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> Card Contests Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING <

Junk Raver

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New Moderator = Updated Rules


Most if not all previous rules are in place plus a few new ones.


Please read these before posting a contest


All Rules must be obeyed! (The only exceptions are Choice Rules, Rule 10 and 12)




Rule 1 - Each member can only run ONE contest at a time. If you make more then ONE contest i shall:


Close all your contests and inform you, and wait for a reply of which one you want to continue.




I (and maybe Bhim) will inform you if your online at the time and await a reply.



Rule 2 - When you make a contest the overall rules of that Contest must be stated Clearly, too brief summarys causes confusion and many members to become Spam Nazi's.



Rule 3 - You MUST state PRIZES for your contest.


Reps - You can give out a Maximum of 6 reps in Total within your normal contest as prizes, anymore then 6 reps within your normal contest and your contest will be closed.


The recommended way to give them out is;


1st - 3 Reps

2nd - 2 Reps

3rd - 1 Rep


Subsection 1 - 1on1 contests can give out a maximum of 3 reps in total. See Rule 18 for more details.


Points - You can give out a number of points YOU OWN as prizes. You CAN ONLY give out points you have at the start of the contest, for example;


If you have 60 points and state 1st prize gets 70 points for winning, 'as you will get some more points later', that is now against the rules, only offer what you have when the contest is started.


Extras - Some contests have extra prizes which count of none of thee stated above. Some examples are allowing winners cards to be featured in Fan-Fics, or making someone a free banner of avatar.


Please note if you state your giving a prize to the winners, at the end of the contest the prizes MUST be given.


Note: Real life cards, or real life anything for that matter, cannot be given out as prizes for contests. Using real cards in the forum ended up not working out and Card Trade was shut down, so it's easier to just not allow it. If you want to get rid of cards you own, sell them on eBay.




When your contest is finished / completed or you want it Locked, then please CHANGE the thread TITLE to either;









That way i can send it to the Finished Contests section to clean the Card Contests page.



Rule 5 - Entry Reserved Rules


When hosting a contest, members may make a post saying "Entry Reserved", this means that member wishes to book a place in the contest, and should be entering in it when their cards are ready to post.


If your contest is nearly over, and you still see some Reserved members who have not posted, you can politely remind them via PM about there reservation.


Another rule now fully in place about Reservations, is that NO contest is allowed to disregard "Entry Reserved"'s, if someone wishes to reserve an entry, you must let them.



Rule 6 - Pointless Contests


No pointless Contests are to be made, which means contests which say;


"Hey all, here's the contest. Make some cards, and if I like it, you win."


"Make cards for me. 1rep to winner."


Correct Information (Contest rules, prizes, end date) MUST be given or your contest will be Temp Locked / Perma Closed.



Rule 7 - No polls are to be made within a contest, especially ones that regard your contests, for example;


"Do you like my contest?"


As negative answers do not go down well.


However, polls are allowed in 1on1 contests to keep track of the number of votes for each of the 2 contestants.



Rule 8 - Credit To Bhim For This Rule!


This one's very important. And I mean VERY IMPORTANT. A lot of users post the following: "Must have perfect spelling and grammer." Is there a problem with that sentence? I think so. Grammer. It's spelled GRAMMAR. With an "A," not an "E." Don't tell others to have perfect spelling and grammar until you have it yourself. Or at least have enough that you can spell that sentence correctly. Make yourself look legit. Those from Australia and Britain are exempt, although more than 80% of you guys aren't...





Subsection 1 - 1on1 contests can only give out a maximum of 3 reps.



Rule 10 - Staple Rules for Good Contests


"Staple" rules. These are the rules that great contests will have.


A. Perfect grammAr and spelling.

B. Balance [No over-underpowering]

C. Make the art fit the card

D. Any others I forgot? Post here and I'll update!



Rule 11 - You MUST have an End date and time or a required amount of entrants before you close your contest for grading / choosing the winner.


Rule 11 Subsection 1 - You MUST post the end date in one of the following formats (though, the year is usually not needed):

a. Day Month Year (ex: 28 April 2008, etc.)

b. Month Day, Year (ex: April 28, 2008, etc.)


This is to prevent confusion from different formats of dates that people use.


Rule 11 Subsection 2 - End times must have an appropriate timezone. "Whenever I feel like it on X day of Y Month" is no longer acceptable.


Rule 11 Subsection 3 - Contests with at least one person who has reserved an entry, but has not posted their submission, cannot have their end date/time adjusted to an earlier date/time. In addition, an optional extra 12 hours can be given to any reserved members to get their entries in. It is up to the contest creator whether they allow this extra time or not.



Rule 12 - Credit to Bhim for this Rule!


You CANNOT only allot for a certain number of entrants [i.e. "Only five people can enter]. You're holding a competition. This means YOU'RE grading everything. It's your problem your contest is so popular that twenty people enter with twenty cards each.


My opinion on this rule is agreement with Bhim, but i will be more liniant and let it off, as long as conflict does not arise.



Rule 13 - You cannot disallow certain members to enter your contests via naming usernames etc, unless they appear on the New Contest Blacklist (See Rule 15)



Rule 14 - This is a new rule, and its in place to clean up this section with Dud contests.


If your contest has not had a post in it for at least 15 days it will automatically be moved to Finished Contests.


If a contest this way is moved, and you want reopen it then PM myself or browarod and we shall move it back.



Rule 15 - The New Contest Blacklist


In my time here i have entered in over 50 contests and won over 30.

In some contests i have been in i have seen biased winners, people who have won because they are good friends with the contest holder, or even contests that have been FIXED.


If you believe a contest has been fixed / faulty then contact myself and i will look into it. If proof is revealed that they fixed or cheated in the contest or holding it, i shall add them here to a Blacklist.


Anyone on the blacklist will not be allowed to make a contest for an alotted amount of time, and members can refuse them to enter in their contests if they wish.






New Rule 16 - Card Making / Splices Only


I have seen people trying to have dueling tournaments and such, in this section!


The only contests in this section i am allowing is what they should be, card making contests or splicing contests.


No Banners, No Avatars, No Dueling, no decks which involve no card making. I am thinking about adding Spriting also.


EDIT: Pokemon Splicing ONLY!


If your contest is not creating cards or splicing pokemon, it will be LOCKED.



Rule 17 - You are allowed to hold Limits to contests for say members of a certain Level only etc.



Rule 18 - When hosting 1-on-1 contests, all normal contest rules apply. The contest cannot be extended past the initial 2 contestants or it will be considered a normal contest. Reputation given out cannot exceed 3 +reps and only the losing contestant can give those reps to the winner. No one else may give reps out for a 1on1 contest.





So to Sum up


Your contest will be Perma / Temp Locked if you do not;



State an End date

Give correct prizes

Give no sensible explanation


Or if you Make more then 1 contest


These are the Rules, so Obey!




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Ah ;)


You read my Mind ;)


I am at the current time thinking of ideas, personally i think stickys take up too much room, so i may make a thread much like Sushi's and posts links to The current Popular contests in it, then once they are over remove them from the thread.

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Well on Bhim's rules it said no more then 6 Reps, but no-where else have i seen that as a general site rule.


Thus i believe it is possible for me to extend that, but can you imagine, 10 reps for a winner, its rather absurd.


I will ask Kaze since he has been here longer and if i am allowed, i may extend it to 7/8

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We might be able to give out more generally since we are Moderators;


On a note on contest reps;


I just found a thread by YCMAKER, he hosted a contest in June and gave out over 8 Reps.


It maybe possible for me to extend on the 6 Rep Rule. I Shall ask Kaze for his opinion.



When you say 6 points do you mean 6 points TOTAL or only 6 points to one person.


You can give an unlimited amount of Points out;


Its REPS you can only give 6 of, and its 6 total for the entire contest.


So you can give 1st place 6 reps and 2nd etc none, or spread it out evenly.


The recomended way is;


1st - 3 Reps

2nd - 2 Reps

3rd - 1 Rep


Also if you read it it does say Total about 3 times on the actual thread, and says the word within which implys it as a whole.

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What if you have different rounds with different prizes' date=' and adds up to more than 6 REPs. do we end the contest there and start a new one to get a new amount of Reps and just call it "Event Two"



Round Event Contests are not that common and are more frequently new.


Thus i would say for now just let it be a contest of 6 reps.


If you do host a round with 6 reps and want to start another round, which is not like an elimination contest where the winners from round 1 go to round 2, then i think a new thread is appropriate.


If you host a contest with rounds where certain members qualify a round and go into the next, the overall prize of the entire contest is 6 reps, and no reps should be given per round.

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Does the GrammAr rule mean outside of the card?

There is no rule saying you need good grammar' date=' although that should be common sense.



There is a partial rule about Grammar;


Rule 8 - Credit To Bhim For This Rule!


This one's very important. And I mean VERY IMPORTANT. A lot of users post the following: "Must have perfect spelling and grammer." Is there a problem with that sentence? I think so. Grammer. It's spelled GRAMMAR. With an "A," not an "E." Don't tell others to have perfect spelling and grammar until you have it yourself. Or at least have enough that you can spell that sentence correctly. Make yourself look legit. Those from Australia and Britain are exempt, although more than 80% of you guys aren't...




That rule was instated by Bhim, its mainly for stopping contradictory sentences.

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Well, finally the rules are spelled out in easy-to-read English. I am very glad that someone at last decided to formalize the rules (and who better than the Card Contest Mod ;)).


I think they pretty much cover everything. If I think of anything you missed I'll PM you, or something, but I really can't think of anything right now.


Anyway, good job and thanks for doing it ^_^

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