not be afraid. This happened to my home town when I was little. It is evil duelists that are trying to takeover the earth. We will fight for our right. Now some of you might have seen that big castle in the middle of the storm, that is their kingdom.


Ushiro remembered the castle they saw. The people was whispering to each other. Ushiro saw the Duelist Emperor Raska go back inside.


Ushiro: Is it over?


Mr. Benson: Yeah come on.


Right then a explosion happened behind them. Every body started to run away as a dark evil looking duelist came out of the fire.


???: Now MOVE where I can kill the Duelist Emperor Raska.


Ushiro went up to him.


Ushiro: No way. you need to get past me first.


Kristy: Ushiro!


Mr. Benson held her back.


Mr. Benson: It is his fight. Ushiro, here.


Mr. Benson opened every pack Uhiro brought earlier and threw them to him. Ushiro caught them and put them in his deck.


Ushiro: Now up to it?


???: If that what takes me to get to the Duelist Emperor yes.


They got their decks ready and shuffled them.


???/Ushiro: Let's Duel!



Next episode - Duel with the Evil


Hope you like I'll have episode 2 out (MAYBE) tonight if not tonight then tomorrow hope you like

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orry for triple post but I'm won't post 2nd episode tonight cause I'm makng my booster with the cards the characters use in a few minutes so stay tuned in the Realistic Card Section (or however you spell it) cause it will feature cards used by Ushiro, Jeff, Kristy, etc.


EDIT: Added 2 new characters

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