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Monster Zone Chapter one(second try)


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This is my second try so please don't be too harsh


Main Characters


Name:Chris Sanchez

Hairstyle:black short Mohawk in the front

Outfit:Mexico unzipped sweater with black pants and shirt and white shoes

Deck:Neon Hero Deck

Signature card:Neon Pet - Paint



Edit:Story So Far-

There is a kid named Chris and his best friend Seth.One day they heard about Monster Zone

a new trading card game. But one day the Mayor was making a new duel system. Then a new never before seen card for monster Zone.The next day it was stolen.


Some place else-There is a Dark ruler wanting to take over Monster Zone thats why he has 30 Shadow Riders willing to destroy all duelist and take over by defeating everyone.If this happens all the universe is in trouble.




Hairstyle: Spiky blond

Outfit: black sweater with white shoes and shirt and blue pants

Deck: Space Hero Deck

Signature card: Space Pet - Starlight


Name: Danny

Hairstyle: black spikes

Outfit: Blue pants with white shoes brown sweater

Deck: Eternal Hero Deck

Signature card: Eternal Hero - Flare




Chapter One New Duel System



Seth:Hey Chris wait up

Seth was running with his brand new deck then tripped.

Chris: Are You ok?


Seth:Yeah at least i have my deck

Chris: Yeah i will never lose mine.

Seth:Well lets go downtown to see the Vitural Dome(V-Dome)


Chris:Yeah lets go!

Then both started to run in the front of the line

Mayor:I now declare the V-Dome open


Then the Mayor took out huge scizors and cut the line.

Random Guy:Yeahhhh!

Then the doors slided open and every one ran in.


Seth:Lets check out the V-Dome and battle my new Space Hero's

Chris: Sure

Then Chris bumped in to someone.


???:Watch Punk you know what im going to defeat you in a doubl duel with this twerp of yours

Seth:Hey I'm not a twerp


???:You sure are anyway my names Danny

Chris: No i will duel you solo.

Danny:Sure why not


They both headed toward the V-Dome.

Then the door open Chris and Danny went inside and the door then closed

Then there were two deck boxes Chris put his in one and Danny in the other


Then a window appeared and there were his 5 cards to start and they showed what they do when they clicked on it so did on Danny's side

Danny:I start *Draws*


Then a extra card appeared on his side

Danny:I summon Eternal Hero - Dainkria in attack mode

and put one face-down and end my turn


CIH(Cards in hand)4

MOF(Monsters on field)1

SOT(Spells or traps)1

LP 5000


Eternal Hero - Dainkria

Type/Dark Level/3

ATK/1200 DEF/1000

Eternal Hero/Effect:Gains 300 ATK and DEF each time

you summon a "Eternal Hero"


Chris:What am I going to do I don't know how to summon these cards like this



To Be Continued ...........

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