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Image=7/10 i find it cool, but it is greatly overused.

Effect=6/10 nice idea, I can see where your coming from, but the OCG is a little off.

Name=5/10 the same old name as any other crystal beast. >.<

Uniqueness=7/10 I suppose it is pretty unique.

Overall=25/40 bang on average.

Lowdown of card: Looks nice, has a great flow to it but i have seen a replica (almost) of this card many times before; the same name, same image... I'm tired of it. Still effort and idea wise i give you top marks.

Keep up the good work. ^_^

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Interesting, but unoriginal. 6/10 It should read "Crystal Beast Diamond Wolf", not "Crystal beast diamond wolf".

P.S. Every time you type in Caps, God kills a puppy. For the sake of the puppies, turn off your caps lock! Oh, typing in all lower-case kills kittens, also.

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