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Help re-enforce YCM rules!!

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Ok, now alot of people brake the rules on YCM, so we need to do something about it,

All that joinin requires is:

1.puttin "YCM rule enforcer" or "YCM F.B.I" as your custom user tittle.

2.I will pick out a picture that must be in your sig.

3.To join pm me

4.Warn people that they will get a neg rep first, and only give neg rep's when people argue with you or continue doing something wrong.

5.Don't waste valuable time.

6.Come on cardmaker at least every 2-3 day's, unless there is a good reason for being away, and your off cardmaker for maximum 5 day's, you will no longer be in the re-enforcement team, there will be a reply on this thread if anybody is out, if your away from the team for abit then pm me and i will let you go from the team for a couple of day's.

and that's it, this is just to help the mod's when they are away, so you can give yourself the nickname of mini-mod. As a message to the moderator's, i'm just trying to help you.

Thank's for reading.

p.s. Mod's don't need to join.

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I'm not doin there job, it's just being an extra help. If the mod's are doing something then they need a back up, so that's what this is for, because the mod's can't be on here 24-7 so they need a mini crew to do part of there job when they can't do it.It's only to help the mod's. As not many people think this is a good idea, i will ask D.jOsoris, if he dosn't like it then this re-enforcement shall be closed, but if he say's yes, i will post to this thread. For now, to people who will temporeraly join, i will post the sign soon.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

*smack* Mini-modding. No fun.


Let's see how many YCM enforcers there are:


1. The moderators actually enforce the rules.

2. The Dread Army showcases who breaks the rules so that the moderators can deal with them.

3. The Spam Army, X Organization, Adoption Central, and the Dread Army all try and stop people from breaking the rules in the first place.


We don't need any more.

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it isn't mini modding. it's only stopping people from doing thing's like swearing and spamming, nothing else except those imparticular rules!! I've pmed D.jOsiris, now i will get realy annoyed if anybody else ask's again, IT'S ONLY TWO RULES!! Just to be sure everybody got that, WERE ONLY HELPING TO STOP SWEARING AND SPAM!!

P.s. sorry about the big writing, i'm just getting abit angry.

P.p.s. Remember, were only stopping swearing and spam, that's not against the rules.

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Ok, to everybody, this thread is closed. This Thread was a mistake which i now realize, so i am sorry, if you don't mind forgetting about his thread i will be very happy, if you don't, then i will leave and have to be set to a life of misery and depresion, please forgive me, if you do then please post a reply.

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