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Stolen Binder


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Today, I went to my local Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament and entered, of course. I got to the semis, but got knocked out (of the tourny). Anyway, I was chilling, eating my chinese food, but something was unusual that day. Two guys came in and entered (the tourny). I had seen them before and they looked like the type that would go to regional tournys. Naturally, they abused the fact that they could use up to 5 proxies in the tourny. Anyway, one of them won the tourny and they left. I hung out for awhile before I started packing my things, when I noticed my (Yu-Gi-Oh!) binder was missing. I looked and looked but I couldn't find it. I assumed they took it. I showed my binder to them earlier in the day, and those were the only people I showed it to. The rest of the people were regulars and my teammates. What should I do? I have other rares, but they aren't as good.


If you know of them please contact me. Thier names are Tyler and Daniel. They are 17-22 years old. Tyler is white, short, blond hair and wears glasses. Daniel is Hispanic short hair, and has a slight mustache. One of the stolen cards was a Slate Warrior where the bottom left corner has been peeled back and the space where it is peeled back is darkened heavily with sharpie. Please help!

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

Never heard of 'em. One git stole two folders and two binders at my school, and I've only gotten one binder back. Best of luck in retrieving them.

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Well, in my binder I had (as far as I can remember)

Lava Golem

Injection Fairy Lily

Deck Devastation Virus

3 Slate Warrior

2 Zombie Master

Summoned Skull

Skull Archfiend of Lightning

Masked Beast

Masked Beast Des Gaurdius

Mask of Remnants


A misprint blank card that was supposed to be Simorgh

2 Fifth Hope

Evil Hero Wild Cyclone

Evil Hero Infernal Sniper

Evil Hero Malicous Edge

Magic Cylinder (Secret Rare)

Jinzo (Common, Japanese, and in very bad conditon)

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

And a LOT more.


As for how it got stolen, see the owner of the store makes us put our backpacks behind the counter so our stuff wouldn't get stolen. Well, while I was eating my chinese food, the guy who was supposed to be at the cash register was helping some normal people. The tourny was over by now so I guess they just picked it up when I wasn't looking. But I WILL find them. Mark my words, I will not stop looking. I have proof. They had security cameras at the tourny. Hehehe....

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