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Custom YVD Sets


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Well didn't know where else to put this, so yeah, I know quite a few people on here know how to make custom sets but most people don't so this is for those who don't know. If you've ever wanted to put your cards to the test in a duel but don't know how to put your cards into YVD sets for importing then if you give me the cards by posting them on here then I will make the set for you. ^^

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if you didnt need money for YVD then i would have used it and did it on my own.

say what?? YVD is free

but you have to pay money to duel right? i heared that. but first 10 duels are free.

Of course not.

Download' date=' and YVD-ify. xD

Click me to download the set! ^.^



i downloaded it but it says missing files, what to do? helpers get rewarded.


anyway when i do get it i will make my Gryphons set avaliable on YVD ^_^.

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