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Skull Servant Swarm. I was thinking about Card of Safe Return and Opti-Camo for the deck, but can't think of what to take out for it.


Monsters: 22

[2]Ryu Kokki

[1]Vampire Lord

[3]King of Skull Servant

[3]Madame Wight**

[3]Skull Servant

[3]Zombie Master

[3]Pyramid Turtle

[2]Goblin Zombie

[1]Spirit Reaper

[1]Snipe Hunter


Spells: 11

[3]Book of Life

[2]Foolish Burial

[1]Monster Reborn

[1]Premature Burial

[1]Smashing Ground

[1]Lightning Vortex

[1]Heavy Storm

[1]Mystical Space Typhoon


Traps: 7

[3]Dark Bribe

[2]Solemn Judgment

[1]Torrential Tribute

[1]Mirror Force






[2]Deck Devastation Virus

[2]Crush Card Virus

[1]Solemn Judgment

[1]Giant Trunade

[1]Opti-Camouflage Armor ((Just because I'm wondering))

[2]Card of Safe Return ((Ditto))

[3]Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment

[1]Ryu Kokki

[2]Plague Wolf

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