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my deck

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gravi-crush dragon

evil hero infernal gainer

chiron the mage

prevent rat

battle footballer x2

the wicked eraser

the dragon dwelling in the cave

insect knight

raviel,lord of phantasms

the wicked avatar

cyber-tech alligator

sabersaurus x2

goblin attack force

zure,knight of the dark world

d hero defender

dark blade

blue eyes white dragon

e hero bladedge

doom shaman

rare metal dragon

gearfried the iron knight x2

harpies brother x2

7 colored fish x2

blazing inpachi

archfiend soidier x2


la jinn the mystical genie of the lamp

ninja grandmaster sasuke

marauding captian x2

goggle golem

super conducter tyranno

skilled dark magician

the wicked dreadroot




monster reborn

mage power

dark hole

malevolent nuzzler x2

lightning blade

black pendent x2

reinforcement of the army

fusion sword murasame blade

pot of greed

dian keto the cure master


tribute to the doomed

smashing ground

swords of revealing light

dragon attack

creature swap




sakuretsu armor

magic cylinder

nutrient z


threatening roar

rising energy

negate attack x3

trap hole

enchanted javelin

call of the haunted


that is my deck tell me what u think!

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