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Normal Monster contest (DONE, PLEASE LOCK / MOVE!!!)


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OK, here's the thing...


You must create a NORMAL monster. Yes, NORMAL MONSTER. That's it. It doesn't matter what type, attribute, level or anything like that. And it has to be eye-catching, it has to be different, and is has to be cool. Give it a great description in its card text too!



1. It must be a NORMAL monster.

2. One card per person

3. The card can be from anywhere, but credit the site you got it from, if you remember.

4. NO spamming

5. All entries must be in by the 31st March 2008. I will judge them and pick a winner.


1ST PLACE = 3 reps

2ND PLACE = 2 reps

3RD PLACE = 1 rep


If you have any other questions or queries, feel free to pm me or ask.



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Pharoah.yugi, could you post your card as an IMG code please?


...coz my commie doesn't like loading stuff, and it takes, like, 5 mins to open a pic (and even when it did, for some reason, yours still wasnt there. sorry.)



until the image is in IMG code (or at least another suitible format), unfortunately, i cannot view it, so it cannot be entered. it would be a big waste of time if it just went to waste, so IMG it, ok???

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