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Which Egyption God card do you think is the best?

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What god card do you think it the best?  

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  1. 1. What god card do you think it the best?

    • Slifer The Sky Dragon
    • Obolisk The Tormentor
    • The winged Dragon Of Ra

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Yeah' date=' but they still ahve good abilities if you know them



Then you'll tell me the orichalcos can actually take the souls of people.


Seriously. I'd pic Obelisk because it's the only one with an actual attack, and since the real card says nothing about effects, I assume I can just sacrifice 2 monsters and use it, making it the strongest non-effect monster since the BEWD (that I know). I mean, if the real cards were supposed to have such strong effects, it should be written there. They are nothing but promotionals of the anime.

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