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The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [OOC/Apps Closed for Finale]


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by Merciful Idiot

The Grand Crossover RP


The stars glinted through the darkness of space, displayed by a glass wall. A knight in red appeared to confront a young girl, who stood idly by the mechanical corridor. Although she didn't turn around, she already understood what kind of entity stood behind her. A Counter Guardian - defender of reality.

“There have been plenty of people like you in the past who’ve tried to accomplish the same thing." Emiya said confidently, carrying falchions in both hands. "Hitler. Thanos. Paradox. They’ve all failed. What makes you think you’re any different?"

“...it's simple." Tapping her spacial scythe against the glass a few times, her expression changed. The knight took a step back in uncertainty, gripping his blades tighter.
"You see, unlike those poor excuses of life, I've walked through the Pathway to Origin and bore witness its end. As it seems, my dream is noble enough for the Door to acknowledge. Can you believe that?"

Emiya took a step back in disbelief. Thoughts passed through his mind; namely, how was that even possible? But he wouldn't be getting his answer. Turning to face him, Isamy revealed a wide grin that looked unnatural on her otherwise-innocent face. "I think it's cute you've formed a team just for me, but my Divine will crush these Counter Corps of yours. At this point, I can no longer be stopped. I will find the Key, that Door will be opened, and I will rewrite the rules of this reality!"

"You think you're a hero. But to me, and to the multiverse, you're nothing but a monster."

Her heterchromatic eyes seemed glazed over, almost as though she were watching something else, dreaming of a faraway place. "Give up now while you still have the chance, Counter Guardian."

The knight remained silent for a moment.

"We can at least try."



~ YCM IC ~


~ New NCM IC ~

~ New NCM OOC ~

(NCM IC picks up directly after the end of YCM IC)


The multiverse isn't as it should be.

There are strange occurrences going on in the fabric of time and space.

Key items from universes, be they magical artifacts or advanced technological weapons, have suddenly vanished into thin air.

The forces of magic are acting unpredictably, time travel no longer brings individuals to where they wish to go, and teleportation has become impossible for reasons inexplicable. The beings that would normally come to the rescue, such as the Time Lords and Neighborhood Watch, are unable to interfere to a web of distortions surrounding reality.

Most importantly, events that should've happened have been distorted, altered into horrific, apocalyptic scenarios. Once a world falls into disarray, time itself starts collapsing around its universe.

The one responsible for this is a teal-haired time sorceress called Isamy Maximus, who has begun to tamper with time and space itself in search of a 'key' - the key to the "Door of Origin". When it is opened, it is said that the one who gains access to it shall be able to overwrite all of reality and shape it in their own image.

Only one being stands in her way. A Counter Guardian, whose sole duty is to function as a hero to save the multiverse whenever it is threatened. However, the threat that is present is a being beyond even their power alone.

That is why the Counter Guardian has traveled from universe to universe, recruiting the only individuals they're able to - people whose memories retain that of their original timelines. Entering a self-contained world so the time sorceress won't be able to find them, together they form the Counter Corps, a team whose goal is to secure the key, put an end to her schemes, and save the multiverse before it's too late.

However, Maximus has realized this, and has thus begun also collecting individuals from different worlds, luring them over to her side by promising them a chance to ‘rewrite the fate of their own universe' using the power of the Door, forming a team called the Divine.


Will you take up arms, and become the hero that saves the fate of your world?

Or will you seize this opportunity, and become the god that directs it?

When all of reality is at stake,
what path do you choose?



I. Need it even be said? All YCM RP Forum and Advanced Clause rules apply. As a reminder, remember to use four lines in every IC post.
II. You are not allowed to use an original character designed specifically for this RP. Otherwise, that kinda ruins the entire point of having a Grand Crossover Roleplay. Apologies~
III. You must use a character from one of the four following sources:

  • A roleplay – either from YCM or anywhere else. Original roleplays are allowed, of course. If the character doesn’t belong to you, ask for permission first.
  • A fanfiction – same as above.
  • A canon series. However, main characters are not allowed. That way, there’s no silly plot armor protecting them (come on, just accept my logic here~).
  • An alternate universe to a canon series. Main characters are allowed so long as they have a fair amount of differences from the original.
IV. There’s a maximum of four characters per person. They can be on any faction, as long as you don’t try to break the balance of the RP by shoving all four of your slots into one side~ I wouldn’t really like that.
V. If your character is overly powerful, or if you feel that your character’s strength isn’t on par with everyone else’s, feel free to modify their abilities to make it fairer. For example, if your character plays Yu-Gi-Oh!, they can be a summoner able to bring out Duel Spirits and support them with spells and traps. But if your character is a Saiyan, well...
VI. No godmodding or powerplaying without permission first, regardless of whether or not your character’s a god incarnate ^_^;
VII. Remember - the most important thing of all is to have fun!


[spoiler=RP Info]


(refer to the GCRP Arc Summaries for info on previous events)


This is for anyone who's confused about the plot, made simple;
You are a character. Your magic is acting strangely recently, and neither time travel nor teleportation works. But since there's no way to solve this problem, you continue on as normal. An important artifact, construction, or item also disappeared during this time. And not too long afterwards, due to an event - maybe the Big Bad's creation went out of control or maybe an asteroid hit the planet out of nowhere - the apocalypse is happening. The world is going down.
However, just as it's happening, you gain a second set of memories of a continuity without this whole apocalypse happening. This is the 'proper continuity' that was supposed to happen without interference.
Then all of a sudden, a figure appears before you (either Emiya Arthuria or Isamy Protheus), explains the situation, and asks you to join them for the sake of your universe. Obviously, you accept. If you did not, then you're probably dead, frozen by distortions, or something else horrible, sorry to say.
The Counter Corps currently reside within Unlimited Blade Works Camelot a massive spaceship called "And With Strange Aeons", waiting for Arthuria to prepare herself and gather up as many members as possible.
The Divine reside within a castle, pretty much just hanging around, waiting for Isamy to come to a decision and give them orders are currently residing within a giant, Hollow Asteroid with magic lights scattered around.

Pssshhht, remember to remove all in brackets.


[i]"A quote that defines your character[/i]."





[b]Appearance:[/b] (a paragraph or an image in spoilers)

[b]Origin:[/b] (Link to RP app, fanfic location, or wikia page)

[b]Biography:[/b] (If the bio is already filled out in the origin link, then just one paragraph explaining the character's recent history is enough. A minimum of three paragraphs if not)

[b]Personality:[/b] (One or two paragraphs is enough~)

[b]Faction:[/b] (Counter Corps/Divine?)

[b]Important Artifact Stolen:[/b] (An important, powerful artifact that disappeared from whatever universe this character belonged to. Should this character share a universe with another one, you don't have to fill this in.)
[b]Powers/Equipment:[/b] (all special powers and equipment the character possesses)

Accepted Characters (Counter Corps)

Accepted Characters (Divine/Other)

My Characters + Tier List

GCRP Arc Summaries (for catchup and reminders!)

There are tons of dead roleplays out there, but wouldn't it be cool if you could reuse those characters, the ones you poured your heart and soul into making? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could have them interact with characters from other roleplays? Wouldn't it be absolutely amazing to have them work alongside each other or battle against each other? There's so much potential to this concept.
This is an RP, or to be exact, a Grand Crossover RP. Created to achieve that simple purpose.

Hope you guys enjoy this ride~!
(Note: For any inquiries or comments, feel free to bring them up either here in the OOC or in the Skype group chat~)
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I'm highly interested in this RP.


And, if I am correct, I can use one of my own characters from a different RP? Like, for example, my Chronix or Dani from Aix's "A Certain Incredible Institute" RP?

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Counter Corps

 (Emiya has been replaced by Arthuria)


Itsu Fudo, "Blessed Mother of Hearth and Divine Sovereign of the Ryuusei Cluster" (YRPOtaku169 - Pure Edge - Yu-Gi-Oh! ALT) - turned into Thermopylae - turned into Izumi & Yuki - turned into T.E.S.


Alexander Abernathy, "The Unity of Dimensions" (Kingdom Xathers - Surinox Shard - Ratchet & Clank ALT) - defeated Arc IV Boss: Counter Guardian of War (1/2)


Matt Mercer, "The Assassin" (Chaos Sonic - Apple of Eden - Assassin's Creed: Generations)


Tyson 'Red Blaze' Hawks, "The Gunslinger" (Chaos Sonic - Six Ancient Gun-Tomes - Devil's Dance)


Naomi Tyler (Simdoggy - Kokuen Caladbolg - Blind Eyes: Academy)


Ayame (Simdoggy - Kokuen Caladbolg - Blind Eyes: Academy) - corrupted into joining the Divine - restored - reborn as Herald Apep


Sarah 'Lil' Miss Vulcan' Freon (Admiral_Stalfos19 - O'Riley's Book of Demons - Tierra del Diablo)


Schwartz Bruder (Enrise - Devil Gundam - G Gundam)


'Gin Furuwaka' (Jolta - Alicornus Dimensia, Mjolnir, Gudahuggaren, Excalibur, other Arcanite Relics - Nirvana)


Otto Penelope Joltingson (Jolta - Egg of the Guardian of Nature - Dragon Cave: The New Era)


Silver Yuja (~British Soul~ - Pokéball containing Celebi - PKMN: Tournament of Legends)


Quaranir (~Renegade~ - Eye of Magnus - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)


Lyon von Mira (Simdoggy - Feredir's Elven Bow - Legend Blood)


Ed Garith (Shotaro Ishinomori - Feredir's Elven Bow - Legend Blood)


Autumn Colwind (PikMan - Heart of Sky - Shards of Light)


Jeanne, "Pride of the Umbran Legacy" (Kingdom Xathers - Bayonetta & her Left Eye of the World - Bayonetta) - killed, but revived in Arc IV


Master Asia (Enrise - Devil Gundam - G Gundam)


Commander Cincinnatus 'Maverick' Foster (YRPOtaku169 - NWTDNS-NNC-0000 And With Strange Aeons - Yu-Gi-Oh! ALT)


Eria, "The Water Charmer" (Phantom Roxas - Ma'at - Duel Monsters)


Sora, Captain of the Royal Knights (Phantom Roxas - Kingdom Hearts - Organization XIII Club RPs) - turned into Xansvita by LERNA - restored back to normal


Jin Akatsuki (Yosuke-kun - Kokuen Caladbolg - Blind Eyes Academy)


Cody Renner, "The Weakest Character in the RP" (Yosuke-kun - Killing Pandemic Cure - Highschool of the Dead: DEAD Truth)


Nero, the Keyblade War Hero (Chaos Sonic - X-Blade - Kingdom Hearts: The Keyblade War) - ownership switched to Final Fantasy Revolution - turned into Ivero by Xansvita - ownership/status has been restored


Fenris (Kakkon_Wolf - Hawke & le Hero of Ferelden - Dragon Age II)


Adriel (TFfan1 - St. Peter's Key - Genesis 3:24)


Big Boing 'BB' (Broke N. - Ancient Mamono Slate - Zatch Bell)


Nate Kimblee, "The Mage of Stone" (EpicSTRIFE - The Tumor - Homestuck: Waking World, Dreaming Dead)


Zaraki Kenpachi (Hi I'm Dad - King's Key - Bleach ALT) - killed, but revived in Arc 3 - reborn as Finite - restored to normal


Yachiru Kusajishi (Hi I'm Dad - King's Key - Bleach ALT) - killed, but revived in Arc 3


Arthur Ancyl, "The Golden Wolf" (Phantom Roxas - Pandora's Box - Digimon: The Seven Demon Lords/Camp Half-Blood ALT) - formerly Divine - defeated Arc 3 Boss: The Madara


MachGaogamon (Phantom Roxas - Pandora's Box - Digimon: The Seven Demon Lords) - formerly Divine


Kuchiki Byakuya (Hi I'm Dad - King's Key - Bleach ALT) - reborn as a Herald of Order


Mr. Zurkon (Hi I'm Dad - Surinox Shard - Ratchet & Clank ALT)


Lydia Armstrong (BrokenHeart15 - The Dizaster9 - Dizaster9) - defeated Arc 2 Boss: L E R NA


Hibari Kyouya (Malignant - Vongola Rings - Reborn!)


John Jay Jackson, "The Gentleman" (Tophat Tiger - Pendant of Power - Various RPs)


Emporio Ivankov (Broke N. - Luffy's Straw Hat - One Piece)


Kratos (Hi I'm Dad - Zeus's Eagle - God of War)


Nix (StealthyTyranitar - Ray Sphere - inFamous 2)


Toph Bei Fong (StealthyTyranitar - Moon Fish - Avatar: The Legend of Aang)


Otto Skorzeny, former Schutzstaffel Obersturmbannführer of the Einhundertfünfzig Panzer-Brigade (YRPOtaku169 - N/A - World War II)


Chandra Nalaar (Simdoggy - Voltaic Key - The Purifying Fire: A Planeswalker Novel)


Clerano Arvent (Satsui no Hadou - Planetary-Regulating Stone Spire - Shadronus Zeravo)


Blaze Firasto (Satsui no Hadou - ??? - Megaman ZX ALT)


Ratchet (Kingdom Xathers - Chronoscepter and Surinox Shard - Ratchet & Clank ALT)


Aesir (Admiral_Stalfos19 - Kuro no Tsurugi - Densetsu Kuro no Tsurugi (Legend of the Black Sword)


Predaking (Mugendramon - Predacon Remains - Transformers Prime) - ownership switched to Hi I'm Dad


Sharon Caile OR 'Necra' (encapturer - Ignis's Birth Cauldron - Thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death)


Tsunugai Tamashi (Muten Roshi - Heart Amulet - Paladins of Emeralda) - formerly Divine


Richard Mason (Muten Roshi - Failsafe Ruby - Legend Moon) - formerly Divine


Maxwell (Muten Roshi - 4-Star Dragon Ball - Dragon Ball AF ALT)


Kurai (Muten Roshi - 4-Star Dragon Ball - Dragon Ball AF ALT)


Kazuya, "Champion of Balance" (Ain - Angel's Ring & Devil's Ring - Shin Megami Tensei)


Matthew Supplex (Final Fantasy Revolution - Last Remnant of Cellulite - Final Fantasy: Cellulite Chronicles) - formerly Divine


Izumi Demeter Fudo (YRPOtaku169 - Pure Edge - Yu-Gi-Oh! Return of the Arcadia Movement) - fused with Yuki to create T.E.S.


Yuki Kiryu Fudo (YRPOtaku169 - Pure Edge - Yu-Gi-Oh! Return of the Arcadia Movement) - fused with Izumi to create T.E.S.


Professor Frankram Stein (BrokenHeart15 - The Holy Mother - Magician's Academy) - formerly Divine


Alister Azimuth, "The Fallen Saviour of the Lombaxes" (Kingdom Xathers - Chronoscepter - Ratchet & Clank ALT) - formerly Divine


Takuto Tsunashi, "The Ginga Bishounen" (Chaos Sonic - Wako Agemaki the Southern Shrine Maiden - Star Driver)


Tsukasa Kayoda, "The Passing By Kamen Rider" (Chaos Sonic - ? ? ? - Kamen Rider Decade)


Revy Two Hands (Hi I'm Dad - Balilika's Service Badge - Black Lagoon)


Gon Freecs (Shotaro D. Gar - Zoldyck Family Heirloom - Hunter x Hunter)


Atsuko Fudo, "The Heiress of Orichalcos" (YRPOtaku169 - Soul of "Magnum Opum Knight - Rubedo the Holon" - Yu-Gi-Oh! Return of the Orichalcos) - ownership switched to Kingdom Xathers


Elsa, "The Snow Queen" (Shotaro D. Gar - Royal Tiara, Scepter & Globus Cruciger of Arendelle - Frozen)


Reimu Hakurei, "The Eternal Shrine Maiden" (Ain - Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb - Touhou)


Hapshiel, "The Evangelist" (Broke N. - The Holy Mother - Magician's Academy) - formerly Other


Kazuya Minegishi, Abel (Ain - Demon Summoning Server - Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor)


Tenco, Tenshi Hinanawi, "The Successor of the Heavenly Mandate" (Ain - N/A - Tenshi no Tabi: Grand Sky and Blue Gradation) - formerly Other


Sesshomaru (Final Fantasy Revolution - Shikon Jewel - Inuyasha)


Kamikirimusi (Draconus297 - Soul Edge - Soul Calibur IV)


Arlene Shemlock (Final Fantasy Revolution - Interdimensional Portal Activation Device - War of Darkness)


Bayonetta (Kingdom Xathers - herself & her Left Eye of the World - Bayonetta)


Kairi (Phantom Roxas - Kingdom Hearts - Organization XIII Club RPs)


Zeta (F r e y - Super Daedalus Sphere - Clockwork Souls)


Theovak (Dwarven King - Black Sphere: Negativity - Heaven S Soul Sagas Legacy)


Neos Rivetter (Tayla Lider - Jace Beleren - The Great Roleplay Experiment)


Red, "The Arisen" (Broke. N - Dark Gems - Spyro) - formerly Divine



Hey Enrise!

But of course, that's the entire point of this RP's creation~ ^_^

In fact, I'd rather you use a character from an RP than use any canon character.

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But of course, that's the entire point of this RP's creation~ ^_^ In fact, I'd rather you use a character from an RP than use any canon character.


You just made me....


... a happy RPer.


Enrise uses Fake Tears!

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This seems really interesting! Though It sorta sucks that I haven't been on the board long enough to have much knowledge of the old RPs... 


I'm definitely interested in joining, but I will probably take a while to get my app up. 

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Let the fun begin!

I intend for my character to have a familiar. That counts as one character, right?


I intend for the relics lost in my character's universe to be numerous relics. Is that fine? Also, one of my character's harem members weapons are included in these relics.


Time to dig some RPs up!

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Well I'm obviously gonna reserve a place for Lerna. I think you of all people will be familiar with her MI ;)

There's another character I want to run as well. I remember participating in a western RP that Kyng hosted which involved a group of cowboys fighting off demons at night. I gotta go find said RP though; not only to boost my memory of how I ran the character I did, but also to find myself a suitable artefact.


*flogs a shovel and starts digging*

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This seems interesting, I think I might drag Lyon across from Legend Blood/Legend Moon and have him join in the fun here. And so as not to show favouritism for one side, I might bring along one of the Trix as well for the bad guys. I might make bring back another of my old characters as well, but I'm yet to decide on who to if I do. Now all I need is a powerful artefact from Legend Blood to have stolen.

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The Divine

 (Isamy has been replaced by Protheus)

Darcy (Simdoggy - Dragon's Flame - Winx Club)


Dorian von Schroeder & Butler (BailasGale - Number 66: Master Key Beetle - Yu-Gi-Oh! Hearts of Darkness) - Dorian died and became Bennu Dorian, Butler fused with Ragnarok


Kobalt Swift (~Renegade~ - The Pact of Old - Dragon Cave: The New Era)


Judaihime Yuki, Princess of Academia (YRPOtaku169 - Dark Scepter of Haou - Yu-Gi-Oh! ALT)


Kiotso Senju (Final Fantasy Revolution - Ultimatrix - Ben 10: Unity of the Universe)


'Sayer', "Sinister Prophet" (KingdomHeartsKeeper - Soul of "Magnum Opum Knight - Rubedo the Holon" - Yu-Gi-Oh! Return of the Orichalcos) - turned into Kyros


Kozaky (~Renegade~ - Ma'at - Duel Monsters) - ownership switched to Yosuke-kun


Melvin (YRPOtaku169 - Dubbing & International Broadcasting Rights to Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL - Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series)


Bane (PikMan - Fusion Reactor - The Dark Knight Rises)


Sephiroth (HollowXcross - Jenova's Head - Final Fantasy VII) - ownership switched to Final Fantasy Revolution


Xeta (PikMan - DM Core - Kirbey: Machina Star)


Mammon, Personification of Greed (TFfan1 - N/A - The Seven Princes)


Oracle, "The Last Precursor" (EpicSTRIFE - Eco Power Sphere - Jak 3)


Ferruccio Scevola, "The Inventor" (EpicSTRIFE - Apple of Eden - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood ALT)


Shiraga Murasakime, "The Purple Jedi" (EpicSTRIFE - Book of the Law - Toaru Majutsu no Idex: A Certain Incredible Institute)


Sheibra Avalon (H.N. Elly - Jubey - Puella Magi Yuki Magica)


Ragnarok (BailasGale - Black Crown and Himself - Soul Eater) - fused with Butler to create Butler-Ragnarok


BlackWarGreymon (BailasGale - Destiny Stone - Digimon Adventure 02)


???, "The Renegade Joker" (F r e y - Soul Gem - Jokers Underground) - turned into Titanomachia by LERNA


ADR-01ii: Jeri Type (BrokenHeart15 - D-Reaper Base Program - Digimon Tamers)


Shinka Kuroki, Avatar of Azazoth (Jolta - Kamijou Touma & his Imagine Breaker - A Certain Incredible Institute)


Nescham, AKA Boke (Barian Warlord - Lucas's Medallion - Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Trinity)


Ayame Kaguya (Simdoggy - Kokuen Caladbolg - Ayame) - restored back to normal Ayame


Grimlock (StealthyTyranitar - AllSpark - Transformers: Fall of Cybertron)


Ice King, "Simon Petrikov" (StealthyTyranitar - The Enchiridon & Marceline - Adventure Time)


Wyvern Rhadamanthys, "The Celestial Fierce Star" (BailasGale - Hades' God Cloth - Saint Seiya)


Bennu Dorian, "The Celestial Violent Star" (BailasGale - Hades' God Cloth - Saint Seiya/Dorian von Schroeder)


Xansvita, L E R N A's Familiar (Phantom Roxas - N/A - Sora & Vanitas) - formerly Other - restored back to Sora


Butler-Ragnarok, "Kishin" (BailasGale - N/A - Butler & Ragnarok)


Tenshi Hinanai, "The Girl of the Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception" (Ain - Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb - Touhou)


Albert Wesker (Tsuki ni Mau Majin: Ni - Advanced 'Las Plagas' Virus Sample - Resident Evil)


Gyokuen Ren (BailasGale - Black Rukh Furnace - Magi)


Chardonnay LeBlanc (YRPOtaku169 - N/A - Yu-Gi-Oh! The 2nd WRGP) - ownership switched to Merciful Idiot


Yakumo Yukari, "Great Youkai of Boundaries" (Ain - Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb ALT - Touhou ALT)


Koishi Komeiji, "The No-one's Rose" (Ain - Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb ALT - Touhou ALT) - defeated Arc IV Boss: Counter Guardian of War (2/2)


"E" (Draconus297 - AEGIS - The Troop Agency)


Vorahk, the Rahkshi of Hunger (Draconus297 - Infected Mask of Shielding - Bionicle)


Jonathan, "Final Fantasy Revolution" (Final Fantasy Revolution - Blue Ink Pen & Small Notebook - YCM: The Roleplay)


Jace Beleren (Tayla Lider - himself - Agents of Artifice: A Planeswalker Novel) - reborn as Metarchus


Doraga (Dwarven King - Hogyoku - Bleach: All-Out War | Arrancar vs Shinigami vs Vizards)


Cally (Dwarven King - Black Sphere: Negativity - Heaven S Soul Sagas Legacy)


Brian (Dwarven King - Black Sphere: Negativity - Heaven S Soul Sagas Legacy)


Pandora Maximus-Atlas (YRPOtaku169 - N/A - Yu-Gi-Oh! Return of the Orichalcos)


Yami Marrek (Yamisyaoran - Necklace of KIOM - FurAffinity)


Tesability Black (Tayla Lider - Floppy Disk containing Nemesis the Seed of Evil - The NetMonster World) - killed/ported to another RP







L E R N A, "The Witch of Infinite Possibilities" (Admiral_Stalfos19 - Jubey - Puella Magi Yuki Magica) - ownership switched to Merciful Idiot


Mephala, Spider God (~Renegade~ - N/A - Elder Scrolls)


Sheogorath, God of Madness (Enrise - ??? - Elder Scrolls)


Thermopylae, L E R N A's Familiar (YRPOtaku169 - N/A - Itsu Fudo) - split into Izumi and Yuki


Titanomachia, L E R N A's Familiar (F r e y - N/A - Renegade Joker)


Shadronus Zeravo, "Shadow Zero" (Satsui no Hadou - N/A - The YCM War! Glitch's Plot)


Sykes Huegares (Final Fantasy Revolution - King's Key - Bleach: The Call of the Shinigami)


Madara Uchiha, "The God of Shinobi" (Hi I'm Dad - Forbidden Scroll - Naruto: Shippuden) - formerly Divine - ownership switched to Merciful Idiot


'Cerebrum', "Dealer of Despair" (F r e y - N/A - Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou)


Ivero, Xansvita's Familiar (Final Fantasy Revolution - N/A - Nero) - restored back to Nero


Azumi Tsuchito (Admiral_Stalfos19 - Sinatra City Spy Satellite - Rouge Syndicate I) - formerly Divine


Jecht (HollowXcross - Fahrenheit Airship - Final Fantasy X) - ownership switched to KingdomHeartsKeeper - switched to Admiral_Stalfos19 - formerly Divine


Riley Simmons (Admiral_Stalfos19 - Codac R9000 - Fallout: Vault X) - formerly Divine


"The Jaws of Hell" (Admiral_Stalfos19 - Sinatra City Spy Satellite - Rouge Syndicate I)


Gemini Rivetter, "The Roleplay's Demon" (Talim Rave - Jace Beleren - Neos)


T.E.S., "The Extinguished Sun" (YRPOtaku169 - N/A - Izumi & Yuki) - formerly Counter Corps - fo̢rm̷e͡r̛ly̷ e̕x͡i͝s̵ted̡




Byakuya, "Guide of Origin" (Hi I'm Dad - N/A - Kuchiki Byakuya) - formerly Counter Corps - formerly Divine


Metarchus, "God of the Mind" (Tayla Lider - N/A - Jace Beleren) - formerly Divine - restored to normal


Apep, "The Demon of Chaos" (Simdoggy - N/A - Ayame Kaguya) - formerly Counter Corps - restored to normal


Finite, "The Greatest Herald" (Hi I'm Dad - N/A - Zaraki Kenpachi) - formerly Counter Corps - restored to normal










Well I'm obviously gonna reserve a place for Lerna. I think you of all people will be familiar with her MI ;)


There's another character I want to run as well. I remember participating in a western RP that Kyng hosted which involved a group of cowboys fighting off demons at night. I gotta go find said RP though; not only to boost my memory of how I ran the character I did, but also to find myself a suitable artefact.




*flogs a shovel and starts digging*


Is it Tierra del Diablo? The wonders of Google~


And, Lerna...?




Wait, THAT Lerna? Holy dear god.


@@Jolta: Yep, it should stay as one character~

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You know that one moment where you have like... 5+ good characters you want to choose from, but you have to leave one out because of the limit?


Yup. Welcome to our dilemma guys.


My options:

A Certain Incredible Institute - [Chronix and Dani]: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/303708-a-certain-incredible-institute-oocsa/?p=6229465

The Beginning of Light and Darkness - [Lex "Enrise" Nightblade]: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/284794-the-beginning-of-light-and-darkness-na-atmstartedpg-13/?p=5959826

Kuro no Tsurugi (Pitch-Black Sword) - [Kozah Vulon and Miekka Tuulta): http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/284276-kuro-no-tsurugi-pitch-black-sword-another-original-rp-by-kiopg-13-not-accepting/

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I'll just try to keep track of which characters I need to make apps here


Alhena and Propus - Kuro no Tsurugi - http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/284276-kuro-no-tsurugi-pitch-black-sword-another-original-rp-by-kiopg-13-not-accepting/


Otto - Dragon Cave: A New Era - http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/284165-dragon-cave-the-new-era-pg-13oocnot-startedacceptingspike-is-co-host/page-2


Gin and Tamae- Nirvana - http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/283606-nirvana-pg-13startedalways-accepting/


I'm thinking of one more, preferably a villain if I manage to find any. As a last resort, I'll just dump Megatron in there from Pokeformers. Or one of my old Ben 10 RP villains.

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Isamy Maximus, "The Herald of Chaos and Entropy" (The Divine - ???)]

[spoiler=For our happily ever after.]















"I lost my humanity long ago. Now, all I can do is move forward. I'll defy the state of this reality and change it into where no one has to suffer anymore."


Username: Kirei Kotomine


Name: Isamy Maximus, "The Herald of Chaos and Entropy"


Age: 108


Gender: Female







Origin: ???



Many years ago, Isamy Maximus was born out of an unintentional fusion between two teenage girls by the names of Isabella and Ameliorer due to an anomaly in time and space. The former had been an Egyptian slave, and the latter a psychic orphan. Both of them have stories of their own, but by now, they have become irrelevant. While the full circumstances of this fusion still remain uncertain to Isamy, there were two factors playing into it.


The first factor was that they were both the adopted daughters of an immortal time traveler. The second factor was that their so-called immortal father died one day. Somehow, his death sparked these two girls separated by time to merge into one being, and through this she also inherited his immortality as a being that could only be classified as an "Omni" - a being that was supposed to last for trillions upon trillions of years, outlasting gods and universes alike. Indeed, the event of his death in the first place was never meant to be possible.


She was eventually drawn into a mysterious laboratory wherein she learned the truth about her fate. She was to be the successor of the title "Herald of Darkness", an entity whose sole mission was to bring judgment upon the multiverse. Yet, she had no idea how to go about accomplishing this. In a confused state, searching for a purpose, she traveled the multiverse. During this time, she almost encountered her father a few times (time shenanigans), but since there can only be one Omni in existence at a time, it never happened. No matter how hard she tried, it was impossible to break the barrier the prevented her from meeting him. However, she did meet many individuals who had met him, much to her frustration.


Continuing to travel through the multiverse, she decided one day that she would use her powers... to become a superhero. Having learned about the state of various world, she started actively participating in their conflicts. It began by interfering with simple crime, saving the lives of innocents here and their, but her actions quickly escalated to the point that she was involving herself in galactic wars and impossible battles. To end as many wars and save as many lives as possible. Her presence alone was enough to defeat entire armies, no matter how advanced they were, simply because of her amazing powers and immortality.


At first, she would be revered as a goddess. After some time, she would come to be seen as a witch or demon. It didn't matter to her, as long as people were saved.


Due to her psychic proficiency as an Empath, she was capable of personally tuning in to the negative feelings surrounding her. surrounding her. Experiencing the suffering of worlds this way, she learned that so many people held onto a concept of 'happiness', always dreaming of a better future, yet she also learned that there had to be a balance between good and evil. The more a particular person enjoyed life, the more another would suffer for it. Even within utopian worlds, there were suffering. War everywhere.


It was during this time that she remembered a mansion her father used to take her to. After years of chasing leads, she decided to go there. To her surprise, it was in ruins, and she had to go back twenty-three hundred thousand years until it reached the state she was familiar with. And it was by trespassing on his study that she discovered a certain "Door of Origin", something capable of recreating all reality... For decades, it stayed at the back of her mind, never considered to be an option.


And yet, gradually, the line between hero and villain that was once so clear eroded away. No matter how hard she tried to help people, things would constantly end in disaster. It didn't matter what she did. Some claimed that they simply didn't have the resources, but even after she gave them access to interplanetary technologies and allowed them to farm uninhabited planets for potentially unlimited resources, they still devolved back into war in a cycle that would only repeat itself.


Desperate to find a solution, Isamy Maximus drew inspiration from a certain Lelouch vi Brittania for her 'final plan'. She remodelled herself into the Herald of Chaos and Entropy, the ultimate villain that would give all the surrounding worlds a reason to unite together. A cause to fight for.


But even that failed.


By trying to tip the balance in one way, it ended up dropping in the other.


In the end, she concluded that reality had rules. And the Door was the only way to break these rules, this balance, this unstoppable negativity. With its powers, she eventually decided that she would destroy the whole concept of tragedy, and ensure that everyone lived happily ever after.


~ ~ ~

One thing leading to another, she took her father's notes on with her, following each lead and instructions. Finally, she found the Pathway to Origin, and managed to power her way towards the Door. Sacrificing everything in the process.


There was only one problem. When she finally reached the end, she didn't have the Key. Her father's notes had ended at the Pathway, so there was no way for her to find it now. Not only that, but she was trapped at the end of the Path.


Isamy was just about ready to give up, when a dark voice addressed her. Suddenly re-energized, she managed to find a solution to her problem.


~ ~ ~


Isamy embarked on a mission to find the Key, creating apocalyptic scenarios on many worlds, stealing legendary artifacts from various universes no matter the size, and tearing apart the foundations of reality in a search for it. Messing up time and space, breaking fragile balances and creating distortions within universes. In direct contrast to her past as a hero, the omniverse was being wrecked by the destruction that built up over ten years.


Right when she was close to finding it, the Throne of Heroes summoned a Counter Guardian in response to her actions... But she was ready. She was more than ready for Emiya.


That was the beginning of the Origin War.





Personality: Isamy's exterior persona portrays her as a rather quiet and mysterious person. But in truth, after having spent several years without talking to anyone, she has become somewhat awkward about social interaction. Having become a little shy when interacting with others, perhaps even detached, not really sure what to say.


Isamy must act to not display weakness to the more villainous members, but she does care about the Divine as a whole. She's more than capable of empathizing with the people she talks to - occasionally showing compassion, presenting valuable knowledge, or offering to help Divine with personal issues when given the opportunity. 



However, despite this compassion, Isamy has detached herself from this reality. Although the nightmarish horrors she witnesses throughout her search affected her badly at first, constant exposure to them has depersonalized herself to her own actions. She doesn't consider any of the death or suffering she 'causes' to be real, believing that all of it can be fixed with the Door of Origin; because of that, it is perfectly acceptable to take extreme action.


Hence, should anyone threaten her mission, she lets herself explode in a childish fit of anger - entering a psychotic mode in which she's more than willing to do whatever it takes. Should this ever happen to you, dear reader... Don't count on surviving.



Faction: The Divine


Important Artifact Stolen: Why... why would she steal from herself?



Immortality - She is incapable of the concept of death, and possesses unlimited stamina (though she can still get mentally tired). Her soul is contained deep within the Shadow Realm, hidden as time, making her a sort of lich. If any of her limps are cut off, they will regenerate, as will any superficial damage to her body. Also, her senses have disappeared over time, making her unable to feel, taste, smell, or experience pain. There are very few ways to disable her.


Enhanced Powers - She has enhanced strength and quick reaction timing that allows her to keep up with any swordsman, although she can't control her own running yet. Even so, due to having messed up time and space so much, all these distortions have wrapped around her to the point of condensing around her and bringing her strength up to ridiculous levels.


Psychic Powers - Being psychic, she possesses levitation, telekinesis, telepathy, and a sixth sense that allows her to detect nearby opponents. Due to distortions, these abilities have been heightened greatly.


Shadow Powers - She's able to perform simple dark spells and draw upon infinite energy to expand this up to astronomical levels. She can also create Shadow Games should the situation call for it, trapping others with her until one of them won, though that would be unnecessary.


Distortion Powers - Maximizing her use of distortions, she is capable of ripping a fabric in space and time, allowing her to destroy or wipe entire worlds from existence. Normally, she will only use it to create vortexes that can transport her to any world and any time, bypassing spacetime, although both of these take some time to generate and are thus impractical in combat, as well as dangerous.


Time Sense - As an Omni, her lifeline is a constant and attached to a superior dimension of time. Hence, when time fluctuates or changes, she is capable of sensing the change. For example, if she's standing in Grand Castle, and someone goes back in time to prevent anyone from ever constructing the Grand Castle, she will still remember it even after it disappears. This also applies to retcons and OOC interactions, incidentally enough, so she is even vaguely aware of the fourth wall.



Dark-matter clothing - While not 'dark matter' in the scientific sense, they are dark matter in that while they share the exact same properties as normal matter, possessing the same attributes as normal cotton, they shouldn't exist. Due to this anomaly, they are indestructible and unaffected by entropy. Her cloak and stockings act as armor to defend from any potential attack. This means that a sword cannot penetrate through her no matter how sharp it is,and it can also shield against magical spells, although blunt attacks may still inflict damage.


Tabris - a scythe made from 'dark matter', acts as her primary weapon. It possesses the same properties as mythril, allowing her to cut through even spirits and magical barriers, although its sharpness is average. Apart from that, it acts just like a normal scythe, and its ferocity comes from the strength of the hands that use it due to its indestructible nature.







Emiya, "The Counter Guardian of Iron" (Counter Corps - Fate)

[spoiler=A thousand blades.]



"It can't be helped. If you wish to save your precious world, then lend me the strength of your blade!"


Username: Kirei Kotomine




Age: Inapplicable


Gender: Inapplicable, but fundamentally male







[spoiler=Arc 2 Appearance:]





Origin: Fate (alternate)


Biography: The conceptualized existence of a man who spent his entire life as a personifier of justice. When faced with a disaster that could not be solved with his powers alone, he made a contract with the Omniverse, selling "self after death" to it in compensation for a miracle. As a result, after death, he was thus employed by the Omniverse's Throne of Heroes as a kind of Counter Guardian, whose mission is to save it whenever it is threatened by a force.


Over the course of the multiverse's history, he has appeared numerous times to prevent events that would otherwise cause its state to change. Some of these times include facing an overpowered Thanos in combat, participating in the Paradox Wars, and convincing an alternate Haruhi Suzumiya to calm down. Due to the complexity of the threats that tend to threaten reality, he is summoned with his consciousness and given all necessary information on the current situation, giving him the job of solving the problem with his own power.


Hence why he has been summoned to stop Isamy's quest to open the legendary "Door to Origin". To achieve this goal, he has formed the Counter Corps from the survivors of her mission.


Personality: His personality is very contradicted. While he is thoroughly cynical and nihilistic, he is at the same time devoted and protective, and even a little childish to the point that it makes him hard to hate. He means well and is capable of being nice, but often ends up being sarcastic, especially so when he gives advice. Despite this, he is very well capable of being a leader due to his experiences.


Faction: Counter Corps


Important Artifact Stolen: Vacation time N/A



Holy Shroud - Emiya wears an overcoat that is a first-rate conceptual armament made from the holy shroud of a saint. It does not oppose enemies, but rather the external environment, allowing him to maintain his abilities and prowess no matter what the environment is, whether it's in the Antarctic or in space.



Reinforcement - A magecraft that requires pushing a basis to the utmost, by pouring prana into it. Success requires a good grasp of the inner structure to fill openings with prana. Results include increasing the sharpness of a knife, the nourishment of food, or in the case of a living creature, physical strength and durability.


Projection - The weapons that he uses are manufactured by a magecraft called Projection. Both the swords in his hands and the swords he creates by means of a skill are imitations analyzed and reproduced from the basic structure of the originals, which is why they'll disappear shortly after use. It's easier for him to project swords than it is to project anything else due to his origin being 'Sword', but he is capable of producing just about anything he sees with his own two eyes, as long as he can comprehend its structure.


His favored swords to summon are dual blades called Kanshou and Bakuya, and he is also capable of projecting the ultimate shield Rho Aias.


Unlimited Blade Works - The true source of his magecraft, and his only true ability. It's a Reality Marble that embodies the mental world of the caster and, when used with a chant, is able to bring everyone near him into this separate dimension. It includes “all the elements necessary for construction”, and all weapons he sees are copied instantly and stored into this Reality Marble, as long as he understands it. At this point, there must be hundreds of thousands of weapons, but if brought outside of the world, they'll quickly disappear due to being mere imitations.


While in this world, his abilities are greatly enhanced and he can freely deploy weapons at will.


As a Counter Guardian, he is capable of keeping this mental world active within him, able to have it function as a sort of base for the Counter Corps. He has also reproduced various things such as accurate copies of their housings, in order to keep them more comfortable.







Arthuria, "The Counter Guardian of War" (Counter Corps - Garden of Avalon) - turned into Arturia Pendragon

[spoiler=This kingdom shall not fall.]



"In war, there is no prize. It is impossible to achieve victory without having others suffer. That's something I shall never forget."


Username: Merciful Idiot




Age: Inapplicable


Gender: Inapplicable







[spoiler=Arc IV Appearance:]





Origin: Fate (alternate)




The conceptualized existence of the being who would be forever remembered by the world as the legendary King Arthur. As he lay dying after the Battle of Camlann, having suffered a fatal wound, he regretted the many deeds he had done up until that point. He had sacrificed his life to become the perfect king that Britain needed. However, due to his inability to understand those that served under him, he had been betrayed by his most loyal knight and his kingdom ultimately broke apart.


Wishing to change this fate, the dying Arthuria made a contract with the Omniverse, selling his "self after death" to it in exchange for the Holy Grail, an object that can grant his wish. Because of this, he was summoned time and time again in different times, fighting on and on. No matter who stood in his way, he charged onward with his ideals held firm, and yet, he couldn't succeed. Each time, he would fail somehow, and this frustrated him.


That was why, when he finally had the opportunity, he ended up sacrificing his horrible master to a villain in exchange for a corrupted Holy Grail. It granted his wish of redoing his life and having someone else be chosen as king instead (believing that someone else could have done a better job than he), rewriting all of history in the process...but at what cost?


The corruption quickly caught up with time, and the new king - while originally benevolent and intelligent, if only a little selfish - suddenly became tyrannical. He led his forces out for conquest, not hesitating to kill women or children, and caused far more death than Arthuria ever did.


By the time Arthuria finally decided to confront the king in an attempt to make things right again and set history on its correct course, even after he successfully killed the man, it was too late. The damage had been done. Whether it was because he hadn't waited for a pure Holy Grail to grant his wish, or because there truly was nobody who could do a better job than he as King Arthur, he had failed.


Britain became no more, and in a distant future with its absence in leading the Industrial Revolution and establishing a network over the world, Earth ended up being destroyed in a nuclear World War between Europe and Asia.


After death, Arthuria was thus employed by the Throne of Heroes as a kind of Counter Guardian, whose mission is to save it whenever it is threatened by a force. But he was never able to use this power to save his own world.


Over the course of the multiverse's history, he has appeared numerous times whenever very specific and dangerous events threaten to tear it apart. Some examples are when he prevents the High Council of the Time Lords from executing the Final Sanction, intervenes when an utterly insane Madoka with insurmountable karma attempts to make a wish, and stops the formation of any dark variation of Gurren Lagann. While he is normally summoned each and every time with nothing but cold logic, lacking, any remorse, this is the first time he has been summoned with his consciousness intact.


Brought forth in order to replace Emiya, due to his greater experience in leading others towards victory, Arthuria is now expected to lead the Counter Corps. He has a mission; to stop Isamy from opening the Door and save the omniverse...


However, had the Throne of Heroes been capable of understanding the mindset of people, perhaps it might have reconsidered its choice.




Personality: A determined, if somewhat bitter warrior, Arthuria is no longer the crowning example of chivalry that the legend of King Arthur foretold of. Warm yet cold, understanding yet distant, his inner thoughts are difficult to decipher. While he still has a sense of honor, he will abandon it if it means that victory can be achieved, since he no longer values his own ideals as highly.


Faction: Counter Corps


Important Artifact Stolen: N/A



Factor of the Dragon: Being part-dragon, he is always generating a lot of prana, and thus is mostly unaffected by flames and magical attacks.


Prana Manipulation: His body and armor and completely composed out of prana, allowing him to manipulate, or materialize energy directly around him. With this, he is able to regenerate from any sustained damage, and is even capable of forming objects with properties.


Prana Burst: As he possesses an ridiculously enormous amount of magical energy, he is able to increase the performance of an object, such as a weapon or body, by infusing it with prana before bursting it outwards in an instant. Due to this, each of his blows are almost unstoppable, equivalent to being hit by a jet plane.


Invisible Air: A spell left by Merlin, who was himself taught by the King of the Wind Fairies. It takes the form of a bounded field around his body, as multiple layers of high-pressured wind, even able to distort the refraction of light and render things invisible. But in most cases, he will either use it to boost his speed, to burst at others like bullets, or to expand around the area and become a hurricane, giving him an advantage in combat.



Clarent - Knight Sword of Order: A broad, two-handed ceremonial blade originally used for knighting others, Arthuria has since removed all the pointless decorations. It is powered by his strength of will, and at the height of his determination has the ability to cut through virtually anything.







Arturia Pendragon, "The E'er-Dreaming King" (Counter Corps - Garden of Avalon)

[spoiler=Victory at any cost.]





Protheus Maximus, "The Herald of Darkness" (The Divine - Yu-Gi-Oh! Return of the Earthbound Immortals)

[spoiler=Everlasting eternity.]



"Didn't you know? Sometimes order can turn out to be a coincidental chaos, and sometimes chaos can turn out to be a highly complex order...


All my life, the 'chaos' I perceived was false all along. Now, it is leading towards one result... And even if I have to use that Door of Origin, I will NOT let that happen!"

Username: Merciful Idiot


Name: Protheus Maximus


Age: 10,000+


Gender: Male







Origin: ???


Biography: (If the bio is already filled out in the origin link, then just one paragraph explaining the char's recent history is enough. A minimum of three paragraphs if not)


Personality: Originally started off as your typical ALL-MUST-DIE I-AM-SUPREME kind of person, but over thousands of years traversing the multiverse, his perception of reality and his sense of self has somewhat changed. He tends to be sarcastic and is easily annoyed, though he can be impressed by others here and then.


More important, he's cunning, ruthless, and merciless, especially now that his fate is on the line. He's fighting so that he can change his own fate with the Door of Origin's power, because after all these years of immortality, 'death' to him remains as mysterious as it is for anyone else - and due to that, he won't let anyone stand in his way. No matter who or what it is.


Faction: The Divine, having replaced his daughter


Important Artifact Stolen: N/A



Immortality - He is incapable of the concept of death, and possesses unlimited stamina (though he can still get mentally tired). His soul is contained deep within a dark, hidden away realm, making him a sort of lich. If any of his limps are cut off, they will regenerate, as will any superficial damage dealt to his body. Also, his senses have disappeared wholly over time, making him unable to feel, taste, smell, or experience pain. There are very few ways to disable him.


Enhanced Powers - He has enhanced strength and quick reaction timing that allows him to keep up with any swordsman, along with the self-control and instinct built up over thousands of years to direct all this power.


Shadow Powers - Mastery over dark spells and techniques over a long period of time, with plenty of experience in this area. Amongst other things, he can generate and bend dark energy, exert minor mind control on others, and most of all, 'summon' the spirits of Duel Monster cards in his possession into physical form to make them do his bidding.


He is also capable of summoning physical Duel Monsters and creating Shadow Games should the situation call for it, trapping others with him until one of them wins in either a straight-out battle or some other method, ensuring a direct confrontation, though it puts him at a disadvantage too.


Arcane Manipulation - After thousands of years of experience as well as warped research, his understanding of the way the multiverse functions has expanded so that he knows the principle behind mana, or ki, or chi, etc. itself, allowing him to create, manipulate, and redirect forms of magic that he's familiar with. Think of it this way. He comprehends how mana for every main series character works and is able to use that against them, but it is harder when that character happens to belong to an unfamiliar, original world. And of course, needless to say, the stronger the intensity or the more alien an opponent's spell is, the harder it is to override their control.


Time Sense - As an Omni, his lifeline is a constant and attached to a superior dimension of time. Hence, when time fluctuates or changes, he is capable of sensing the change. For example, if he's standing in a hypothetical land called Grand Castle, and someone goes back in time to prevent anyone from ever constructing that Grand Castle, he will still remember it even after it disappears. This also applies to retcons and OOC interactions, incidentally enough, and after all this time, he has become somewhat aware of the fourth wall and the people behind it...somewhat.



Impure Future - A dark katana forged from crystallized time, it reverses cause and effect whenever used. To put it simply, when swung, its effect will appear in the past, and then Impure Future will move in order to create the action that caused it to happen.


For example, if he tries to slice a block of ice, the block will end up sliced by itself first, and then his blade will be swung downwards accordingly so that it happens. But if he tries to swing and it fails, such as being blocked by another sword, the clang from his own sword will be an effect that goes to the past, coming from an alternate future that will notify Protheus about his attack being blocked.


Only the Impure Future sword itself can be affected by alternate futures which never really occurred, whereas effects that appear on other objects (like a sliced object) are irreversible.


Note that this isn't actually time travel, but the reversal of cause and effect itself put into practical application.


As long as the possibility exists that a 'cause' can form an 'effect' to go back in time before the 'cause', Impure Future will function. Therefore, if it were to come into contact with a weapon such as Pure Edge, which negates that possibility, then...well, a horrible, horrible paradox would occur.



Duel Monster Cards - A deck of Duel Monster cards, pertaining to an exclusive archetype only solely by Protheus, the Dark Ones[. Each card contains the spirit of a Dark One, and there are twenty-four all in all from Alpha to Omega, along with transformations and subtypes (Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum). His ultimate trump card is "The Twilight One", a unique Exalted Monster in the form of a divine phoenix.


Apart from that, he possesses four Charmer cards from the Duel Monsters card game to boost his own Arcane Manipulation over the four most prominent elements - fire, water, wind, and earth - though, since Protheus himself has an affinity to Water to begin with, Eria the Water Charmer is used the least.







Ophelia, "Administrator of the Maximus Labs" (Neutral? - One Piece/Ar Tonelico ALT)

[spoiler=My Herald, the one true Herald...]





"...You still fail to understand the machinations of the things happening around you. But that's okay. Though you are fated to die at some point in your life, I'm sure you will figure it out sooner or later... Minerva."

Username: Merciful Idiot


Name: Ophelia (true name unknown)


Age: Unknown


Gender: Female







Origin: [REDACTED]




Once upon a time, there was a little adventurous girl, living on an island secluded from the outside world, an island that dedicated itself to researching a long-since-forgotten history by deciphering the unknown glyphs around them. At one point in time, she found a strange-looking fruit lying around, before taking a bite out of the thing - but little did she know that it was a Devil Fruit, and it granted her a miraculous power. It made her life somewhat worse as she drew scorn from those around her, however, she continued to try and live her life in peace.


Then came...


...the screaming.


Though she never knew what, her people had done something wrong. Something very, very wrong. It was because of that that they all had to be destroyed. Ten colossal battleships at the coast, as tall as towers and as long as bridges, fired upon them without reason or mercy. It came so suddenly. Everything was burning, everyone was burning, and it was hell. Hell beyond words. Her island, her peaceful sanctuary and life, all of it destroyed. The very land was sinking. Then she was drowning. She couldn't swim, or rather, it was more like she was incapable of swimming due to the curse of the Devil Fruit. Beneath the waters, the fire and the screaming had stopped.


She did not quite remember what happened afterwards. Only that she had been, somehow, 'retrieved'. Retrieved and made to work for the very authorities whom had extinguished her homeland without so much as a warning.


Made to help find others, others whom had committed similar crimes. She had to wear a wooden mask, white suit, and robe, and once she found these 'others', she was to alert the higher-ups to their presence and watch from afar as yet another fleet of huge battleships came.


This merciless, brutal carnage was called a 'Buster Call', as she later learned, and the ones she worked for were called the World Government. A force which controlled the world and asserted its authority whenever possible. And in some cases cases, whenever a certain civilization of sorts threatened this authority - even if they didn't realize it themselves - everyone involved would have to be exterminated in the clearest, most brutal form of destruction possible.


She called herself scum, and secretly she was afraid of them. They called her perfect, but secretly they were afraid of her as well.


She was neither alive nor dead. She just existed, without a purpose. But although she did nothing but exist, although her whole life had been destroyed along with that island, one day they came to her and said that she 'knew too much'.


Then they opted to dispose of her by drowning her. Again, she could not swim. She could not save herself, nor she did she have a reason to. She sunk down into the deepest parts of the water, and the pressure was beginning to crush her, her blood even attracting a kind of shark.


But... That was when he came across and rescued her. Proteus, the Old Man of the Ocean. Or, as he would identify himself, 'Protheus Maximus'.


He decided to save her her on nothing more than a whim, but still, the chance encounter was engraved upon her heart. With what little technology he had with him at the time, he managed to keep her from dying by using Ar Ciel technology, turning her into a cyborg-like Reyvateil Origin and naming her 'Ophelia'. Taking her with him towards a place called the Maximus Labs, she soon became identified as Experiment 09 and understood that she wasn't capable of ever leaving the place since the SH Server it generated was the sole thing keeping her alive.


As it grew and more and more experiments were being created or brought in, Protheus's thirst for knowledge never sating, she decided to help him out, acting as his assistant. Working for him was different from working for the World Government. Whereas the latter was a faceless conglomeration of people, the former was a whimsical scientist-sorcerer who did whatever he pleased. It was this nature of his that ultimately captivated her.


Eventually, Ophelia was appointed at the Administrator of the Maximus Laboratory...





Personality: Ophelia is a cold, analytical being who acts mostly upon reason, although she is not without her occasional dry jokes at times. It may seem to others that she doesn't possess emotions due to the way she acts, but in truth, it's only because of the fact that she considers herself 'a tool to be used' that she has numbed her own ability to show them. Her sole drive is to serve and execute the will of her master, Lord Maximus, for to her, it is the only thing she has left in this otherwise pitiful existence that she's had to live.


Faction: Neutral?


Powers/Equipment: [REDACTED]





~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[spoiler=Arc I Tier List]



~Character Status/Tier List~

Bottom Tier

Counter Corps:

Cody Renner - presumably killed by void creatures

Lower-Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Arthur Ancyl

Matt Mercer - presumably consumed by void creatures


Big Boing 'BB' - quit



Frankram Stein

Judaihime Yuki (tier may vary)


Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Silver Yuja (tier may vary)

Commander Foster

Alexander Abernathy

Gin Furuwuka (has a Top Tier transformation) - presumably consumed by void creatures

Otto Penelope Joltingson - presumably consumed by void creatures

Tyson 'Red Blaze' Hawks - presumably consumed by void creatures

Adriel - presumably consumed by void creatures

Nate Kimblee - presumably consumed by void creatures

Autumn Colwind - presumably consumed by void creatures

Quaranir - presumably consumed by void creatures


Kozaky (tier may vary)

Dorian von Schroeder & Butler (tier may vary)

Sayer (has a Top Tier transformation)

Riley Simmons

Alister Azimuth

Bane - killed by Kuchiki Byakuya

Xeta - very likely consumed by void creatures

Mammon - presumably consumed by void creatures

Kobalt Swift


Upper-Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Itsu Fudo

Ed Garith

Lyon von Mira


MachGaogamon (has a Top Tier transformation)

Sarah Freon (has a Top Tier transformation)


Yachiru Kusajishi

Naomi Taylor





Kiotso Senju


Top Tier

Counter Corps:


Zaraki Kenpachi

Jin Akatsuki - unknown causes

Kuchiki Byakuya - left for dead by Jecht










[spoiler=Arc 2 Tier List]




~Character Status/Tier List~

Bottom Tier

Divine: Azumi Tsuchito (has a Top Tier mech)


Lower-Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Arthur Ancyl


Melvin - killed by Thermopylae

Frankram Stein

Judaihime Yuki (tier may vary) - sacrificed self to cast De-Fusion upon Thermopylae


Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Commander Foster


Emporio Ivankov

John Jay Jackson - presumably perished sometime in the desert

Lydia Armstrong


Dorian von Schroeder (tier may vary) - perished against LERNA

Sayer (has a Top Tier transformation)

Riley Simmon

Shinka Kuroki (has a Boss Tier transformation) - presumably perished sometime in the desert

Sheibra Avalon - presumably died

Matthew Supplex


Upper-Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Itsu Fudo - became LERNA's familiar, Thermoyplae

Ed Garith

Lyon von Mira - killed by LERNA


MachGaogamon (has a Top Tier transformation)

Sarah Freon (has a Top Tier transformation)

Jeanne - overexerted self against LERNA

Yachiru Kusajishi - killed by the Renegade Joker

Naomi Taylor - killed by Ayame

Ayame - consumed by corruption and became Ayame Kaguya

Hibari Kyouya - accidentally frozen to death by Kiotso



Kiotso Senju - killed by Sora

Tsugunai Tamashī

Richard Mason (has a Top Tier transformation)

Nescham - presumably perished in the desert

ADR-01ii: Jeri Type - killed by Lydia's hope wave

Ayame Kaguya


Top Tier

Counter Corps:

Sora - became LERNA's familiar, Xansvita

Zaraki Kenpachi - killed by the Renegade Joker



Renegade Joker - became LERNA's familiar, Titanomachia


BlackWarGreymon - sacrificed self against LERNA


Thermopylae - defused by Judaihime into Izumi and Yuki

Titanomachia - killed by Eria's summoned Obelisk




L E R N A, the Witch of Infinite Possibilities - killed by Lydia's wave of pure hope




[spoiler=Arc 3 Tier List]



~Character Status/Tier List~



Bottom Tier

Counter Corps:

Black Dynamite - sacrificed to Papa Legba (NPC)


Lower-Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Arthur Ancyl

Sharon Caile/Necra - presumably perished on the surface of the Sphere Forest

Toph Bei Fong - presumably perished on the surface of the Sphere Forest



Frankram Stein


Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Commander Foster

Eria (has Top Tier summons)

Lydia Armstrong

Emporio Ivankov

Mr. Zurkon

Yuki Fudo

Clerano Arvent - taken into another dimension by Shradonus

Kazuya (varies depending on summons)

Aesir (has a Top Tier summon)


Riley Simmons

Matthew Supplex - killed by Nero's Darkness (NPC)

Ice King - presumably perished on the surface of the Sphere Forest

Upper-Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Ed Garith

Nero - became Xansvita's familiar, Ivero

MachGaogamon (has a Top Tier transformation)

Sarah Freon (has a Top Tier transformation)

Tsugunai Tamashī

Richard Mason (has a Top Tier transformation)

Nix - presumably perished on the surface of the Sphere Forest

Izumi Fudo

Blaze Firasto - taken into another dimension by Shradonus

Chandra Nalaar

Kurai (has a Top Tier transformation)



Ayame Kaguya (is Top Tier within reality marble)

Sayer (has a Top Tier transformation)

Bennu Dorian


Grimlock - presumably perished on the surface of the Sphere Forest

Otto Skorzeny (has a Top Tier summon)

Tenshi Hinanai


Top Tier

Counter Corps: 


Predaking - sacrificed himself

Maxwell (has Upper-Top and Boss Tier transformations)





Xansvita - annihilated by the Inch of Will's railgun, as fired by Foster

Wyvern Radamanthys

Kuchiki Byakuya - mercy-killed by Kratos after Quincy NPC injury


Uchiha Madara - booted off into the sun by Isamy

Sykes Huegares



Shadronus Zeravo




The Madara - ultimately slain by Arthur in his Ultimate Form, even after casting Infinite Tsukuyomi





[spoiler=Arc IV Tier List]



~Character Status/Tier List~


Bottom Tier


Yami Marrek - presumably perished during one of the three Pathways


Lower-Mid Tier

Counter Corps:


Mr. Zurkon

Takuto Tsunashi (has a Top Tier transformation)

Revy Two Hands




Final Fantasy Revolution - presumably died during one of the three Pathways


Jace Beleren


Azumi Tsuchito


Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Arthur Ancyl (has Upper-Mid and Top Tier transformations)

Alexander Abernathy

Alister Azimuth

Commander Foster

Eria (has Top Tier summons)

Matthew Supplex - ran out of energy and disappeared

Arlene Shemlock - presumably perished during the Pathway to Truth

Gon Freecs

Reimu Hakurei

Kazuya Minegishi/Abel (has summons of varying tiers)


Kairi (has Upper-Mid and Top Tier transformations)


Bennu Dorian




Tesability Black


Riley Simmons


Upper-Mid Tier

Counter Corps:

Ed Garith

MachGaogamon (has a Top Tier transformation)

Tsugunai Tamashī

Chandra Nalaar


The Extinguished Sun

Yachiru Kusajishi

Richard Mason (has a Top Tier transformation)

Tsukasa Kayoda

Atsuko Fudo



Killua Zoldyck

Sora (has a Top Tier transformation)

Neos Rivetter

Zeta - presumably perished during one of the three Pathways


Darcy (has a Top Tier transformation)

Sayer (has a Top Tier transformation)

Red (has a Top Tier transformation)

Tenshi Hinanai

Gyoukuen Ren

Albert Wesker

Yakumo Koishi (has a Top Tier power thing)

Pandora Maximus



Top Tier

Counter Corps: 



Zaraki Kenpachi


Lydia Armstrong (formerly Mid Tier pre-Avalon)




Sephiroth - killed by Zaraki Kenpachi


Wyvern Radamanthys



Sykes Huegares - killed by Zaraki Kenpachi


The Jaws of Hell


Final Boss 

O???????D ???????L





~ ~ ~




Also, I've made some kind of list on the classes of entities. You guys might be interested. Note that this isn't a tier list.

[spoiler=Classes of Entities]

Class 0 Entity: An entity who lacks a fundamental part of what it means to be an entity, usually having to supplement it with something else such as darkness or willpower.

Examples include ghosts, Heartless, Nobodies, Hollows, PMMM Witches, and possibly Digimon.

Character examples include Admiral's LERNA, Broken's Jeri Type, and BailasGale's BlackWarGreymon.

(If sufficiently advanced enough to be counted as having a soul, a robot may also be placed here)


Class 1 Entity:: A normal, complete entity.

Examples include us humans, just about every other normal living thing like animals and aliens, even things that are presumed mindless like the Zerg, and things that look to defy common sense like Kryptonians.

Character examples include TFF's Foster, Admiral's Riley, FFR's Matthew, and Broken's Kozaky.

(And no matter how far technology advances, a cyborg will always be in this class since they're fundamentally 'normal')

(Vampires and zombies go either here or in Class 2, depending on whether the cause is scientific or supernatural in nature)


Class 2 Entity: An entity who is complete and yet has other parts attached to his/her being, usually either psionic or magical powers.

Examples include magicians, psychics, magical creatures, Protoss, Saiyans, etc.

Character examples include Phantom Roxas's Eria, TFF's Judaihime, King II's Sayer, and Simdoggy's Lyon.

(Be careful not to mistake these with technologically-advanced Class 1 Entities)


Class 3 Entity: An entity who is beyond complete, existing alongside the laws of physics instead of abiding by it, usually spiritual or spacial-based and possessing multiple forms of existence.

Examples include Shinigami, Shinigami, Jokers, FSN Servants, the Avatar, etc.

Character examples include Mr. Zurkon's Kenpachi, Seraph's Renegade, TFF's Itsu, Warlord's Nescham, and my own Emiya.

(It's easy to mistake these with Class 0 Entities. To solve this, ask yourself 'can this entity live out a Class 1 life without any notable problems?'. If yes, then they're here. If not, then they're lacking something, and thus go in the Class 0 category)


Class 4 Entity: An entity whose existence surpasses the concept of an 'entity', usually divine and lacking a physical form, though it can make one if need be.

Examples include the Daedric Princes and just about every other god out there that isn't a lower-class entity pretending to be cool.

Character examples include Renegade's Mephala, Enrise's Sheogorath well, Jolta's Shinka has the potential.

(If an entity can be killed by an ordinary sword, then it does not belong here)







You know that one moment where you have like... 5+ good characters you want to choose from, but you have to leave one out because of the limit?


Yup. Welcome to our dilemma guys.


My options:

A Certain Incredible Institute - [Chronix and Dani]: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/303708-a-certain-incredible-institute-oocsa/?p=6229465

The Beginning of Light and Darkness - [Lex "Enrise" Nightblade]: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/284794-the-beginning-of-light-and-darkness-na-atmstartedpg-13/?p=5959826

Kuro no Tsurugi (Pitch-Black Sword) - [Kozah Vulon and Miekka Tuulta): http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/284276-kuro-no-tsurugi-pitch-black-sword-another-original-rp-by-kiopg-13-not-accepting/


Yeah, you're gonna have to exclude one. Sorry about that~ well, choose four, then fill in the app. If I let too many characters run amock, the RP might spiral out of control.


I'm thinking of one more, preferably a villain if I manage to find any. As a last resort, I'll just dump Megatron in there from Pokeformers. Or one of my old Ben 10 RP villains.


You've made plenty of good villains in the past, Victa~~~

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Yeah, you're gonna have to exclude one. Sorry about that~ well, choose four, then fill in the app. If I let too many characters run amock, the RP might spiral out of control.


One does not simply choose four.


This is gonna be hard.

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"Completely crushing your enemy is a lot more satisfying than just killing them."

Username: Simdoggy

Name: Darcy

Age: 22

Gender: Female



Origin: http://winx.wikia.com/wiki/Darcy

Biography: At the end of the most recent season, Darcy ended up getting separated from her sisters as the three of them were forced away from Tritannus. After waking up, she saw what appeared to be a metallic-haired witch offering her a chance to rule over as many universes as she wanted and obtain more power, giving her part of the Dragon's Flame to boost her powers and keep her loyal to the witch who calls herself Isamy. Since then, she's wandered through the universe with her current master, wondering what Isamy intends to do once she manages to access the Origin.


Personality: Like her two sisters, Darcy demonstrates a sadistic personality. She is seen laughing after turning Mirta into a pumpkin, and happily pummels Bloom before taking her powers. She also shares their lust for power. At the same time, she is the one most likely to fall in love with a boy. In season one, she seemed genuinely attracted to Riven even while she was manipulating him. To date, she has only shown one moment of compassion, when she expressed concern for Riven's safety. She is less aggressive than Icy and Stormy, but is the most cunning. Darcy is the middle sister of The Trix.


She had huge dislike of Tritannus ever since they first met. She was the one to convince Stormy to leave him and one to try to convince Icy to do the same. This also shows that she is very manipulative. She does miss her sisters, but is determined to make the most of what's happening and wants to see if she can find a way to reunite with them when Isamy enters the Origin.

Faction: The Divine

Important Artifact Stolen: The Dragon's Flame, not quite an artefact but a power that was trapped inside an artefact of some sort and stolen from the universe.


Powers/Equipment: Darkness based magic, mostly using darkness based attacks as well as some hypnosis and illusion abilities and several dark spells. She can also project an astral form of her body out, and use that to fight while her real body meditates to keep control over the astral projection. She has the ability to allow her astral body to deal physical damage, but rarely bothers since she's usually fighting with her powers through the body anyway. She has access to the extra powers she had when she controlled part of the Dragon's Flame originally, as well as her Dark Sirenix powers, but only uses the Dark Sirenix form when she needs to move through water, preferring to wear her original outfit instead.


First Character done, I'll probably do any others tomorrow.

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"I have to get that book back. For Terry... for O'Riley... for everyone."

Username: Admiral_Stalfos19
Name: Sarah "Lil' Miss Vulcan" Freon
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sarah stands at 5' 4", and has a Bust-Waist-Hip ratio of 29-23-25, suggesting an athletic yet build. Her eyes are normally bright pink, but they're known to suddenly change to blood red when she's angry, although how her eyes manage to do this is unknown to most people. It's probably thanks to her body housing the spirit of Ifrit, which she was stuck with since she was a child. Sarah also has demonic runes on her back and arms that look as though they could be birthmarks. These demonic runes immediately glow red when she's casting a spell, and emit smoke if she's expending too much of her mana reserves. When she becomes a Fire Golem, Sarah begins to grow a fiery cape and horns, and grows from her normal height to a whopping 8' 5", and grows vastly stockier to boot! Assuming one can get a measuring tape around her immolated body three times without it burning to a crisp, it would read 100-83-91 as her new Bust-Waist-Hip ratio.

Origin: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/256989-%E2%98%A0tierra-del-diablo%E2%98%A0-an-original-rp/
Biography: A human-turned sorceress who has the ability to control fire, and has joined The Lost Ones in an effort to combat the demons that ran amok in Thorndale. Sarah Freon was only 5 years old at the time when Ifrit had came to her house on the 30th day of October, 1901, intent on cleansing the town in fire. While Sarah had ran to the safety of her mother, her father had grabbed a large double-bladed axe, setting off to drive the demon away from the family. However, his bravery wasn't without its costs. Although the man had managed to slam the axe into Ifrit's heart, the being still had enough strength left in it to impale Sarah's father in retaliation, before casting a spell on Sarah herself. This spell allowed Ifrit's spirit to live on inside Sarah, instead of returning to hell as a defeated demon. Neither Sarah nor her mother would've known that until the 11th day of April, 1906, where they got into a heated argument and Sarah snapped, accidentally letting loose her powers and engulfing her mother in the inferno. Sarah was too paralysed by what she'd done to save her beloved mother, but vowed never to use such powers again.


On the 30th day of October, 1917 however, that vow had to be broken. Jack-O-Lantern was wreaking havoc that night, and Sarah intended to be the first of the Lost Ones to initiate combat with the pumpkin-headed demon. But she had teleported too far, and as a result, she had to make do with saving the lives of a couple of innocent farmers, whose pumpkins were beginning to transform into warriors that would do Jack-O-Lantern's bidding. The other Lost Ones managed to kill said demon before Sarah returned from there. The following night, however, gave Sarah a chance to fight off a demon of her own. It was a full night that night, and Leviathan was waiting for that full moon as a precaution, before making a decisive strike. Leviathan intended to fight Sarah one on one; that way, she wouldn't be able to beat him even if she transformed to make herself stronger, and from there he would, or so he believed, walk right over the rest of The Lost Ones. What Leviathan failed to take into account, however, was that Sarah was acting as a decoy the whole time, while Terry Johnson, one of The Lost Ones, fired a titanium arrow at Leviathan's brain. Although the arrow didn't deal much damage to Leviathan on impact, despite being drenched in holy water, it was also drenched in gasoline, and with Sarah having become a Fire Golem during the fight, all she had to do was punch the arrow in deeper, and it would explode, turning Leviathan's brain into a gooey pink mulch.


It was after the battle, however, that Sarah's life was in danger. She had been poisoned by the holy water that the arrow was drenched in, although she hadn't realized it until a dark voice had told her so. Thankfully she was cured, but having that voice in the back of her mind urged her to hunt through O'Riley's Book of Demons, looking for the page that contained Leviathan. Sarah made her way to the basement of the local bar, where The Lost Ones usually conducted their meetings, and where Terry kept the book. Finding the book was easy enough, but it mysteriously vanished before Sarah could even flick through the pages. Panicking, Sarah wrote a quick note to Terry:




I don't know what happened to the Book of Demons. I've looked everywhere for it, but I can't find it anywhere! Someone must've stole it, and I'm gonna track the bastard down. Hopefully I'll be back with the book before the next demon tries to attack.




With that, Sarah took off in search for the Book of Demons, travelling throughout the multiverse in the process.

Personality: Put simply, Sarah is an alcoholic. Whenever she's in a bar, she'll always go straight for a high proof bottle and try to down the whole thing. Thanks to years of binge drinking, Sarah has built up a natural resistance to alcohol, much more than her frame suggests. But no matter how hard she tries, or much she drinks for that matter, she still can't forget the one memory that's been haunting her for all the years she spent walking the earth; her own mother being burnt alive by her hands. On top of that, there's the sudden disappearance of O'Riley's Book of Demons, once again of which Sarah feels as though she's only got herself to blame for. This is understandable, considering Sarah was the last one to handle the book before it up and vanished. But considering how she's handling this whole mess... it's a wonder she hasn't decided to commit suicide. Nonetheless, Sarah remains determined to get the book and return it to The Lost Ones so they can finish off the demons running amok in Thorndale. Sarah tends to have rather colorful language from time to time. This is especially evident when she's angry or drunk, or a combination of the two. Speaking of anger, Sarah is relatively easy to provoke, especially when met with a sharp tongue. The general populace at Thorndale had learnt to fear an enraged Sarah, as this is the point where her powers begin to activate, whether she's aware of it or otherwise. This may or may not lead to a few... casualties along the way.

Faction: Counter Corps
Important Artefact Stolen: O'Riley's Book of Demons
Powers: Sarah has the ability to create and manipulate fire, an ability that she has gained thanks entirely to Ifrit. Here's just a small list of spells:


Demonic Runes: The Demonic Runes on her back and arms aren't just there to look cool; they also actually help Sarah keep track of her mana reserves, as she casts the spells she learnt whilst housing the spirit of Ifrit. As a side effect of wielding these runes and housing the spirit of Ifrit, Sarah is literally poisoned by holy water, and must drink a potion made of demon blood to cure this poison. Thankfully she remembers the recipe to said potion, otherwise she'd be screwed further down the track.

Flame Thrower: Sarah thrusts her palm at an enemy, and a jet of flame shoots out of it.

Infernal Nova: A circular flare emanates from Sarah, scorching anything in its path.

Meteor Storm: Large, immolated boulders descend rapidly from the sky, crushing anyone whose unable to evade them.

Telekinesis: Useful for getting around now that Sarah has practically lost her ability to teleport. Now she just casts this on herself, where it acts as a source of levitation and from there allows her to travel quickly. However, Sarah can also cast her telekinesis on objects that are too far away to reach, or on enemies to push them back.

Transform Into Fire Golem: Gathering all her rage and hatred, Sarah physically grows, and her entire body bursts into flame. Sarah is slower in this form and not as light on her feet, but not only does she have a stronger physical prowess, but her spells are also vastly more powerful. She transforms back into a human after the battle she transformed in is over, and depending on the damage she sustained, she can be left rather weak at the end of it.

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"Completely crushing your enemy is a lot more satisfying than just killing them."





Accepted~ it doesn't mention anything about the plot, but then again, that's probably my fault.


I've edited the main post to include the RP Info, for anyone who's confused about their character's situation ^_^




GCRP Arc Summaries



[spoiler=Arc 1: The Shadow Realm]



Page 4 - 13




Emiya, having decided that the Counter Corps' current strength is enough to make them survive, informs everyone of what they're about to do and gives them "+5 Sanity" rings that can stave off the darkness, before transporting them all into the Shadow Realm. Their goal is simple; to reach a certain castle, find the soul of the lich Isamy, and destroy it.



There, the warriors from different worlds form groups before splitting up to approach the Castle of Necrophades separately. But the void creatures that inhabit the realm are restless, and other, mysterious enemies also stand in their way...



~ ~ ~



The Divine find out that Isamy - whilst trying her best to act as a cool, collected leader - isn't quite the cool, collected immortal sorceress they expected her to be. Nevertheless, she has Viligance inform everyone of their one task; to defend the Castle of Necrophades, and to crush the Counter Corps. After casting a spell that allows them to bend void creatures to their will, she sends them there.



However, the Divine aren't quite a stable team, and traitors are rife. Not only that, but the Counter Corps seem very well capable of holding their own...








The Counter Corps ultimately discover - upon breaking into a secret room on the fourth floor of the castle - that not only is Isamy's soul not there, but that they'll never find it since it's made of time! Realizing the hopeless mission they'd gone on, Emiya has them hastily retreat into Unlimited Blade Works just as a past version of Isamy destroys the world. Although he'd been partly corrupted by the realm's darkness, he manages to succeed.


Now, the team must recuperate from their losses, and rethink their approach...



~ ~ ~



The Divine's mission is impeded as a much more dangerous, past version of Isamy shows up in the Shadow Realm due to an automated time-altering spell the Corps accidentally triggered. Realizing both the danger and the team's own incompetence, her servant Viligance forcefully teleports them back to base before they can continue.


No matter. There's another place where they shall be put to use.





~ ~ ~



The Castle of Necrophades (Maps)

[spoiler=Floor 1]




[spoiler=Floor 2]




[spoiler=Floor 3]




[spoiler=Floor 4]








[spoiler=Arc 2: The Desert Seth]



Page 17 - 35





Emiya, though having been corrupted by the shadows, remains strong and gives the Counter Corps red cloaks to prepare them for the next place they plan on heading; a miniature dimension called the Desert Seth. There, they must secure the artifact that's supposedly the 'map' to the Key of Origin, and use it to outrace the Divine.



But as they arrive, they are scattered throughout the desert due to a mysterious anomaly in time and space. Lost in a world of intense heat with relentless monsters and little to no communication, it won't be easy to find the Pyramid of the Chaos Barrier.



However, something even worse lies in wait for them...


~ ~ ~



While a certain new member openly confronts Isamy's competence, others - most notably Sephiroth - are aware of her true power after what she did in the previous world. Viligance informs them of their task to defend a mysterious orb-like artifact inside a pyramid, but leaves out crucial information about its purpose. After a spell is cast that would regulate their body temperature in the intense heat and help bend sand creatures to their will, they are sent to the Desert Seth.



As they arrive, they are scattered throughout the desert due to a mysterious anomaly in time and space, but are luckily contacted and given information about the situation by Viligance's servant, who appears to be surveying the area from the air. Still, it won't be easy to accomplish their given tasks.



After all, unbeknownst to them all, the cause for the spacial anomaly remains. And it is very much alive...











When the warriors were closing in on the orb's position, a mysterious being calling herself 'LERNA, the Witch of Infinite Possibilities' suddenly came out of nowhere and stole the orb. She captured Viligance's servant Wynnda, and copied her psychic powers in order to broadcast a 'request' to everyone in the area, requesting for a Class 3 Entity that could unlock the secrets of the orb, and allow her to ultimately reach the Door of Origin, which she would use to bring everlasting despair upon all existence.



Her presence caused the Desert Seth to collapse unto itself, forcing everyone to retreat into her barrier world of bizarre physics, at which point they discovered she was a supermassive, monstrous hydra lacking any humanity whatsoever. A huge, epic battle ensued against the Witch and her powerful familiars - with three of their own joining her - in a bid to gain the orb artifact, and during the process, there were those that were killed, those that sacrificed themselves, those pushed themselves to their very limits, and many temporary alliances were forged between the two factions against her.



Despite all this, it seemed like it was hopeless... up until a magical girl by the name of Lydia overturned the battle with the power of hope and defeated LERNA once and for all!



But unbeknownst to the Counter Corps, Emiya had succumbed to his corruption, becoming a mindless void creature. He was quickly killed, and in the aftermath of the Witch's defeat, the multiverse summoned another Counter Guardian to replace him - a young man identifying himself as Arthuria, former king of Britain.



Viligance appeared at around the same time and offered a ceasefire, which Arthuria reluctantly accepted.



Then, standing on opposite sides, they opened up portals to the bases of their respective factions and allowed whomever wished to join them to pass through.







~ ~ ~



Desert Seth (Map)

[spoiler=Desert Seth]

Not pictured: scorching heat, sand dunes, sand monsters, space bending in on itself, random stray sandstorms, random purple panel-clouds, and LERNA










[spoiler=Arc 3: The Sphere Forest of the Periphery]



Page 42 - 63




The new leader, Arthuria, hasn't been very great in explaining the plot to the newest recruits, but nevertheless, he provides each of the Counter Corps with Communication Stones so that they'd be able to talk to each other at their next destination; a rogue, forested planetoid with unusual properties called the Sphere Forest of the Periphery. The Key of Origin resides here somewhere.



Arriving on the night side, the forest is filled with anomalies and mysteries, with no sign of any monsters anywhere. Arthuria is issuing instructions to the Corps, hoping to find clues as to the location of the Key, only to be suddenly cut off.



Somehow, nothing is as it seems...



~ ~ ~



The Divine are becoming more and more suspicious of Isamy, and whether they should trust her or not, especially when they've been ordered to be nothing more than 'distractions' for the Corps while she searches for the Key herself. It's almost as if she doesn't even see them as real people.



They appear on the day side of the Sphere Forest, and shortly afterwards, a gigantic beam of blue light shot into the sky. Isamy having suddenly experienced an alternate future, she'd quickly acted to change it by kicking the one responsible (Uchiha Madara) into the sun.



Then, monsters and opponents are suddenly being pulled out from their homeworlds by a mysterious force, aimed specifically at the weaknesses of each fighter. They will have to fight hard in order to survive.



At around the same time, Isamy's servant Viligance is seemingly to play a move that will forever cripple the Corps, though he may have ulterior motives...



~ ~ ~


And unbeknownst to them all, a third party is working behind the background, very much determined to oppose both sides and achieve its ultimate goal...







As the Counter Corps search for the Key, they soon find themselves beset by the same kind of force that threatens the Divine on the other side, and they struggle to be able to outmatch or make allies with their opponents. Not only that, but select members of both sides are being dragged deep into a colosseum and being forced to fight each other. Though it only gets worse, as it turns out that the whole thing was a setup by a woman called Ophelia, who had reached the Sphere Forest beforehand and modified it into a trap, in order to defend the Key of Origin that lies at the core...



As her trap starts to work, with the planetoid going up in flames and forcing all the warriors to go deep into the ground, they are aided by the "Inch of Will" spaceship which helps ease the journey. However, on the way there, they encounter the last remnant of LERNA - Xansvita, her last familiar who has just transformed into a massive, five-headed Warlock, determined to destroy them all.



But, just as they defeat him using the all-powerful railguns of the Inch of Will, Arthuria reveals that Camelot has been infiltrated by the man responsible for all this, Protheus Maximus, who is attempting to reemerge into this timeline, and he is using all of his strength to hold the man back.


Forced to leave their leader behind as they advance onwards into the Inner Periphery, a pocket dimension lying at the very core, they have no idea that this is only the beginning...



~ ~ ~



While many of the Divine try their best to deal with their respective opponents, with select members even being forced to fight their enemies in a deep underground colosseum, they soon discover that this was all a trap lain out by Ophelia - a woman who claims to be working under the orders of Protheus Maximus. She also reveals that the Key of Origin is at the core of the planetoid, thus causing everyone to head towards there.



They soon discover that the Key is protected by four shells of metal with increasing strength, but with Isamy leading the way, they are able to power their way right through the very last layer, at which point they encounter a mysterious being called Sykes, whom claims to be defending the Inner Periphery below. He promptly engages Isamy in direct combat, while sending out eel-like creatures to deal with the rest, though he is ultimately overpowered and defeated.


Meanwhile, with the help of Sayer's R.O.Ds, Viligance successfully infiltrates Camelot, the world of the Counter Corps, and it turns out that he is actually a disguised Protheus Maximus attempting to enter the Origin War and obtain the Key, by exiting the world using Arthuria as a pathway.



As for the Divine, after having penetrated through the very last shell, they enter the Inner Periphery...






At the Inner Periphery, a blank world, both sides find an oddly-calm Ophelia and a red blob floating above, with no Key of Origin in sight. As she delivers an ominous warning towards them, the unknown object sends out a psychic wave that has them relieve their deepest, most important memory.


Then, cracks start forming everywhere that spread, the blob changing shape, and then-




A strange, inhuman monster that identified himself as 'The Madara' materialized, dragging everyone from the Inner Periphery into a realm known as the Rejected World, the Key of Origin residing within his chest. Though everyone initially assumes that this is all part of Ophelia's plan, the look on her face says otherwise - as her intention was to have the blob detonate as a reality bomb, securing the path for her master, and not have it turn into this...this thing. The very fact that it resembled a former Uchiha Madara was itself totally impossible.


The energy centaurus, with its intentions and its moveset remaining unknown, proceeded to pick out certain targets, beginning with Butler and then with Kratos, all the while showing off overwhelming power, fending off all attacks from others while expressing a desire to 'understand his subjects'. At around the same time, Ophelia came to her senses and decided to aid the creature by turning into a massive tower, doing her best to annihilate all those who dare try to take the Key.


While Ophelia was fairly quickly beaten, having been seemingly finished off by a giant meteor that Sephiroth had summoned, the Madara had obtained Kratos's Blade of Olympus and gained the ability to slay gods through it, making him even more of an unstoppable force. In an attempt to stop him, some members of the Divine dragged him into the Underworld and dealt an incredibly powerful attack there onto him, but it ultimately failed. It seemed like none of their attacks were working, and the Madara was only growing ever more powerful by the minute.


Then, the Madara revealed his intentions - to have everyone be brought into a perfect world embodying the 'Ultimate Ideal' named Infinite Tsukuyomi, and as the battle progressed, he was examining everyone's ideals, making an effort to comprehend the interesting ones in particular. His intention being to mash them together and discover the 'Ultimate Ideal' from them, and he was very almost finished.


This had the Counter Corps and Divine launch an overwhelming assault that blew away most of the Madara's mass, and he was sent falling into the void below, thus assuring their victory-


Only for a humanoid Madara to climb right back up and cast a complete Infinite Tsukuyomi, dragging everyone into an illusion of their very own 'perfect world'.


It seemed to be over... Only for a teenage demigod called Arthur to suddenly break through the illusion with his ideals and - with the power of his friends - destroy the Madara once and for all!



~ ~ ~



As the battle concludes, Protheus Maximus suddenly reveals himself to the wary combatants, holding the Key of Origin in his right hand. Possessing an overwhelming power, he introduces himself and then invites the Divine to come and follow him, for he is heading towards the Pathway to Origin and may require assistance.



With their previous leader gone, they have no choice but to follow him, towards the final destination...



~ ~ ~



Even though they'd successfully been victorious over the Madara, it seemed as though everything had been for naught. Not only had Arthuria been turned into a human and had thus lost the ability to escape from the Rejected World, but the Inch of Will was no longer functioning and everyone was still tired from the battle.


Just when it seemed like they'd be stuck there forever, their savior came in the form of a massive spaceship by the name of "And With Strange Aeons", or Aeon for short, which had been called from Isamy's Vault.



Taking all the members of the Counter Corps with them, they agree to Arthuria's request to take them to the last place they need to go, so that they can stop Protheus and the Divine before it's too late...





~ ~ ~



Sphere Forest (Maps)

[spoiler=Sphere Forest (coordinates)]

  A  B  C  D  E     A  B  C  D  E
1[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]1
2[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]  N[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]2
3[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]D I[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]3
4[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]A G[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]4
5[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]Y H[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]5
6[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]  T[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]6
7[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]7
Note: These are the coordinates of a sphere.

If "Bob" were to go upward from A1 on the night side, "Bob" would end up in E1 on the day side, or the other side. Then, since "Bob" is going right (from their POV), they'll go further into the dayside north pole, going from Day E1 to Day D1.

Imagine them as two different sides of a coin if that helps. If you''re on heads and you flip it upside-down, you get an upside-down tails. It is a little complex to include the poles in this, so yeah, bear with us here!



[spoiler=Inner Peripheries]

Note: This is the interior of the Sphere Forest


Here's a rundown; first off, there are five shells and they're about two kilometers deep. Arthuria made one opening from C4 Night that also managed to penetrate through the first shell, so there's an opening through I-B1. If one were to fire from C4 Day, they would hit I-B3. Due to Ophelia messing up the planetoid, there won't be any magma or anything on the way down, only flammable gases, earth, and iron ores on your way down. The only real trouble is attacking through such a long distance with so much earth in the way, but if you were to find one of those secret tunnels that lead into the colosseum, you'd be about fifty meters closer.


As for the shells themselves, they are very dense and spherical in nature, but they have a disc-like hollow area stemming from the center, making it nearly impossible to penetrate if not from the equator (all Sector 4s of the Sphere Forest) . Ophelia needed it in order to construct the defense as quickly as she did, and she simply overlooked the gaps. Each shell is stronger than the last, using a more powerful metal alloy the deeper you go in. Arthuria was able to get through one with a weakened superlaser, but it might take more than that to get through the next one.


You can choose to go down there if you want, entering through the gaps shown in the map, but it'll be really hot, with higher gravity the deeper you go, be very dark, and you run the risk of getting hit by someone else's laser. The positions are there more to pinpoint where the damage is rather than determine the positions of actual people.


The safest thing to do would be to wait for someone stronger to come up and do the work themselves, and then once all shells have been penetrated through, jump down and enter the Core World reality marble (whatever that is) without consequence.









[spoiler=Arc IV: The Pathway to Origin]



Page 67 - 112




The "And With Strange Aeons" has reached its ultimate destination, and with it, the final stage of the Origin War is beginning. Once all the past members of the Counter Corps had recuperated from their battle with the battle and all the new recruits had been brought up to speed, Arturia proceeded to explain about the final world, an enigmatic realm called the Pathway to Origin which would challenge them on a personal level.


However, that wasn't all the former Counter Guardian had to say, for she went on to reveal the truth surrounding them. That, by taking them out of their own worlds, imbalances were created that destroyed those worlds immediately afterwards, and also that the only way to repair all the damage done to the multiverse was for her to open the Door of Origin itself and use its powers.


It was a shocking reveal that showed the Corps just how many sacrifices had been made to get them this far, but at this point with all of reality at stake, there is no turning back.


Now, they must conquer the three obstacles that lay before them, somehow obtain the Key of Origin along the lines, and reach the Door of Origin...




...but once the dust settles, how much will they have changed?



~ ~ ~



Simply put, the new leader of the Divine - Protheus Maximus - is sadistic and ruthless. Having only brought them along to act as distractions for the Corps, he makes no attempt to earn their trust, knowing that they'll have to follow him anyway since he's the best chance for them to get even a bit of the Door of Origin's power.


Of course, no one in their right mind would ever trust someone like that to keep to his word, but he appears to be too powerful to oppose directly, which makes stealing the Key of Origin away from him almost impossible. Already, the compactness of the Divine is dissolving.


Nonetheless, they will still have to challenge the Pathway to Origin and conquer its three roads - Remembrance, Truth, and Death alike - if they truly wish to achieve their dreams...




...and yet, at the end of it all, would their dreams still be the same?






~ ~ ~



The Pathway to Origin (Maps)

Detailed description of the three Pathways here

[spoiler=The Pathway to Remembrance]

Note: Horizontally, each panel is 100 meters, and vertically, they're 500 meters. The distance to the end of the Pathway is 7km, and from left to right, it's 500 meters.





[spoiler=The Pathway to Truth]

Note: Horizontally, each panel is 100 meters, and vertically, they're 500 meters. The distance to the end of the Pathway is 7km, and from left to right, it's 500 meters.





[spoiler=The Pathway to Death]

Note: Horizontally, each panel is 100 meters, and vertically, they're 500 meters. The distance to the end of the Pathway is 7km, and from left to right, it's 500 meters.






Each tile is 50m x 50m









[spoiler=Arc Finale: ORIGIN]



Page 113-123


[spoiler=Intro: Reunion]


At last, everyone arrives at the Door of Origin. With both Protheus and Arturia out of the way, factions are no more.  


Then, at the end of the Pathway to Origin, they experience a reunion with the most unexpected being... Isamy Maximus.


It seems she has been waiting here for many years now, both to obtain the Key of Origin and to converse with them. Upon their meeting, she explains the full circumstances regarding how she came to be there and what she intends to do with the Key, which she consumes. Her final goal is simple: To enter the Door and write 'and they all lived happily ever after', giving everyone in existence a happy ending. She makes an offer to the Warriors of the Multiverse to join with her, fuse with her soul, and accompany her on this journey.


However, when Isamy is met with a vast array of refusals, when they stand their ground against her, the last strings of sanity keeping her together snap. Just like that, the will that has helped her keep existing for so long SHATTERS. 


And thus...

...the FINAL BOSS BATTLE begins.







[spoiler=Stage 1]


[spoiler=Forgotten Forest Map]

Each tile is 100x100meters.

It has a diameter of 700 meters, and a radius of 350 meters~

HOLLOW Isamy has returned to the center, at D4.








[spoiler=Stage 2]






[spoiler=Stage 3]










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"I don't go by Solace anymore, Protheus. I'm retired, remember?"

Username: Gendo Ikari
Name: Itsu Fudo, Blessed Mother of Hearth and Divine Sovereign of the Ryuusei Cluster
Age: 13000
Gender: Female

Origin: http://ycm.wikia.com/wiki/Itsu_Solace (The profile needs updating, but I can provide an alternate profile link via PM.)
Biography: Itsu has come a long way since the death of her fiancee Damian and her subsequent retirement from the multiversal stage. After wandering through different realities in despair, she came across several powerful allies, including Nina Kamei, who became her wife after she helped her to move on, and Era Univerba, who took Itsu as an adopted daughter and eventually ascended her to godhood. Now the ruler of a pocket dimension, Itsu devoted time into using that space as a pocket dimension, creating and manipulating stars and planets while also raising a family. Briefly, one of her projects was attacked and her daughter Atsuko scarred by Archetype Earth, but Itsu was saved thanks to her old friend Protheus. Now, her signature sword stolen, her own powers failing, and her domain falling apart, Itsu has set out to save what she loves before it is too late.
Personality: Itsu has matured over the millennia, now possessing a very motherly disposition. On the world that she created, Hearth, she is the goddess of their sun, and as such, radiates love and light and warmth. She is quite amorous and affectionate to others, though she only does this to those she knows. Years of dealing with dealing with the political machinations of her own faith have honed her skills at statecraft, making her an excellent diplomat. However, her old spark still resides within her, one of capriciousness and ferocity. She is determined on getting back her Pure Edge and her magical abilities, but is willing to make allies and join forces with others.
Faction: Counter Corps
Important Artifact Stolen: The Pure Edge, her signature sword. It is a black rectangular blade that, if looked at the proper direction, appears thinner than paper. The circular crossguard is a miniature magitech-based dimensional transcendescence generator, compressing a very small pocket dimension into a 2-dimensional form. The Pure Edge's blade is indestructible, and can cut through anything with ease, as it separates whatever it cuts in spacetime, making a perfect slice. It is also one of the few things that can actually hurt and even kill Itsu, or any other supernatural entity.
Powers/Equipment: Itsu has incredible control over fire and heat, and can generate, absorb, and manipulate flames. She can even make fire solid and not burn others. Her body is a physical avatar made out of a special enchanted mythril, and can change shape as well as assume various forms and disguises, even making clothing out of herself. And she has a special link with her sun, granting her the ability to call upon tremendous amounts of energy, with virtually no upper limit.
And she can't use any of them without potential repercussions due to this multiversal flux. Her powers have a chance of backfiring, and the more powerful the ability, the greater the chance, and the more catastrophic the results if she loses control.
As such, Itsu has fallen back on old tricks and techniques. She still has her Signer Dragons at her command, and can summon them from their imprisonment. She can also still connect to her own personal subspace to acquire items, such as her dimension-distorting Emerald Eclipse Amulet. She can also regenerate, though not to the extent that she could. Her main problem is her hesitance to use her greater abilities, as they could not only hurt her and those around her, but they could cause her sun to fluctuate and harm her subjects.
[spoiler=Sacred Seven]
She currently possesses seven enchanted weapons, each one representing one of her Sacred Virtues, and held by her Sacred Orders. She has taken these treasures with her on her journey to rectify her universe from these disruptions.
"Aneki no Reidou" (Big Sister's Embrace): The Staff of Compassion, this intricate object is shaped like a giant gold-stemmed rose, with the head of the staff being a red metal rose with a spherical ruby in the center and white metal leaves around the main part of the flower. This staff grants a bonus to any magical healing by the user, and touching the ruby to a person's head provides them with mental clarity.
"Yaki Korosu" (Immolate): The Naginata of Honor, this ceremonial blade is made from an exotic white wood embossed with a swirling golden dragon. The hilt of the naginata's blade has a dragon's roaring head etched onto both sides of the blade, while a fiery red mane of hair rests at the base of the naginata's blade. The polearm serves as a focus for any fire-based abilities the holder might possess, and can heat its silver blade up to ludicrous temperatures, but not past the fur.
"Akarui Yoake" (Bright Dawn): The Longbow of Truth, this intricate collapsible bow with multiple red and white sections has a string made from a beam of blue light. The arrows it shoots also glow blue, and these arrows can fly towards a specific target if the shooter has one in mind. This does not mitigate any magical effects those arrows might have on their own.
"Kibishī Dakyō" (Harsh Compromise): The Wand of Sacrifice, this is a beautiful wand of a golden wood with orange gems encrusted into its length, save for the handle. This magical implement also doubles as a psycrystal for psionics to focus their powers, and can trade memories for raw power granted upon the user, though what memories it takes is completely random.
"Kōmyō to Sanzen" (Glory and Radiance): The Twin Katanas of Honor, these are masterwork katanas of the highest calibre, with purple hilts, golden crossguards, and silver blades that shine with a brilliant light that can penetrate any shadows. These holy blades are excellent for smiting evil, though they cannot harm foul, dark entities when separate. Plus, when they create a spark together, the user can make the holy flame burn whatever they wish.
"Hayai Oshioki" (Swift Punishment): The Gauntlets of Justice: These silver, gold, and green armored plate gauntlets are very lightweight, but pack a punch, with bumps on the knuckles to reinforce melee attacks. Furthermore, they are magically indestructible, and increase the wearer's arm strength many times over.
"Ryōga" (Surpassing): The Gunblade of Transformation: This white, silver, and gold tanto has a revolver base and handle built into it, as well as a firing chamber and channel for bullets to come out built into the blade. However, this short sword doesn't shoot bullets, but concentrated blasts of the user's very will, though it can serve as a magnum if needed.




Username: TheFinalFan
Name: Caledfwlch the Knightcycle
Age: 1326
Gender: Male
Appearance: Caledfwlch is an immense motorcycle made of an otherworldly substance. His plating is some sort of crimson metal, with a very shiny organic-looking chrome with glowing orange crystalline nodules making up the rest of his body. His six wheels are not rubber, but instead some new form of very hard obsidian etched with ritualistic designs along the rims to provide traction. Similarly, the black leather of his seat is another unknown material, but utilizes as-of-yet unidentified gravitic manipulation to secure his rider and cushion impacts. Caledfwlch has a clear draconic profile, with a dragon-like head located his front, complete with two glowing golden eyes, a pair of sidecars near the rear of his body that, with their bladed fins and angular fronts, mimic folded reptilian wings, and a curving section just past the seat that looks somewhat like a tail. Attached to the sidecars are a large sword-like projection on the outside of the right sidecar, and a massive intricate shield with tubes on the inside attached to the outside of the left sidecar. His "dashboard" is very curious, resembling a knight's helm with several vertical bands with golden displays. The wheels are surrounded by claw-like projections to protect them, and the vehicle constantly thrums and gives off heat.
Origin: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/285182-return-of-the-orichalcos-finishingpg-13ooc/
Biography: Long ago, Caledfwlch was Caliburn, a knight from a world filled with magic and mystery that had allusions to Arthurian mythology. With his awesome strength and ability to draw upon holy flames, he formed a party of adventurers to go and slay a fearsome evil, the Lich King Urellius. Along with Mabilly, a witch of the moors who could entrance and curse men with a smile or a cackle, Carnwen Hau, a slippery thief capable of breaching any defense and tricking any noble while supporting the poor and downtrodden, Rhon of Clan Gomiant, a fearsome giant of a man whose javelins cracked through the air like thunder, and Izu, a mysterious red-haired spellcaster from a far-off land who could summon monstrous beasts with her magical cards, he set off to end the reign of the undead who exploited the living. Over the course of their adventures, Caliburn and his fellows discovered the true evil behind Urellius. The monstrous king was once a fellow knight, but had slain the previous king, only to find out that there had to be immortals subjecting the living to their whims to keep the living from fighting amongst themselves. If the mortal races were no more than cattle, they would not constantly direct their energies towards their own self-destruction. Enraged by this revelation, Caliburn slew the Lich King, but at the terrible price of Mabilly, Carnwen, and Rhon. With him and Izu barely alive, the nobles prepared to create their new king.
Izu promptly revealed her true form as a being from a much more technologically-advanced civilization, here to end a project her sister Victoria, a powerful undead sorceress, set into motion. Itsu, as she was really called, had been a part of Urellius' rebellion, and had escaped before he and his entourage were corrupted and transformed into the foes that Caliburn and his group had just fought. She gave Caliburn the choice of coming with her and ending her sister's experiment gone wrong, or accepting his new fate, to await for the cycle to be repeated by another force, which Itsu would be accompany to try for a third time. Before Caliburn could answer, he was stabbed with the ritualistic dagger that would infect him and start the process of making him into an undead. Itsu spirited him away to another world, and she set about trying to counteract the curse with her advanced technology. When Caliburn awoke, he was no longer human, but not a skeleton either. Instead, Itsu infused his essence into metal to make him into a motorcycle that could become a techno-organic knight. Not truly understanding, but now dedicating his services to Itsu, Caldefwlch has become a dedicated part of Itsu's arsenal, and has served as her primary mode of land transportation ever since she lost her beloved Duelhog...
Personality: Caledfwlch is an immensely chivalrous and honorable being, seeing any offense towards a woman as indecent, refusing to even fight a lady, and challenging his opponent forward. However, any infraction of his code of honor will be met with equal punishment, though he has learned to be much more lenient towards his allies. Over the years, he has come to terms with his new inhuman nature, though his latest upgrade to become a fire elemental and transform at will makes his life much easier. While immensely strong and powerful, Caledfwlch is far from stupid, and while he can be hasty, he is also willing to analyze the situation and act accordingly to what he believes is right and would benefit the most people. He is also immensely loyal to those who are on his side, though he does not appreciate being told only part of the situation.
Faction: Counter Corps
Powers/Equipment: Caledfwlch, like Itsu, is a being of the element of fire, though his nature is much more primal and unrestrained. Caledfwlch is capable of converting heat into energy, and the friction created by his tires upon virtually any surface tends to do just fine. He is also capable of creating and manipulating flames at will, usually sending out streams of fire or shards of molten metal out of a pair of hidden launchers near his front. His sword can also channel his element in between its pronged blades, acting as a sort of laser, while his shield contains hidden mortars that spout out bombards of magical fiery oil. Finally, Caledfwlch possessed the ability to shift in between forms, with his default being his Cycle Form, but he can extend out his body and project flames through his rotating wheels to fly through the air in Hover Form, shift part of his body into a pair of stable legs for navigating over rough terrain in Walker Form, or fully transform from a motorcycle into a 12-foot-tall metal knight of fire in Armor Form. Rumor has it that Itsu can combine with Armor Form into something even more powerful...


Will this work?

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[spoiler=Alexander Abernathy:]"Even if no one remembers who I am... as long as I've ended up making a difference, that's all that matters."

Username: King II (subject to change)

Name: Alexander Abernathy, "The Unity of Dimensions" (real name: Alexander Zenith)

Age: around his 40s (in Lombax years)

Gender: Male

Appearance: (A visual aid for those who wish it)
Alexander is a light-grey (almost white)-furred male lombax standing at 6-foot-2 (counting the height gained from his ears), with crimson-colored stripes (3 on each of his ears, upper arms, thighs and sides of his torso, and 5-6 on his tail). He also has crismon shadows on his eyelids, contrasting with the emerald shine of his irises. A goatee-like mark also exists on his chin. Alexander sports a mullet-like haircut, the long hair on the back of his head usually worn in a ponytail or braid, or otherwise left to hang loose slightly above the middle of his back. He also has a habit of letting his "chin hairs" grow to about 6-8 inches, often worn in a braid as well. (For this RP, however, it has been cut into a short beard). Recently, a red claw-shaped mark has been showing up periodically on his right forearm, a mark he is all too familiar with.

Clothing-wise, Alexander leans more toward dark-colored tank tops, jeans or overalls, and comfortable work boots, but will also wear appropriate clothing suitable for the situation/climate.

Origin: Debuted in Yugioh: Fusion of the Worlds: Rise of the Emperors, though storywise he's existed before that (technically would have taken part in Jolta's "RE: The Ultimate Crossover"). Is technically a part of the "Ratchet & Clank" Universe.

[spoiler=Biography: (Given that the bio provided in the links are unsatisfactory, I feel it better to give a more in-depth history... as much as I can fit in 3-5 paragraphs)]
Born "Alexander Zenith" in the Bogon Galaxy, son of General Artorius and Jenae Zenith (mother died during childbirth). During his late teens, Alexander and his father would have arguments over the proper course of the young lombax's future, with the father wishing for Alex to become a member of the Praetorian Guard, like he and his father and forefathers before. Alexander, however, wished to seek his own path. One such argument even escalated to the point of physical altercation. During this argument, Alexander attempted to run away from his father's house, but barely traveled twenty paces from the front porch before being struck on the head by a falling Surinox comet shard, knocking him out cold for several hours. After Alex re-awoke, Artorius feared the possibility of losing his only son, and so relented and resolved never to harm his son again, also allowing Alexander the opportunity to experience life in his own way.

Shortly before his twentieth birthday, Alexander fell through a dimensional rift, unknowingly triggered by his awakening dimensional abilities, and found himself transported to the planet Kerwan, all the way in the Solana Galaxy! It took him several hours to find transportation and funds to travel back to his home in the Bogon Galaxy, but upon arriving, Alexander found his house engulfed in flames. Ignoring protests from the spectators and fire crew at work, Alexander rushed into the burning wreckage. What awaited him within the sea of flames was his father's corpse. Alexander eventually managed to get himself and his father's body out of the wreckage, but the experience left him with severe mental and emotional trauma (In case you were wondering: the fire was ruled a cover-up for the murder of Artorius, yet the murder case itself was never solved....).

Alexander was later admitted to a rehabilitation center for psychiatric treatment. The poor lombax became withdrawn, shutting off all interaction with the other patients and doctors... all but one nurse, a lombax by the name of Galen Abernathy, who managed to find a way to ease Alex's heart open through the power of music (specifically, the piano). This, sadly, did not last; Mr. Abernathy, among many other nurses and patients, was viciously battered during the rampage of an Agorian patient. Abernathy succumbed to his injuries. In a fit of rage and sadness, the young Alexander managed to subdue and kill the Agorian. Before order could be restored, however, the facility found itself under attack by a raiding party. Amidst the chaos, Alexander managed to find his way to the roof of the facility. His mind spent from his recent trauma and loss of both his father and his only friend in the facility, the lombax threw himself off the roof, plummeting toward the ocean below....

When he awoke, Alexander found himself face-to-face with the spirit of a bizarre cape-wearing panther, who offered to block out the causes of his mental and emotional anguish, in exchange for letting his body become a temporary home for the panther's spirit. At the end of his own rope, Alexander only uttered, "... please... make it end...." With that, the Neo-Spacian, Umbris the Dark Panther, rearranged Alexander's memory, helping the lombax to suppress his painful memories. When Alexander would awaken after that, he and Umbris would soon begin a new journey, one that would take them to many worlds and dimensions (and, subsequently, Roleplays). During the next twenty years of his life, Alexander, now going by the surname Abernathy in honor of his fallen friend, would also begin to unravel the mysteries of his past, all while facing the challenges of interdimensional travel.

Near the end of his travels, Alexander recovered the memories of his past, feeling that his journey was drawing to an end. Bidding farewell to his Neo-Spacian partner, Alexander finally returned to his home dimension, hoping to meet with another young lombax he had come across during his misadventures. However, it was here that Alexander felt a massive disturbance; the flow of space and time was beginning to unravel and fracture. Before he knew what happened, or what to do next, time suddenly crashed, distorting and fracturing the space around him, and Alexander himself was frozen in time, though still conscious of what was happening. It was then that Emiya appeared before him, requesting Alexander assistance him in preventing the destruction of the known Multiverse, Alexander himself being chosen for his experience in the matter. The Claw Mark of the Crimson Dragon reemerged on Alexander's forearm, and he knew from that point... that his own story continues.

Alexander agrees to Emiya's offer, but also requesting that Emiya also find a way to shelter Ratchet and Clank from the degradation of their own universe....


Personality: Despite feeling that most of his current personality was partly due to Umbris' tampering with his memories, Alexander is nonetheless an adventurous, free-spirited individual. While generally nice and kind-hearted by default, Alexander does have a snarky, sarcastic streak (a trait he more or less inherited from Umbris). He is extremely loyal to friends and allies, and will often jump to their defense when they're in a bind. That said, he does suffered minor spells of depression from time to time. Dislikes when people lie or otherwise withhold important information intentionally, and will feel guilty if he must do the same. Also has a severe aversion to fire: at best, Alexander is simply overly-cautious, while at worst... well, it's best not to dwell on it.

Faction: The Counter Corps

Important Artifact Stolen: Surinox comet shard (Ratchet & Clank Universe)

Memory Conjuration: is able to forge weapons with simply a thought. Usually, these weapons are replicates of those wielded by people Alexander has encountered/worked with during his travels. These weapons include the Scarborough Fair handguns, Odette ice skates, OmniWrench Millenium 12, Rebellion, Blazefire Saber Gunblade, Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle, Blades of Chaos, Kingdom Key, Blood-Scythe, Arma Reboare: Muchōrin, Harp of Orpheus, etc.. The effectiveness of these replica weapons are limited compared to the originals, however, but still a force to be reckoned with.

Duel Monster Summoning: Pretty self-explanatory. Given Alexander's history of playing the card game, Alexander can summon various Duel Monsters to assist him (limit of up to 5 at a time, depending on the strength of the monster(s)).

Blessed By the Crimson Dragon: Alexander possesses the Claw Mark of the Crimson Dragon, allowing him to call upon his chosen Signer Dragon, "Red Dragon Archfiend".

Dimensional Traveler: As a result of contact with a Surinox Comet Shard as a teenager, Alexander gained the ability to travel to other dimensions. Alexander can also create dimensional portals for various purposes, such as redirecting projectiles, or creating a "shortcut" to otherwise inaccessible locations. The use of this ability over the years has had a detrimental effect on him, however; his body tends to flicker or fade in-and-out of existence periodically, which also causes his body severe pain. Also, due to the cosmic interference caused by Isamy, this ability may not work as Alexander intends it to.

Spirit Medium: Alex is somewhat sensitive to spiritual activity, making him susceptible to spiritual possession. Normally he can do this willingly, but there are times that a hostile spirit will attempt to possess him. "Attempt" being the key word, as Alex will try to fight off the possession. By extension, Alex is also capable of seeing and speaking with spirits, as well as forcing possessive spirits out of others. This originally came about as a result of his time with Neo-Spacian Dark Panther inhabiting his body.


"Play Fair, Fight Dirty": In combat, when push comes to shove, Alexander can really be aggressive (B. E. Aggressive), pulling out all the stops.  When it come to games and puzzles, however, Alexander believes in adhering to the rules set before him, and does so as best he can.  That said, if he sees his opponent cheat, he will not hesitate to do the same in order to teach them a lesson.


Awesomeness by Analysis: While having had no formal combat training himself, Alexander learned how to fight primarily by watching others and then putting that into practice, though Umbris (Neo-Spacian Dark Panther) may have also influenced his fighting style.  Speaking of which, Alexander is known to incorporate a few dance-like movements in his attacks/motions, especially noticeable when using the Odette ice skates, etc..


Panthera Transformation: A gift from Umbris himself, Alexander is able to transform into a fast and agile four-legged feline.  This grants him increases movement speed and jumping distance, and can perform a few attacks such as a rolling aerial strike and a run-by claw swipe.  However, this transformation only holds as long as Alexander is in constant motion, and even then this transformation tires him out. Receiving a sharp enough blow also knocks him out of this transformation.


Sound Wave Manipulation: Somewhat due to his love of music, Alexander can manipulate sound waves passing through the air, both offensively and defensively, whether it's condensing the sound waves to a focused point and thus increasing their destructive power, running the vibrations through an object to disrupt its structure, or even to cause a state where air stands perfectly still in a focused area.


"So Cold": During moments of extreme mental or emotional stress, Alexander will have a momentary freak-out before "retreating" within himself. Being in a harshly cold area can also trigger this mode without the need of an emotional episode. This state is essentially a super-powered safe mode where, while still in control of his body, Alexander is emotionally detached (save for rare instances).  While in this mode, the air around Alexander becomes instantly chilled, and surrounding objects become frozen, or at the very least covered in frost.  Strangely enough, one can faintly here the sound of being underwater during this time.  Alexander's combat abilities are heightened, striking more frequently and with much tenacity.  At the same time, he's able to conjure more weapons at once, which will encircle him, waiting to be used.  The downside to this is the removal of Alexander's instinct to self-preserve; he's far more susceptible to leaving himself open to attacks, including his own, despite unleashing a barrage of his own attacks at the same time.  If an attack manages to slip through his offense, he has no way to properly defend himself.  Just as well, being in this state for prolonged periods slowly causes him to lose control of himself and his powers, resulting in a frigid storm that intensifies the longer he remains in this mode, potentially freezing both foe and friend alike.


Spell Dabble: Alexander does have a few spells at his disposal, including (though not strictly limited to):

  • Cure/Cura/Curaga: Pretty self-explanatory.  Cannot be used in "So Cold" Mode.
  • Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga: Ice-based spells, also pretty self-explanatory.  Has access to Blizzagun in "So Cold" Mode, and it should almost go without saying that the power of these Spells are boosted in said Mode.
  • Magnet/Magnera/Magnega: Can attract and repel targets.  The Magnera and Magnega versions cause damage as well.
  • Indignation: YES, THAT INDIGNATION!!!  A very powerful Lightning-based Spell, invoking the heavens themselves to smite Alexander's foes where they stand.  However, using it in his normal state is highly unlikely (though not impossible), and is normally used while in "So Cold" Mode, and usually as a last resort, as it is very draining and can leave him wide open for a counterattack.


[spoiler=Alister Azimuth:]"I would rather die... than let the lombaxes disappear from our world!"

Username: King II

Name: Alister Azimuth, "The Fallen Savior of the Lombaxes"

Age: Unknown (presumably in his 50s (lombax years), if not older)

Gender: Male

Appearance: This is his normal appearance... And this is his outfit specifically for his service with the Divine.

Origin: Ratchet & Clank Universe

Biography: Alister Azimuth should be dead, having sacrificed himself in order to stop the damage he made to the Great Clock from spiraling further out of control, and while his sacrifice did stop the Great Clock degradation, further distortions in time and space influenced from outside his universe still managed to destroy the Clock, causing time in the universe to crash. Ratchet and Clank were both frozen within time, and Alister was on the brink of death. It was then that the young girl by the name of Isamy appeared before him, offering Alister another method of bringing his species back from the brink of extinction. It took quite a bit of effort on Isamy's part, but after offering the General a second chance at life and a small fraction of her power, Alister was eventually convinced to join her cause, in the hopes of preventing the tragedy that befell the Lombax race--a tragedy he himself had a hand in causing--even as he struggles to cope with his mosaic of memories, being reminded of the events before and after Clank's use of the Great Clock to save Ratchet from an untimely death....

Personality: A headstrong lombax, if not stubborn, Alister rarely ever changes his mind once he sets it to a certain goal. Though normally a calm and collected individual, there are quite a few things that can set him off, such as mentioning his part in the lombaxes' disappearance or getting in the way of his goals. His ambitions and pride can cause him to lash out at those who would dare say that his methods aren't the right way. That being said, he has mellowed out a bit during the time of this story. "A bit" being the key words. Has a tendency to speak fondly of the past, especially of the time before the Lombax race all but disappeared from the galaxy.  Is somewhat tolerant of others, but shows even more compassion and leniency toward his fellow lombaxes. Due to his mosaic'd memories, Alister can sometime go into sudden mood swings, acting rationally one moment before becoming violently enraged the next, and vice-versa.

Faction: The Divine

Important Artifact Stolen: The Chronoscepter (Ratchet & Clank Universe)

Praetorian OmniWrench: A double-ended wrench that acts as Azimuth's main form of offense. It possesses long reach for melee attacks and can fire negatively-charged energy projectiles (anywhere from 1 to 3 at a time). By spinning it around fast enough, it can also be used defensively in order to deflect projectiles, and can also be used to pole vault over large gaps.

Hoverboots: Footwear invented by the Lombax race, it grants Alister increases movement speeds and the ability to hover. Can also be used offensively to propel Azimuth forward in a deadly charge.  In addition, they possess ionized soles which allow Azimuth to traverse metallic pathways.


Divine General's Holo-Armor: Armor that utilizes holographic armor nanotechnology, capable of absorbing roughly 50% damage inflicted upon Alister.  It also has the ability to regenerate Alister's health, though this ability must be activated manually and only lasts for about 10-15 seconds before needing to recharge for 3 minutes, during which time his armor's shock-absorption rate is reduced to 35%.

Hand Grenades: Alister's only other form of ranged attack, these small, spherical explosives can be throw at a distance, as well as placed on the ground as a makeshift proximity mine. Prefers deploying multiple grenades at once.

Praetorian Battle Tactics: Having once been a General, Azimuth is able to devise combat strategies to help ensure victory.

Praetorian Training: His expertise also makes him a skilled combatant which, when combined with his Praetorian OmniWrench, makes him a dangerous adversary at both close-range and long distance.  This also allows him to escape from, if not avoid completely, traps set by foes more easily.

(Very) Limited Control Over Time: A small "gift" granted by Isamy in order to convince Alister to join her cause. It allows Alister to briefly slow down time for 1-2 seconds (a second of real time would feel like 3-5 seconds to him), as well as rewind the last 3-5 seconds. This power may or may not become stronger as the story progresses....


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Faction: The Divine


*rubs eyes* Uhh... judging by your app, I assume you mean the Counter Corps? The Divine is Isamy's side, for anyone who wants to rewrite the fate of their own universe.


And yes, it will work. Accepted! Welcome aboard. It seems that you've managed to balance Itsu's abilities fairly well right now, and it's no surprise due to all the distortions. Although just as a heads-up, Protheus won't be appearing for quite a while in this RP~


As for the rest of ya, looking forward to finishing your apps. I'll be adding the Accepted Apps sections in a bit.

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*rubs eyes* Uhh... judging by your app, I assume you mean the Counter Corps? The Divine is Isamy's side, for anyone who wants to rewrite the fate of their own universe.

Whoops. Got the two confused. Edited.

And yes, it will work. Accepted! Welcome aboard. It seems that you've managed to balance Itsu's abilities fairly well right now, and it's no surprise due to all the distortions.

Thank you. It's good to have Itsu back, and in such a capacity that she doesn't get her ass kicked on the first page. :P
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